The patch makes the game more fun and that is what matters

I do play everything, specifically whichever is the most fun. Which is why you don’t see me complaining about a patch that literally makes the game more fun. You are the one that is complaining. :rofl:

After all, you’ve doubled down on the flawed logic I have already shown. The more you make things less fun, the more fun everybody has!


Why would I run off and lurk somewhere taking up a tank slot while my team is engaging. That is not what a lurk ambush is for.

Nope. Every single one of those nullifies something that should have killed you.

Or teleport, or wallride, or fade, or leap, or jumpjet (which admittedly is basically flying) . Why? Why is this a rule?

How so? If someone can catch themselves with a tether and the enemy walks away giving them up for dead, why shouldn’t you be able to work your way back up?

Except dying, spawning and returning to the objective usually take longer than working your way back up.

What I’m saying is my experience and true and relevant to you saying that Ball lost nothing and the change makes it more fun. One more time I do not use “spin to win” and don’t care it’s gone.

No you’re not, you’re now trying to invalidate my objections by saying they all aren’t real or useful and have swapped from your original position that Ball players would just have to adjust since that argument fell through and can be leveled at the original problem.

Except I ALSO didn’t “abuse a broken mechanic” and it’s STILL LESS FUN.

I was referring to the quotes you used, not everyone who plays this game. I didn’t say “all” the people or "everyone. So that didn’t make sense nor is it comparable.

I’ll ask you one question: Do you play Wrecking ball regularly?

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But that’s exactly what I’m saying it’s not doing though….you’re making it less fun (or more unfun - however you prefer to look at it) by adding back in a mechanic that was so complained about that they had to have it removed once already

If I gave Cassidy a 2nd stun, Would you call that making the game more fun? Cause the Cassidy sure as hell thinks so

Cc in general is a good example….and what are they doing? Removing most of it so that the game overall benefits (at the expense of the fun those heroes were having with it)


This patch makes the game already more worse than it is currently. Kinda really shows biased balancing. Nerfing Ball accomplishes what? Less players playing Tank? People don’t seem to figure out why people flock to Ball and heck even Hog sometimes DVA or Zarya over Rein Orisa Sigma Winston. Buffing Hanzo and Cassidy when they are already top 5 DPS is a slap in the face who like heroes that are completely struggling to even have a purpose in this game. Heck, why invest in Reaper anymore when there are cheap and BS options like Hanzo and Cree. Also, surprised they didn’t buff S76 and Tracer as well.

But you are taking a huge amount of time doing this lurk ambush, that’s the point.

Wrong. You can’t heal a one shots, wallride doesn’t take long to save you if in fact you can save yourself, fade is a dodge, you have to avoid whatever it is that will kill you before it hits, same with wraith, flight is limited, AS SHOULD BE GRAPPLING HOOK. You can still save yourself if you can manage to do it within a reasonable time frame.

For the same reason we don’t allow Pharah or Echo to fly forever. It defeats the purpose of other heroes entirely. The only thing I can give you with this is perhaps increasing the time a bit, like 7 seconds, but it definitely should NOT be permanent.

Saying that your experience is the only one that is true and relevant is naive. You are not disagreeing with me only, but with everyone who thinks like me or that believes the change is not important, which is a lot of people.

You are the one who said only your opinion is relevant and true not me.

I haven’t “swapped” my position? I don’t know what made you think that. I stand for what I said.

That is your opinion.

So just the people who disagree with you, sure.

It’s one of my favorite tanks yes. I like mobility, I play Dva, Winston and Hammond.

You didn’t really answer my question but ok. As for what you say, that buff was taken back because they made others. Those apparently didn’t work so now they are trying something else, and old idea that never made it in favor of others, just like they tried increasing his hp before but didn’t go through, then later they still increased his hp and it did work. I don’t know if this one is going to work or not, that takes time, but what I’m sure is that there is a valid reason why they are buffing him.

I’d call that the million dollar question….many people have openly questioned what that is….and dev notes were coincidently missing this time around

So far all we’ve gotten is:

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The answer is very simple, it’s just that some people don’t want to accept it, which is fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but in the end the devs will decide as usual.


Cassidy and needing help u gotta be kidding me… also hanzo aswell really?

