The official Mei fanclub (v. 2.0) (Part 1)

I’m pretty sure the gs warriors are the golden state warriors, and I’m kind of guessing that ig is Instagram, but I don’t do social media, so I could be wrong.
At this point I think you and akaras are just putting random letters together to mess with me.

So given the context of our discussion you are saying that Hotaru thinks a basketball team is better that a social media app?
Your mind works in strange ways… I like it.

Well when ever I can do them!

He knocked me out twice in the fight because of the stupid whirlwinds. I see how that can be a difficult fight.

Why would you want to do that?
Nergigante has the best battle theme in the game.

That “bug” can get some cool buffs for the stick user. On Nergigamte it’s difficult to get the yellow buff because it’s on his back.

So a door. With a stick taped on. Whos best function is to block attacks. Because you can’t move. Just like Reinhardt.

I mean, I don’t like them, but they are the golden state warriors.

GS, S&S, DB, LS, H, HH, L, GL, SA, CB, IG, B, LBG, HBG.

all weapon types in MHW ^_~
if u bring in the MHF online game from japan (not canon) you also iirc get tonfa’s.

i think both are trash :D!

they are event only ones…and they have long periods between popping up. why i told you to do event stuff logn ago D:!!

quick and ez misisons = mats.

doing missions with 3-7 purple stars for rare gleamstones and charms is where tis at

so can a HH user :roll_eyes:

no. GS+upgrade for heal dmg done = True charged slash = 1/2 hp heal.
tackel throguh the atk (each tackle skips the lower lvl of charge so 2 tackles = insta TCS)

you can wreck so much with it.

I don’t think i’ve ever agreed with you more.

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I didn’t know, my main MHW buddy got it for me just as I got us Overwatch I wouldn’t feel right if I left him in the dust while he was at work as he says “making a difference”(he is a teacher).

But the song! I have enough “regular” mats and the(I just realized my mistake a while back, Bazelgeuse has the best battle music) geuse is always on the ground with my flash bugs.

HH is a support weapon and you know it! That’s like saying Luico is the best vs Reaper.

That seems to be your favorite thing about GS. I guess that would make hunting easy, here I am dodging attacks with rolls and air dodge.

Can we at least agree that LS and DB are pretty much useless? GS is great for getting aggro and who can mount better than IG (Mei-be S&S comes close).

Well spoken.

its MH :expressionless:
you can do the content yourself and then do it again with him. Honestly even the best weapons in game wont make it a cakewalk (as MH games are always required to use ur brain)

listen to OST on your phone (you prolly have 1)

its the streamstones and the charms you do them fast for.

april 5th is AT kushala i think

and it gives u better buffs than any bug v_v
i use GS with full buffs and no insects to be seen >;3

no. blocking is main thing.
some attacks cant be dodged (animations too long) where as block blocksm ost atatcks at reduced damage.

Tackle is a required thign in MHW for gs. it lets you skip chargign lvl1 and 2 so u can land TCS in less time than if u tried to do it normally. (took lots of getting use to over older form of GS use)

DB in master of debuffs.

dont hate.

cause you know im super correct with most of my statements ;D!

We agree sometimes, we both agree akaras mains mercy. And snakes are cool.

If that’s true how did I get a PotG with my mei-n today!?

I think at this point he has given up on the game. He might prefer PvP over PvE which is a shame because I think MHW is better fun than CoD. I just have to run solo now.

I have Bezelguse and Battle Ancient Forest on my phone. I am a sucker for video game OSTs those two took the top spots held by Zero from Ace Combat Zero and Hikari from Kindom Hearts. Of course my all-time favorite is One Winged Angel.

I’ll have to look into doing these. I do not know if I will be home…

Once one gets all the bug buffs you can start doing some damage and if you want trigger the kinsect powder

Exactly! GS is a unnecessarily large clunky weapon! I’d rater take my monsters down with tranq darts!
I couldn’t actually find a video of how I did it and I am disappointed that the guys in the vid use lethal, in MGS non lethal yields better rewards and more challenging.

If they can hit anything, most of the time they are swinging at the air.

its a fact he keeps trying to deny even thoguh she is awesome :frowning:

they are.
also spiders :smiley:

random luck and/or your entire team/enemy was bad so a so-so mei can get potg.

just join random pplz.

may end up making new friends.

i juts pop armor/demon drug/powder and wail on em :D!

no i mean dodging itself.
its got limited i.frames and soem atatcks have longer lasting attack frames so u will still get hit.

block negates msot of the dmg all time. (barring a few unblock able attacks)

thats bad players. not bad weapons.

same can be said for ig, gs, etc.

