"The last thing we want to do is overnerf [Brig]"

Even if they could go back to that. I really don’t see the devs forfeiting the current Tank meta, and rebuffing Brig’s repair pack to make it somewhat like like multiple Zarya bubbles.

I also gotta wonder what Sigma at 10% and Winston at 4% pick, mean’s “This is a winston meta”.
Or “this will be a Winston meta eventually”.

I think what you really want is dps Brig. We have SUPPORT Brig which means rarely should you be alone in the front lines or going 1v1. That doesn’t mean you go in the backlines either, you SUPPORT frontline. Why do you think whipshot has such high burst damage at 70? Because if you tank or DPS manages to get 130 dmg on on enemy you can use your whipshot for a quick 70 burst damage which SUPPORTS the kill your dps/tank did most of the work on. You use your flail on the frontline when you’re grouped up, notice Brigs ULT literally places importance on rallying to her because she’s not a lone wolf. While the enemy is distracted trying to take out your team directly, you take advantage of this and SUPPORT the main battle. Reapers can be deadly and Brig usually can’t kill them, sometimes neither can your team but is you CAN SUPPORT your team by bashing him allowing the team to finally get some free shots on him and get the kill together. Same concept with ball.

Oh and you have a long range boop 2nd only to pharah which I’ve saved numerous teamates after they get hooked by a hog or even sometimes helps if you get caught in a grave. The thing is playing Brig is actually quite hard because bit the variety of things you can/should do for value. I rarely ever play a game with Brig where I feel like I didn’t contribute my share, you just won’t get noticed or thanked often for the “non healing” support utility.

They wouldn’t need to sacrifice the current tank meta. Brigitte didn’t cause it. The synergy between Orisa and Sigma did. Between Halt+Hook and grasp the two have all the self peel they need.

They have been meta with every support except Mercy and many different dps. The synergy between those two was on a whole different level to what was available to other tanks and they have gutted that synergy. That’s the reason that dive finally came back.

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More like it was Mei being the surrogate offtank, and then they moved to Brig after Mei got nerfed.

Nope. Double shield was caused by the synergy of halt+hook, and Grasp. Neither of those heroes were necessary for it.


Feels like you’re ignoring the barrier part of DoubleBarrier.

The barriers did help, but it wasn’t the main cause.

Feels like that’s agreeing with “DoubleBarrier needed to be countered at close range”, but acting like Brig and Mei didn’t have anything to do with making Dive significantly less effective at close range.

Nope. It isn’t. It was halt+Rock and Grasp. They didn’t need anyone else for that and didn’t always use those two.

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And you’re also implying that a medium range combo attack, typically used in a DoubleBarrier mirror, is that was preventing SingleBarrier Dive from being effective at close range…

After the first round of barrier nerfs it wasn’t about the barriers anymore. It was the fact that sigma and Orisa could shoot while having barriers deployed and then, once the barriers were destroyed they could cycle other tanking cooldowns (fortify and grasp) and then after that have big potential for setting up kills with halt and rock.

If it was simply have more barrier and win then it would’ve been rein sigma


It allowed them to have perfect peel even if you ran something that nullified their barriers. While setting up devastating kill combos.

So what you’re saying is that DoubleBarrier is even more dominant at medium/long range, than just the barrier differences.

That it’s the firepower and the grasp too.

Which mostly just reinforces the point I was making about “countering it at medium range with SingleBarrier was never going to work”.

That it was “counter DoubleBarrier at close range, mirror it, or Lose”

Countering a mid range comp with single barrier isn’t optimal anyway, because double barrier is specifically tailored to mid range.

The issue was that, by the time a traditional brawl comp got to that range they were already dead, even with lucio.

Which is why brigs “anti dive peel” wasn’t the major issue because more often than not teams were dead on arrival, hence why the following would’ve been better than just slaughtering brig
•Fortify effective hp nerf
•Halt nerf so teams can properly engage
•Less grasp uptime
•Lowering spam damage from orisa and sigma
• Fully reverting Lucios speed so that brawl and dive could get close more effectively

every character that brig is supposed to counter is too popular and hence that it will take a long time before brig gets any kind of positive treatment.

Because a standard Brawl moves slowly and would need Lucio indeed, but Dive heroes have their own mobility, they are not that much reliant on Lucio’s mobility utility, and despite closing the gap faster than a standard Brawl, Dive was still not able to kill a double barrier comp even after reaching their targets. So there was more than just dying before reaching them, there was the part in which even ignoring their barriers and reaching close range to them you would still die.

She also replaces popular heroes, in general not that good for the game

meh, trends come and go.
brig works to a good degree still.

sure she might not be the crème de la crème, but she does work.

Pretty sure you copied from another thread.

Anyway, i’d rather go back to Pre-222 Anti-Dive Brig, atleast she could hold her own in a 1v1, she might’ve been garbage for the team, but atleast she had a purpose.


Good, the game feels so much better now.