Thats it? Are you serious

Are you actually serious? Lmfao why do i even bother anymore oml


is this supposed to be ironic?

Stop all that damn crying bruh god damn.


Blizz is actually just trolling now.


Sojounr meta till season 3 confirmed


“Nerf Railgun”

  • Sojourn can no longer slow with her E

“No we want a Railgun nerf”

  • Sojourn slide jump distance decreased

“FFS decrease her railgun damage”

lol gotcha sry

  • Railgun charges now based on shots hit, not damage dealt. Railgun damage remains the same

The Sojourn changes are criminal.


“Kiriko’s suzu is a bit oppressive”

nerfs her very balanced healing output


I just don’t understand what they are doing. Nobody had a problem with kiriko’s healing output. Suzu does three things with a single button press. That is her problem.

Sojourn, I feel, just got an overall buff. She can just farm off of Rein and Winston, making them even worse. It’s just not fun being a Rein player because of Sojourn. I feel like the Hog changes are pretty good but jesus man.


The hog changes aren’t even good because they didnt even rework him. They just gutted his one shot and said “okay we’re done”


This is a placeholder, they’re still doing the rework but I’m pretty sure they need to make new visuals for it like Brig.

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They’re not done. They did the changes for now, but in the future they’re adding more utility to his kit.

Then why bother? Why just leave the hero useless? Why not wait until the rework is actually prepared? That isnt good game design at all


Drop her to B, or C tier and watch the community be outraged at “Blizzard so racist”.


This is done when characters are designed in such a way that can be inherently unhealthy / unfun for everyone else. Most players don’t like being CC’d then 1 shot. Sort of like how Sombra and Doomfist were nerfed to the ground due to their kits taking away control / the ability to do much of anything and players not finding it fun to play against.

Personally, I’m okay with it. I didn’t really have an issue with Hog to begin with and I think he will still be useful depending on map and teams. Illios Well for example will still be a fantastic map for hog in spite of the nerfs.

I’m more excited to see his eventual rework though.

Edit: Just wanted to clarify, I understand when I say some character designs can be unfun / unhealthy is subjective, but I genuinely think these characters eat nerfs like this because it’s a commonly held sentiment in the community.

Because people are sick of what he does


Im also sick of half *** patches but here we are.


Because for the past 2 months we’ve seen what happens when you leave a hero broken instead, especially one as annoying as Hog. I’d rather have him be irrelevant until the rework than basically running the entire game by himself.

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If it’s making you this frustrated then just stop playing XD. The Devs are finally doing small changes more frequently and communicating better than they had before. Things are going in the right direction.

Yes 3 useless changes and 1 decent one. Thats definitely the right direction.