Non venomous ones are ok.

You got potg with Mercy? That’s kinda rare.

actually saw 2 other night.

was shocked.

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I’ve gotten a few with the newest Mercy. My most recent Symmetra but right before that was my mei-n Mei, I got a triple off my ult quad if you count assist.

The weapon is bad.

Dodge negates damage all the time. They can’t hurt what they can’t hit.

But the kinsect can be equipped to heal, blast, poison, or paralysis. THE KINSECT!

I’m old, I feel like I have made all the friends I need. I can’t commit to making new gaming friends they’ll be sending invites while I’m on my main game Overwatch.

Na, it’s all skill brah. I got my card at the end for longest streak… it was mystery heroes… and I wasn’t even Mei the longest in that game.

Spiders are awesome.
Never kill, always relocate. Not inside to outside that’s just wrong.

Mei is cool.

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I have a guilty pleasure… I love watching stevoo play sym. He’s the only overwatch streamer I ever watch.

Side note: it says I’ve reached my like limit today and I have to wait a certain amount of time to give a like again, but it’s still letting me give likes.

I just wish she would warm up to Junkrat, He just wants to be friends

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Seren and I told you there was a like limit now you have to let Hotaru know!
Where is Seren?

Where you at?!

I can’t watch streamers play a game I own, it just makes me want to play it. Nothing against people who do because I do get it, I like to watch people play the sax or use power tools but when it comes to video games…

On a side note my Symm game has been on fire these last two days I mei have to start mei-ning Symm. Unlikely though because I mei-nly play mystery heroes. Mei.

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I still don’t believe there is, because it still let me give likes.

Probably busy or kidnapped by hotaru or something.

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else if i went to try the IG and sucked for an hour not hitting the target would mean the IG is a bad weapon.

TBH DB and LS can get really good clear times, but it requires knowing them extremely well. (LS loses tons of it dmg if u dont get the special fully to hit and DS is ofc losing dmg when you fail the special of it)

google some vids of them being used by some ppl who actually know how to use em well. you’ll see.

try to dodge a teo/leostra nova :roll_eyes:
Dodge can actually keep going and ge ta big hit in when they land (take dmg thoguh but with mantle usage it wont kill ya)

point is dodge is not 100% reliable. if u dodge an atk that would kill you and mistime it you die.

also IIRC you can block tremors but if you try to dodge em they still hit you.

heal…you mean the countless healing items we have? how GS has a 1/3rd hp heal upgrade? (its best augment for gs)

blast is useless xD
It was amazing (as in most OP thign in the game) in tri and 3U. Since then ti has been nerfed eveyr game after and in World it is weakest.

poison can be made with throwingknives/smokebombs/meat
para is traps, toads, knives, meat, etc

also your palico can do them all better o3o!

i mean for u getting potg on mercy. (it was a joke of you beign bad at her)

pssh. dont be like akaras and sere!
there is no like limit v_v

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Never said there was, I think it’s a bug.

We told ya.

I’m a great Mercy as well, I think my last PotG on her was a two weeks ago lifesaver during a Solider ult(it’s hard to get PotGs on characters you like in mystery heroes because they either never show up or you die right out the gate to a one shot).

My palico is busy taking enemy mats

You inventory must be crazy full! Do you mostly cap or kill the non elders I have always capped and kinda need the extra inventory room and if I run into a mat I need in the battle ground (flash bugs)I can pick it up.

On my kinsect it does what it says it does which is blow off monster parts for mats. My poor boy bazelgeuse I have him looking all naked by the time I’m done with him(no orange buff though…:unamused:)

I can don’t really know about this because I only recently got the tutorial for it.

And my most used bug is healing because it’s nice to have a mist I can just walk into attack and I get healed abit as opposed to running away drink a healing pot then run back in it’s just convenient.

Why would I linger if they are charging for nova I run the heck away!
Doesn’t elder seal help with nova?
On average without my elder seal they will nova about four times with elder seal twice.

Anything will kill you if you make a mistake if you miss a flash bang on Tracer dead McCree, if Tracer hits you during a failed hacked dead Sombra, if Doomfist misses all his abilities vs Tracer he dead.

With IG you have air dodge!

Everything looks better when pros are doing it! I can play some musical instruments but I am no pro. I can play Tifas theme on the piano but I ain’t no lara(she does some good work on more recent vids, mostly video game ost)

Na, because if you R2 the kinsect at least something is hitting the monster very little damage but something is hitting it and unlike the DB the IG combo can be cancelled.

Yeah… “Probably”

I will let you click the button but it won’t show up on their end.