The mercy spam won't stop

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It needs to stop. We need the devs to look at other heroes and problems than mercy. If you really would wanted to make a statement you would stop playing mercy at all and make her pickrate drop. The devs do not care about the spam anyway… take a look at their profiles, you see that they dont read many topics. Spamming the forums will just hurt the reputation of mercy mains even more.


I got the game in feb. Legion was good and I’m loving bfa so far. Haven’t gotten much in because of work, but I have several friends who capped already who say the leveling is possibly even better than legion. Which I’m thankful for since a lot of people were a bit worried about bfa.

Well, at least y’all are now admitting it’s spam.

Baby steps.


So give Mercy an ubercharge?

I can deal with that.

How many threads are you going to make today? Flagged for spam and for calling everyone with a different opinion a troll.

Meanwhile the Revert Cultists flagged my thread for spam for calling them out on this exact same behavior.


And now they can’t even hide behind the “False flagging” excuse. Now it’s valid.

LOL so you spammed while raising the objection many people have. Nice.

This right here is why they never come onto the forums anymore.

If they say anything it’s immediately taken as gospel and written in stone. If they happen to change their minds 6 months down the road (which is a huge amount of time considering the game changes monthly), then the torches and pitchforks come out as people scream that Blizzard never tells the truth.

Things change.
Get over it.


just want to ask, how is it spam when one person makes one post about mercy? isn’t the “spam” of mercy threads just a huge number of people (since her pickrate’s high, we can assume that many people play her) being vocal about her status in the game?


No that’s wrong, mercy has to hide to get rez off now.

The rework didn’t eliminate hide and rez.

its worsened it and made it the only option.

It is not the same thing. You are not hiding behind walls and let your team die without any support just to get a fat resurrect off. Now you hide while supporting your team at the same time. You don’t hide for the sake of getting a fat res off anymore, because that’s not a thing anymore without mass resurrect.

Hiding for the 5 man was 9/10 the worst possible way you could use mass rez.

it was much more reliable to tempo rez and stick with the team and keep the fight going.

and yea all supports tend to hide alittle bit they are key targets.

even the dps hide and then leap into the enemy team for a sick 6 man kill.


Basically. “No future plans” means “We don’t currently have any plans to change this hero in the future”. It does not mean “we refuse to change this hero at any point in the future even if we find it negatively impacts the balance of the game.”

No developer is going to make that latter guarantee because it’s incredibly stupid, and anyone that has will have long been darwined out of a job.

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Doesn’t matter whether the hide & res strat was more or less effective than tempo res. People did it anyway. You saw it being done quite a lot in the higher ranks.

Yeah, but your dps doesn’t wait for your team to be killed first.

Sr exploit was around at the time so that’s why it was used in higher ranks, but as far as actual use tempo rez’s were the better use of mass rez.

So yea had they just fixed the sr exploit people abusing it would have 0 reason to bank on the 5 man rez for sr gains as it wouldn’t be a thing.

People did the hide & res strat even before the SR exploit was known about. SR exploit or not, people would have still be doing this.

Which is exactly why it needed more tweaking.

I looked in your summary, counted at least 22 Mercy threads created by you, and stopped counting at that point.


Wonder if they eventually start giving people forum vacations for it.