The new inactivity rules are extreme

What kind of human waste actually seeks to do this?

Players who use botting accounts for reselling purposes will afk in spawn. Maybe handful people who like to grief low ranked games too.

Because high ranked players like to buy bronze accounts for smurfing and bronze to gm purposes.

People don’t believe this, but its true. I have seen entire stacks in around the 1200 SR range doing this. I have accounts and roles from that range up to around 2570 - I can tell when a “Bronze” team is playing like a bunch of Diamonds. Even Plats do this (in stacks, most could not pull out from that range solo) believe it or not. I have even had a few admit it to me.

Players will always find ways to grief other people in video games. It’s like a rule. :disappointed:

And then some are in it for the money. I heard the sales are very good too… a shame.

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