Thats it? Are you serious

Anyone saying that can be safely ignored.


Where are you guys finding the patch notes and changes

That would be optimal, but it never happens that way.

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Chech the forums, its here. Might have to dig for it, sorry i should have attached it myself i was just angry when i wrote this

Which part of the forums cause I don’t think it’s pinned in general

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works for me atleast

Why do I never think to check announcements :woman_facepalming: well now I know. It would be nice if it were pinned everywhere though


Sorry i worded that bad; creating custom games doesnt work. If you try to change custom game settings, you can’t adjust things in increments smaller than 100%. This prevents you from balancing heroes in game modes.


Sojourn only getting 1 damage from hitting shields and the the flat 5 damage for headshots is a start, and a nerf to the damage boost from Mercy is ok I guess, but remains to be seen until it’s properly tested. Not perfect but a start.

On the plus side, only a few more weeks for the next patch.

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Here’s the issue though; theyve been nerfing her since the game came out. we shouldn’t be at just a start. She’s already been nerfed multiple times, this shouldn’t be an issue by now.

Tbh I think they’re scared in case they nerf any of the hero’s too hard and all hell let’s loose, so now they’re being too cautious and doing things incrementally. Which can easily backfire

kills roadhog in the same patch

I was going about to add Hog, until I remembered that his rework is pretty much underway. He can still be viable in 5v5 as he can control his own space-but if he comes across a competent Ana he’s pretty much screwed. Can depend on the skill level of that Hog player, but again can’t really tell until we see him in action.

I think it’s a case of they know what his timeline is for his rework so it’s less of a gamble, and at the moment they can tell he’s a very unpopular character to play against so less to lose.

Don’t get me wrong I hate Hog-but I don’t like how they’ve been making heros (potentially) dumpster tier overnight.

She’s always only gotten 1 charge from hitting shields. That was never an issue regarding that. She can maintain her charge with shields for free basically, which is the strong part about that particular interaction.

These nerfs don’t change anything meaningful. She’s still gonna one shot with Mercy, she’s still gonna slide jump kill with impunity. This is the devs saying they want her to continue to be oppressive.

They didn’t even try to find a different way to nerf him. If this is how they plan on nerfing heroes they consider to be a problem in the future then i simply no longer trust the dev team


Do they work like 2-3 hours a week over there at blizzard? It sure seems like it. These patches are few and far between and almost never include actual reworks, just marginal number tweaks. I stg what tf do they do over there at blizzard hq


You should have joined the stream. They laid out why they did the changes they did.

I am so disappointed in those changes. I though they should have buffed his gun a lot more.

You could here the streamers wanting to point out “so these are the same changes in season 10… and he was garbage in season 10…”


Tbh if this is true then there is no reason to come even back.

The patch notes are up. They nerfed her healing.

They wanted her to use her attacks more and healbot less.