It was removed because people complained about the 1 shot mechanic, not because it could ricochet. It was ironically replaced with an ability that is much stronger. You should also note, there are daily complaints about Hanzo’s 1 shot ability on his primary fire too. But if you ask me, even though storm arrows are an objectively stronger ability than scatter ever was, I still had more fun with scatter because it was unique. The devs know this, and added the ricochet mechanic back - but now it no longer has the ability to 1 shot. It is a nice compromise of fun for everyone.

If Blizzard listened to whiners on forum everyday, literally every hero in the game would be doing 1 damage. Because dying isn’t fun.


The point being there would be nothing else to do during this time other than rush into the enemy by yourself or hang back with the rest of your team doing NOTHING.

You can heal someone up so the shot that WOULD kill them doesn’t. Wall ride up from a boop after getting back to a wall can take LONGER. Fade also shoots you forward and can recover from a boop OR as you posited earlier avoids a one shot that would have killed you. Wraith is the same and can dodge one shots or avoid killing shots. Flight with phara is barely limited and necessarily so because it’s what she’s about. You CAN still save yourself with tether but now it’s luck as to whether you have the right momentum or angle , not whether your reaction time and aim are good enough.

Why should every hero need to able to easily die to everything that every other hero does that’s potentially lethal? Booping a phara or a DVA and most of the time a winston is pointless even in their current incarnations. Does that make the other heroes pointless? No. Because they do a lot of other things that can kill those heroes and the fact those skills exist make those heroes good choices against boop-happy players.

I’m saying my experience is true insofar as every example I gave is something I had a problem with. I’m not like your quotes telling OTHER people that their problem isn’t real. Not so much that they are the one truth above all. And relevant to the discussion at hand about it removing other things besides “spin to win” and those things being useful, skillful and fun.

I didn’t say ONLY.

Do you? Cause it seems I’ve poked holes in that and you haven’t said anything other than trying to discredit them.

It is , and I will state that IN MY OPINION it made it a lot less fun for me. However I make no claims for everyone else.

… can you read?

Then I feel you are missing and have MISSED a very much deeper playstyle than just rushing around the map.

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Let’s all be glad they don’t….and it wouldn’t be 1 damage….it would just be 32 completely broken heroes

Of course the Cree player likes the patch :joy:

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Fun over balance… So, why nerf hammond???

All these changes are stupid without any neutrality, done in a convenient way

  1. giving more opportunity for the moira to act as flank/damage

2.Hammond being crippled in one of the easiest tactics to be defeated

  1. Cassidy who already has 225 health, reloads the weapon faster than the Ashe (and much more damage than the Ashe even without scope), has an ult one hit and now has vertical mobility

  2. Rein, the only tank that only receives buffs for more than 5 patches, the only one that still has a barrier with a lot of life and even after increasing m1 damage, did not have the ult cost increased, 5 hammers in less than 1 minute of game already give him 100% ult, and now devs gives onehit to him, even ignoring the opponent’s shield (and will know if it’s a bug)

The devs working on ow2 is no excuse to give content creators the responsibility to balance the game by prioritizing fun, after all ow1 is the only one we have so far and keeping the game competitive healthy is a priority.

If you want funny games, go to custom game and create your own rules.

This post is genuinely interesting, seeing someone constantly telling everyone else that they should be happy with changes because it’s their opinion. “Bro it makes the game fun for me so it’s a great patch.” “What do you mean its not fun for you? In my opinion its fun so you can’t say that it’s not” “Stop saying patch bad, I think patch fun stop saying it isn’t!!!” “Don’t you know that having an opinion means I get to shut out criticism!!!”

There is plenty of other things to do, specially with one of the most mobile heroes in the game. You just choose not to.

Let me say this again, you cannot heal a one shot. Read that slowly and process it.

No it doesn’t.

And it would take a good reaction time and half a second.

Again, you have to AVOID the one shot, if you get hit you are done, not with Hammond being booped.

If you can save yourself you will, otherwise you won’t, it’s a simple as that.

They don’t take a ridiculous amount of time to save themselves. It’s ok that Hammond cannot do that anymore.

I’m not telling you that your “problem” isn’t real, I’m telling you that it isn’t a problem, it should never have been like that and now it’s fixed. We are all now playing with a proper version of that character.

You said that everyone who I quoted were untrue or irrelevant and coincidentally they all disagree with you?

Not in the slighest, maybe in your mind.

I brought up the opinions of other people and what did you do? Say they are all liars and irrelevant.

That is my opinion, so what is the issue there?

I can read just as clearly as you are getting angrier and showing it with this kind of comments.

No, I really haven’t.

