Thank you for ignoring 95% of sombra players

The same thing as “If we tone her down, we will bring her back”.

Bliz does not care about the community, they do what they want. It’s sad, but this is what they keep showing us.

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I feel bad for Sombra players…

But they ignore 100% of the Bastion players…


This is why you’re completely out of touch with the topic, about on par with what the players are saying about the devs.

The Tracer change wasn’t meant to be either a nerf or buff. It’s that her playstyle is completely changed from what she originally was to the point that if you mained her, she’s now completely incompatible with how you used to play her. You missed that she’s now more in line with Reaper mains.

Likewise with the P90 example, it’s meant to be simpler. It’s something FPS players are familiar with and why there’s such a large selection of guns in any FPS game. If you’re a P90 user, you move through the levels a certain way, engage at certain distances, choose certain targets. Change the weapon slot to something like a Steyr AUG, and the playstyle you’ve developed for the P90 is now useless. Is the Steyr AUG better than the P90? That’s subjective, but you picked the gun closest to your playstyle, not the other way around.

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At least Bastion is usable in pirate ship, Sombra have no place in the game

Then make bastion threads.
I’ve been making sombra threads since day 1 of ptr trying to communicate her issues with devs and they’ve always been completely ignored, same with many others like somvra.
Make your voice heard, at least


[🛑 Bastion is being forgotten (370+ likes, 5000 responses)]
[💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored. (120+ Likes, 1600+ Responses!)]

We have been as Vocal as we can be, without being flagged for Spam…

The first of those two is near the post limit.
And there are MANY Others…

No, he really isn’t.
“Pirate ship” Is so heavily countered, that if you die, you basically HAVE To switch.


Okay, you’re clearly really slow because you missed my entire point of even posting in this thread at all to begin with. Read this carefully, okay. Take your time with it. Process it.

All you sombra players whining and complaining like this is the first time this kind of thing has ever happened in this game, you’re all stupid. This is like the 10th time this has happened. It very recently just happened, with Symmetra. A hero that I considered my main, because it was my favorite one to play, and I was very good with her. Symmetra was completely changed because of people who didn’t even play her, and look at her now. She’s worse now than she was before. But Blizzard still considers her a success, right, because now there’s people who never played her before to compare this 3.0 version of Symmetra to the 2.0 version of her which was actually really good, just because of popular opinion.

She’s more mobile now, so she’s more fun to play, and so now people are playing her and thinking “oooh she’s fun, but she kind of sucks” the reality is that she does really suck, and she didn’t before. And if you Sombra players think you’ve got it bad now, just put yourself in a Symmetra player’s shoes, and get some salt poured into that wound of yours.

Imagine now if a whole bunch of people started playing the new iteration of Sombra, and thought she was so much more fun now, and even advocated how great she is now, when they never actually played her before.

That’s the only reason I posted in this thread. So whatever stance you think I have on this subject, I can assure you, it’s wrong. Because I only play Sombra when I’m really bored and probably trolling. (Don’t act all high and mighty, we all troll sometimes, I’m just man enough to admit it.)

You’re implying so much for no reason, who the hell thinks this is a first?
I’ve been against the balance team constant screw ups forever, sym in particular felt bad as I played her a fair amount, but nowhere near enough to really feel like I can voice my concerns over symmetra mains as I don’t have the time invested in her as them so I steered away from that whole thing.

I’m talking about sombra because SHE’s my main hero, because this thread is about SOMBRA, because it’s the most RECENT example of the balance team not doing their job properly.
Instead of doing more for sym you come into a SOMBRA thread and complain that people are talking about SOMBRA.
Get real.


You remember what your post was?

Symmetra mains should shut up about the change and just keep playing her.

/s does not travel well over text


Actually I just found it really ironic, to be quite honest.
The only reason I’ve had to post here more than once is because I have to explain the simplest things to people here, in the greatest detail for anyone to understand anything.

So sorry man, but I’ll go ahead and spoil the ending for you: The Sombra changes go through, whether if you like them or not. Some people will like them, and they’ll advocate them and support them. The times they are a changin, no?

Have fun telling them that! I’ve been posting SoM bra change ideas and bug fixes for over a year now and no one cared while peoe seem to like the ideas.
This was the last one:

At this point, I just give up

Welcome to the club, day 1 of ptr here.
Of course they won’t listen and it’s why the game keeps sinking lower and lower, but at least it gives me peace of mind knowing I at least tried, and the off chance that they somehow do read at least a paragraph.

You never make a mistake if you say it was intended.

They are doing the right thing. The day sombra becomes half decent it is end of ow.

95%, huh? Did you make that number up? Or did you and the other patients who chew gum meet up in a secret meeting that filled a football stadium and take a little poll?

Sombra’s changes are the same reasoning behind the changes to Mercy’s original Resurrect. People were using Mercy’s ultimate as a reason to hide (avoiding playing) and then popping up to big effect. In Sombra’s case, people were simply hacking health packs and letting their team pick them up which filled Sombra’s ultimate. All the while, Sombra did not have to interact with the enemy or even fire a shot. With her ultimate ready, Sombra dives in, pops the ultimate, and runs away to repeat the same actions. Blizzard does not like it when a character never has to interact with the enemy. So, Sombra is suffering from radical changes and nerfs because the developers do not know exactly how to FORCE players to interact with the enemy team. And what changes they make just annoy people who liked hiding in a corner while their team fed them ultimate charge.

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Have a seat with the Mercy mains, who have just wanted a revert since the proposed rework . pats you on the back it’s ok friend


you can disable any hero’s abilities in 0.65 seconds. You don’t deserve to complain.

So sitting in permanent invisibility and having to translocate even further away from the team fight because your ENTIRE kit is now shut down by 1-5 tickle dmg is “interacting with the enemy” ?

We asked for buffs to make her viable in team pushes, not to spend more time doing nothing in the background away from everyone. So Blizz gave us the literal opposite, so now players can really not engage with the enemy by sitting in perm cloak for that “perfect moment” that will probably never come.

Like I said before, this PTR patch is for nobody.

New players will use her for 20 minutes, then go right back to their regular main heroes when they realize they can’t do a whole lot in a team fight and can get more done with 10% of the effort on someone else. All while driving the actual Sombra mains even further away from her. This Sombra patch helps nobody. I have close to 210 hours on Sombra and even I have been trying to pick up more Doomfist and Mei because I know the eventual shut down of my main hero is going to occur (if going by Blizzard’s previous track record.) Just bury Sombra next to Bastion and call it a day.

Let’s get that pickrate to 0% Blizz, I know we can do it!


Sitting invisible and not interacting with the enemy until your ultimate was charged was why Sombra got changed in the first place. Which is what I said previously.

I don’t recall reading Sombra players asking for buffs so she they would be more willing to team fight. From what I saw in the game, and on the OWL stage, was that players were perfectly happy to hack every health pack around their team, hide, wait for their allies to pick up the health packs so Sombra could get ultimate charge, and then drop in out of no where on the enemy team, pop her ultimate, and run away to repeat the process. Maybe getting in a parting shot on a low health hero on the way out. THAT is why Sombra got changed; she wasn’t, in Blizzard’s view, participating enough. And Blizzard doesn’t like it when players don’t participate.

Sombra isn’t even being touched in the current patch. So, I don’t know what it is you’re complaining about.

I’m not a Sombra player but shouldn’t the new changes allow Sombra to rollout faster?