The Pink Mercy Skin

Yeah I want pink mercy back too but I’m not going to sit here and use “it was for charity” as a reason. Given, the skin being incentive would likely lead to more donations.

I love my pink Mercy skin. I am so glad I have it on my account. It was great reward for that charity challenge. They should do more charity challenges for skins.

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man this REALLY SHOULD be the cover of overwatch. forget tracer

How are we STILL talking about Pink Mercy, when will this community ever move on from this?


Other question pink mercy skin with or without gold gun ? :thinking:

because its an overwatch topic

to be discussed

on a forum expressly set up for discussion of overwatch topics

however, I have to wonder, using the same thought process in the quote above, why a certain thread isnt questioned in this way, seemingly at all?

there’s no need to do so


Of course youre over here. People are always on that thread asking for it to be shut down… ???

not at all, actually

Most of the chatter seems to be amongst the OPs devoted followers

If you do a little research, BC cancer research is actually overshadowing other kinds of cancer research by a large margin. I’d much rather Blizzard do a different charity skin rather than bring back pink Mercy just to appease people who missed the skin.

I completely disagree, every time its bumped new people come in and ask why its still up after all this time.

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one quick question: is it cured yet?

If your answer is no, then my reply is that they need to do more research, which costs money.

More money, more research funded, better chance of a cure being found

Further, since all cancer is related…being cancer and all, you know…a cure for one type is likely to be of benefit in curing other types

I have no objection to them creating additional charity skin(s), but 1) I doubt they have content creators to spare, given that they’re pretty heavily engaged with 2.0 right now, and 2) even if they did make time to make this theoretical charity skin, it isnt an either-or situation…they could offer both to make even MORE money for charity

“appeasing” has nothing whatsoever to do with this situation

it has to do with raising money to fund research to cure a form of cancer

I completely disagree with your complete disagreement

with that fully clarified, I wont be addressing this point any further, and my point stands as stated

Thanks for clearly replying within a minute and not doing any education on your own. I’m done replying to you, I gave you a chance.

hear me out
why not both?
why not bring back the pink skin
add a icon or something for those who already bought it, if they chip in a little more
AND at the same time do a new charity??

the " appeasing" statement holds no grounds here. it is literally a win win.
win for charity.
win for the players
win for the money grubby corpo

The best argument against it, is that it devalues charity events as a whole.

You take away the factor of limited time which typically raises tons of money.

its literallybeen 4 years though. thats quiet some time to not have a single other charity event. i dont think charity events have been devalued at all nor will be if a 2nd one happens.

I really have nothing against them bringing it back, I’m just playing some devil’s advocate on reasons why they shouldn’t.

Personally, I’d rather them introduce some slightly altered skin for a new cancer cause (I know this isn’t original) to raise more money for a good cause rather then let people fly around as pink Mercy for no reason.

id personally do a animal charity and skin wise there is tons of things u could do with that idea

Seriously I would love to donate through a game I enjoy and to hear people be upset about the thought about the skin coming back Is so annoying. To them it’s a status symbol

It doesn’t devalue the charity. It’s for a good cause


People argue that Blizz has gone back historically on ‘limited’ or ‘one time’ releases and then rereleasing items. Obviously that’s crummy to the consumer. If you say something is a limited run, it is going to generate more interest and buzz in it -people WANT that limited item. They think, ‘I can NEVER get this again, I HAVE to get it now!’. And then you have people who do appreciate having something rare and limited…there is NOTHING to feel bad about enjoying having a rare item and wanting to keep it rare -especially when the verbiage was there from the getgo that it was intended as a singular release.

The other aspect of this is that Pink Mercy was created in conjunction with BCRF. It wasn’t just Blizz making a skin and saying ‘Money we make from this we will donate’. It was an joint event with BCRF. IIRC even the skin was helped in the design portion by them…I’ve read in the past that the skin, because of that, technically is not even fully Blizz’s so they couldn’t release it without BCRF’s approval.

That all being said, the event raised a ton of money for BCRF. Since we’ve pretty much cleared that Blizz can’t just rerelease the skin or have a another fundraiser on their own without working with BCRF for Pink Mercy again…you have two paths in front of you.

The dumber path, but the one that gives pink Mercy again!, would be them pairing with BCRF again to release the same exact skin in practically the same event again. This makes less sense because they already raised a ton of money with this skin -so many people have it already- and there would be significantly less revenue coming from it. You can preach till you’re blue in the face about how people could/should donate without the promise of a skin, but that isn’t happening. People could do that now, with no event. People donated before because it got them a skin. And remember; a lot of people who play OW are younger gamers…not people who typically have extra funds to donate to charities in general. That’s why promising a skin made them decide ‘sure, it’s worth not getting an extra coffee this week’, or something. If there is no skin in it for them, it simply won’t happen.

The more intelligent option is Blizz releases another skin for a different hero for a different charity -and there are so many cool options! This will clearly generate large amounts of donations again, and preserve the image that they’re willing to go a little extra for charity, as they’d be designing a new skin. The only downside to this option is that the few vocal players who could not get Pink Mercy will still not get it, and will still be smad about it.

This is all moot though; there won’t be a charity event in 2022, even if there ever is one again. With Blizz’s bad press right now and the OW team deeply entrenched in trying to pump out OW2, I doubt they have time or wherewithal to even consider it.