The next dev update is make or break for them

I like good e-sports. :slightly_smiling_face:

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A high winrate is more indicative of an overtuned character though. If a character is winning much more often than not, esp. across multiple elos, its an issue.

A character with a high pick rate but a normalized win rate means the other choices for the slot they’re used in are not as engaging.

A character with an average to high pick rate and a higher than average win rate is cause for concern.

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No it doesn’t…as it’s never been something they’ve had to do anyway…

As long as the game is fun…people will play it…the patches/changes will determine that…not what they do or don’t say in a random video

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People really didn’t play mercy in pro games. In matchmaking sure but there were far non pros complaining about mercy.

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They’re actually pretty cut and dry, just checked.

I’m part of a league that is actively trying to assemble teams actually.

Exactly. So I base myself on the feedback I do get. Based on the tone and content, you can usually determine whether to disregard or actually use the feedback.

“Nerf hero X” threads with little to no explanation and an angry tone are usually trash and should be ignored, whereas threads like Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State or 💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored should’ve really had at least one dev comment with the promise of looking at the hero, because this many likes and posts just screams “major (design) issue”


So are you saying you would expect the potential 90% or so of people to come and tell you everything is fine?

Depends what you find acceptable I guess

Personally I don’t find “Less than $1,000 USD in sponsorships” acceptable.
Would post a link to all the other conditions but I can’t.
are the google keywords for anyone interested

Why do I still have to explain myself? I think I was pretty clear.

You seem to ignore countless topics about balance and MEGATHREADS full of rework and tweak suggestions. And so do they. There is a reason why those megathreads are called garbage bin. Blizzard doesn’t need feedback, they never listen. It happened with Sombra, Roadhog, Bastion, now Mercy and Symm.

In order for me to explain myself, it is necessary for you to do the same. You could’ve just said yes or no to my question for clarification.

I’m not ignoring anything, thank you very much.

Have you taken into consideration the vast majority of players that don’t browse the forums? People come to the forums to complain about something, right? So logically, you’d imagine these people don’t have much to complain about.

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Does Jeff Kaplan want you to love or fear his developer updates?
The answer is both. He wants you to fear how much you’ll love them.

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you can have the win rate but it means nothing if the hero never used. brig right now has similar usage to all of the other supports except Ana how has high picrate. but, Brig picrate has declined drastically in the last 5 months. but, I do think roadhog and orias the bunker comp tank need a buff.

Why are you hammering on about people that may not even exist?

You mean to say that players who don’t browse the forums may not exist? Because that is blatantly untrue.


Complaining is feedback too.
And if devs actually read this forum they’d see the suggested tweaks and fixes. There is no reason to explain everything else or write it all over again, posting over and over and over again. Every little idea and detail has been chewed into finest dust so Blizzard can try it right away. And even now some new ideas surface!
But they don’t care. Literally. Don’t try to defend them, please. PTR is supposed to be for that, for testing. They never test anything there. Multiple times they pushed something live without testing it on PTR. Even more times they pushed something on PTR, received negative feedback and still pushed it live.
Just stop, please.


I wouldn’t be surprised if the new Dev. Update video had something to do with the OWL. Like a sort of, spectate/analyze the pro match, (this has been previously mentioned quite alot by youtubers and some of the community).

Another thing is the long time they take between balance patches or studying the effects of them and reworks. I know that balancing isn’t easy or quick, but with OWL slicing the active workers (and the pros feedback being a center piece for them) the wait time is now even worse than before.

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If the developers actually think that those videos are just that … some “random videos” … they are even more oblivious and stupid than I ever thought possible.

I wouldn’t be surprised though. Blizzard seem to be really good at going all the way DOWN not UP.


You’re not making any semblance of sense.

I never said it wasn’t?

You quoted me talking about the vast majority of people who don’t browse the forums, saying that I was hammering on about people who may not exist.
What don’t you understand?

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