Symmetra was nerfed within 9 days for being 4th picked DPS

No. They did not. They even have used pick and winrates as justification for buffs/nerfs or the lack thereof.

Their balancing is “player feelings” “our feelings” and “stats”, with pick and winrates being some of their most cited when discussing balance.

Example from January.


They don’t like Sym as a character, not because she is killing them. Sym is always stuck in the pseudo DPS limbo with her turrens and tele. Regular DPS don’t bother playing her outside of meme-ing. For them, the hitscans, the Ninjago, the projectile heroes are infinitely more interesting, much less team dependant and much less auto turret dependant

That should be the idea, short range, high damage, it makes sense and I get that and I agree to some extent. But, playing a bit of devil’s advocate here for argument sake and focusing on the beam I’ll say that beams are not shot guns, and the three or four shot guns in this game aren’t that great either. Beams aren’t pellets, beam has no spread, they have slightly more reach, they reworked beams and the tic rate so they’re more effective, and we are in a post shield nerf situation now.

I also don’t really have an issue tracking with the beam and I’m barely average when it comes to aim, granted I play Zarya a lot. I really doubt people diamond and above have issues tracking with Symmetra. Rather, I find from my experience the hardest issue is cool downs, moving in close, or having the sustain for her to do her damage, but which once she gets going, does competitively damage.

But I think that that’s her main problem, she’s not able to get in or out of a fight as easy as a Genji. I find myself getting better value right click spamming and turret spamming until my team mates have re-positioned up for me to move into the fight. And lets face it, not everyone here is patient when it comes to playing this game and half the Symmetra’s I’ve seen want to be the teleport hero and rush in to Rambo and carry when they can’t/shouldn’t.

It’s more complicated than that. Balancing by pick/win rates is like using the gold medals to determine who won the game for the team.

They said that a long time ago in the old forums.

Even in your quote they stated they don’t balance solely off of stats so when people’s main argument here is stats, well, it’s not a very strong argument.

Right. But as I said before, Symmetra’s weapon already has compensation for that. It is the lowest range of all the beam weapons, it requires a charge up, and it cannot crit. So it could not handle lowered damage and a lower width. If we want to keep those two changes then the range compensation needs to be lowered by either increasing the range of her weapon or upping her health to lower the risk of using a weapon with that range.

Because right now she has lowered health, small width, lowered max damage, no crit, charge up and low range to deal with for using her weapon. One of those things have to go. That’s too many drawbacks for not enough gain.

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That was THIS Janurary


No. It was this January in these forums.

Yes. It is. Because they are arguing that the feelings are biased. Proving that the feelings are not grounded in statistical facts goes a long way of backing that claim. If the feelings aren’t based on facts then some other cause must be driving those feelings. Hero Bias, Overwatch league viewing numbers, general distaste for all CC, that kind of thing.

Symmetra probably got her turrets nerfed over the cc thing but some other reason clearly existed for the rest of them.


To be fair, Dva’s is more like Pharah’s flight that an actual dash/blink. Its not a fixed movement from A to B.

Turrets have been nerfed with zero compensation while having so much counterplay that they are a meme now unless you use them with team TP.

You mean like Sym’s orb?

Maybe if the rework hadnt been so full of bad flanker mains complaining about lock-on they couldnt have butchered Sym’s primary into being a suicidal noobtrap.

So lets buff/rework her so she isnt a taxibot. Everyone wins.


You are still not seeing the problem, no one wants to see an auto lock on DPS with auto lock on turrens taking the stage, be it OWL, ladder or QP.

Yes, the only way to make her viable and widely accepted is to rework her, into a more generic heroes like Widow, Cree, Genji ect, the all time favorite of OW.

Whats the point in making a hero with a unique playstyle, and reworking into something generic, like wouldn’t it be easier to keep them the same or remove them?? Im lost

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Uhh before they nerfed his alt-fire plenty of people were excited to watch Torb being used in OWL


I don’t know, I don’t see the point either, so I don’t advocate for another Sym rework, I know a lot of players play Sym for her unique kit. But at the same time Sym players gotta realize that her kit is not desirable by most.

Yes, they are excited for something new, playing by Dafran. But if Torb is the de facto DPS for half a season, people would riot, and most would quit the game

I mean I don’t see why sym 2.0 was terrible for the game, like some of the uglies on this forum are saying, like I dont see how a hero can be underpowered and overpowered at the same time?

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If you are talking about Sym 3.0, buddy, everyone has an aimless part in their kit. If you are talking about Sym 2.0, reducing her to her lock-on while ignoring literally everything else including her aim intensive orbs and timing dependant barrier, is literally the reason why non-Sym mains need to shut up in Sym discussions.

You dont need to make her generic, you can make her an actual usable damage class hero.

Remove team/construct TP, give her survivability, anti-mobility, a worthwhile primary fire, etc. Make her a mobility counter so mobile heroes arent broken OP or UP and Dive can be balanced without being cancer.

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I mean that always happens?

People literally don’t understand why McCree was being used in GM/ Masters, but just saw his high pickrate and people complained about him

Torb has to aim, but people prefer to ignore that in favor of complaining about his nerfed turret that only exists to annoy Pharah/Tracer.

His primary fire requires more aim to headshot that a lot of hitscans need to hit theirs.

Turrets could do 1 dps and require 1 minute of arming time and people could still blame it for their deaths and call their heroes skilless while calling Genji skillful.

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Maybe, I don’t have any problem with Sym 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0, she does what she does. I’m still of the opinion that moving Sym to DPS category was a wrong move.

The problem is that posters here are asking to keep buffing Sym until she can take the spot light, and I know what will go down if it happened, and it s ugly, the case of “careful of what you wish for”; and it’s not like it didn’t happen before, they just chose to turn a blind eye away from what happened whenever certain DPS became too strong and ruined the game for everyone.

We don’t want the spotlight though, we just want to not be trash. I’ll settle for C+ tier.