Symmetra was nerfed within 9 days for being 4th picked DPS

Nothing gets done if there is no pressure.

Simple as that.

Yeah and their bias is killing the game. OWL balancing has become a self-cannibalizing tumor.


I don’t think popularity, or a lack thereof made the character trash but it can sway opinion. They have to consider the fundamentally different ways they play. I also don’t fall for that idea that if a number of a heroes ability or attack was placed too high, and then reduced, it’s therefore a nerfed state, when the previous state was overpowered. So for example I wouldn’t consider Symmetra’s right click or damage values in general to be weak. Rather, it is the way they function that make it difficult for her to play consistently effectively or fun.

Forgot the slow stacking being reworked too. =)

So the turret cc became useless.


Do the turrets really not stack anymore? I thought the turrets still stacked!?

You mean speed? I’m pretty sure they still do, three slows down Wrecking Ball hard. I was using her last night for a few games.

But it wasn’t placed too high. She was balanced statistically. Her damage did go up by a lot, but so did every other barrier buster because of double shield.

The way her kit functions necessitates a higher damage or a wider beam. I can’t think of any game where a shotgun for example demanded the same accuracy as a pistol, but with less damage and range.

It doesn’t make sense. Short range weapons are supposed to be higher damage or wider hitbox as compensation for their far greater risk and that movement is more erratic in short range. Unlike a shotgun, a beam weapon has higher accuracy because one pellet hitting means they all hit. But Symmetra’s weapon already compensated for that by both requiring a charge up and being unable to crit.

That’s why the first set of nerfs dumpstered her because they took away both the width and the damage, and she could only afford to lose one of those without a range increase. And then they continued to nerf the rest of her kit.


She didn’t even need toning down. Her pick and winrates were perfectly acceptable, last I saw the stats. Plus, unlike the other DPS who exist in the game with better range, she had to charge up her primary fire to even be at the DPS of a McCree or Ashe or even Soldier.

There was no excuse for what happened other than catering to whiny weeb players and the other flankers that didn’t want to have to consider their routes.


It stacks, but they reworked it so that turrets don’t slow if the character also has pre-existing self-slow percentage that exceeds turret slow.

They fixed that according to this video…

But never fixed symm turrets NOT slowing movement abilities. Which again, shows their bias, they will only fix helpful things for symm but not the negative things.

Aka you can just speed past all of symm’s turrets like they don’t exist and not even care about the damage now.


They didn’t fix that. I thought they did. Why can’t they just give symmetra some love.

It’s crazy. They will RUSH to fix bugs that help her, but completely ignore bugs that harm her.

Like they’re not even trying to conceal their bias

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Nope, symm turrets don’t slow down movement abilities. =)

Besides characters like dva because hey, dva has to get the short end of the stick every single time when it comes to cc.

They’re not even consistent.

You’ve made like 5 threads whining about it nonstop. If this game makes you so unhappy you should just quit.

Honestly it’s absurd how a lot of Sym whine. They can’t just cry that their hero is bad, which is perfectly acceptable, no, it has to be because Blizzard has some evil ulterior motive. It’s because they just want to keep Sym down there and they would only “allow” certain heroes to be meta. It’s some kind of conspiracy.

Conspiracy theorists are the dumbest people.

Blizzard: “So, that beam fix made beams too strong and Sym is meta in a meta which favors her cuz she kinda counters barriers? … SOUND THE ALARM! NERF EVERY SINGLE PART OF HER KIT! GO GO GO!”

Abso-freaking-lutely amazing.


It’s not conspiracy when it’s 100% true.

Genji was fine according to them, they still massively buffed him because… owl.

Symmetra was never fine and when they accidentally bugfixed her to be fine, she was stomped back down harder.

Their supposed testing with symmetra that they posted on forums also leaves a lot to be desired and the reason infinite teleport is now so bad. Because the testers complained that “it feels like there’s always a double teleport up” so the reason we got infinite teleport is because their testers legitimately couldn’t deal with her normal teleporter.


You explain why Symmetra is a piece of trash then.

The shoe fits and they haven’t done anything to prove otherwise.

Look at the pics Venus linked and tell me there’s objective balancing going on here.


You are assuming Blizzard balance around pick rates and win rates.

They have explicitly said they don’t balance around those stats.

To be fair, though I definitely think there’s some kind of bias for whatever that reason may be. Like some other posts established people in the OWL slept on picks like Ashe Orisa and Mei. Perhaps she was actually too strong and needed toning down regardless of pickrate. Low pickrate doesn’t always mean weak. I mean I bet half the community still thought she was utter trash.

BUT even regardless of this they didn’t have to nerf absolutely everything over 3 months. They nerfed Mercy Valk slower than this AND EVEN BUFFED IT with compensation.

What do they balance around then? Pick rates and Win rates seem like great measures to rely on. Not solely rely on but use them to the extent they’re valid like any statisitc.

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I mean, if you don’t think video game developers don’t intentionally balance their games in a way where popular heroes are better than less popular ones, IDK what to tell ya. It’s a business, ofc they do.

The problem isn’t that they show Genji a bit more love than Symmetra, it’s that they took it to such absurd extremes.