Please tell me what else to do while waiting for the other team to come to you?

Not the issue. It’s something you would have died from that the skill is negating.


Do you understand potential?

But it negates something that would have killed you and isn’t flying.

But it negates something that would have killed you and isn’t flying.

Except you used to be able to. Which is my entire point. It removes something you used to be able to do that isn’t spinning around the point.

Over 6 seconds isn’t a ridiculous amount of time.

What makes this “the proper version?”. Because it eliminated one annoying low skill tactic that was easily counterable?

It doesn’t follow that everyone who disagrees with me is wrong. YOur examples however are all either untrue or irrelevant. The statement applies to the quotes you used.

YOu also told me that all the tactics I lost weren’t real or could still be done.

Your opinion then is incorrect because I am part of everyone.

imagine that if it helps. But you’re objectively wrong in characterizing these changes as more fun for everyone.

:man_shrugging: I guess if you never tried, you’ll never know.

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Map control. Good Hammonds are always being annoying to the enemy team, they are not hiding and waiting for a “trap” that might as well fail. As Hammond you are supposed to be rolling around and being anoyying as hell, not wasting your time hanging for half the match.

Let me say this again, you cannot heal a one shot. One shots kill you, you cannot heal a person who has died, it’s impossible.

It just doesn’t happen. Lucio will never ever take those ridiculous amounts of times to save himself because wallride doesn’t even work like that.

Wrong, because as long as you are within distance and reaction time it was never going to kill you, which is different with Hammond, he is completely invulnerable to being booped because of grapple, or should I say, he WAS, but thankfully not anymore.

But you shouldn’t and the devs agree.


As stated by other people, this change doesn’t hurt anyone who knows how to play Hammond properly. There is no reason to complain.

How convenient isn’t it. Then please find me quotes from people who disagree with you whose opinions are perfectly valid and relevant, go ahead I’ll wait.

If you need to abuse a broken mechaninc then it shouldn’t have existed in the first place.

Your opinion is then incorrect because I say so and you cannot challenge that because that would be your opinion only.

I mean, it’s clear to any intelligent individual that I can read, so it baffles me that you ask that, only angry people reduce themselves to comments like that.

I don’t need to abuse a broken mechanic to play the character properly. I can still play Hammond with this change perfectly fine.

Something Tracer can do much better. While harassment is a decent tactic it is not the only viable tactic all the time.

Keep arguing against a point I’m not making.

Several Lucios I’ve booped down Well argue against that.

So because you had a way to counter it, it wasn’t going to kill you. … doesn’t sound any different.

He is not. He can be booped into areas you CANNOT swing out of and can be booped while grapple is on cooldown or can miss his grapple.

The devs tend to ruin a lot of things unintentionally. I will continue to maintain they weren’t intending stop anything but “spin to win”.


So now because you didn’t like the way I played it’s “Improper”. … Right.

it’s not my responsibility to make your arguments or find good arguments for you.

what circular logic.

I am not assuming to make my opinion OTHERS opinions.

OK. Like I said, whatever helps. It’s nice to see the old “U mad?” arguments are still around.

I can still play WB and effectively so, I just now have LESS fun and less options.

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We are not talking about what Tracer can or should do.

I’m explaining something you didn’t understand.

It takes a couple of seconds for Lucio to get out of there, if they don’t it’s because they don’t want to, and that is a different situation.

The difference as I’ve said is that it CAN kill you, with Hammond it was not the case, but now it is.

If you are booped into an area you cannot get out of then it’s irrelevant, I’m talking about the places where he can. Hammond should be able to save himself but only if he can manage to pull it off.

That is your opinion.

Not me, the devs, ask them, I just happen to agree with them.

If you are going to say that ALL the quotes from those players are lies or irrelevant then yes, find me ones that aren’t to prove that you are not just being blatantly biased in order to defend yourself.

It’s the truth.

And I’m not forcing anyone who I quoted to agree with me, and yet they do.

It’s a psychological truth, it’s the equivalent of a kid getting angry and saying “NO YOU ARE DUMB”.

Because you relied on a broken mechanic to have fun. Like I said, it’s like a McCree player saying they don’t have fun now that FtH cannot melt tanks. I’m sorry but that just wasn’t working for the game and needed to go, same here.

Just because something is fun for you doesn’t mean it’s fun for the rest of us. Most people who have voiced their opinion sure don’t seem like their having fun and for me personally this is torture.