Symmetra was nerfed within 9 days for being 4th picked DPS

Yes, because Genji doesn’t rely on cheap trick or the game playing itself for them. If you are a good aimer, who do you even pick a hero whose part of the kit is playing the game for them anyway?

Sym 2.0 was already more of a defense category hero that an actual support in the same vein that Torb.

Moving her to damage wasnt the issue, moving her to that class when she basically unable to perform the basic role of a dps was the actual issue.


If 30 HP sentry turrets on a 10 second cooldown are a cheap trick, then deflect is an absolutely cheap busted scum trick.

No good Sym can ever win by “letting turrets play for her” be realistic. They’re supplements and if people die to them easily, it means they suck, not that turrets are cheap.


Who says symm ever had to become meta or a favourite hero?

Symm was fine before they turned her into a generic trash hero. It’s not like they ever did a single change to symmetra 2.0, not a single patch note for a year. They didn’t even try any balance changes with her, just straight into the rework gutter and now she’s far worse than her 2.0 version even in her supposed niche.

Removing unique flavour so hero can become generic and more useable for the masses and then nerfing said hero to also be bad as soon as she became decent for the masses is pretty awful.

Why make her a generic hero if you’re just gonna bury her for becoming decently generic?


Deflect has always been a cheap trick.
Magically compressing hitbox on no cooldown mobility is a cheap trick.

Every hero has ‘‘cheap tricks’’. Issue is none of you want to admit that the heroes you play might have them because it could constitute a perceived insult to your personal skill.



His Alt Fire?

Wall Climb?

Double Jump?

He literally has every “babies first flanker” tool in his kit


A sniper with a free get out of jail button is a cheap trick into itself.

An AoE stun into oneshot combo is a cheap trick.

Flying for extended amounts of time in a game where 2/3 of the roster cant realistically hit you is a cheap trick.

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Deflect doesn’t aim itself, it still requires Genji players input. Sym’s turret maybe just a supplement source of damage, is still a crutch.

It literally aims back things for you.

Oh and you dont think reset on kill in a clutch? You dont think that cancelling deflect is a clutch? You dont think that no cooldown double jump is crutch?

Genji is literally a hero full of crutches and hand holding caveats, specially right now. He is a top pick in bronze and silver.

Using Genji as an standard for ‘‘skill’’ is absurd at this point.


But deflect is pretty much enemy can’t do anything move outside the exception of beams and a few abilities.

On top of that it got dumbed down to a brainless mind games cancel ability where you can no longer bait it out deflect to set up a punish.

Most heroes get jailed by this move having to wait or stay with teammates as it’s Genji’s reset button where you have to wait to see what he does next.

It turns some engagements and matchups high in his favor against many heroes. And the proof besides just looking at what he changes is how well he is doing. Dude’s not struggling in the game right now.


Symmetra has 0 crutches.

No panic button, no “oops”, no escape, nothing.

You get caught out, you die. You get ganked, you die.

Genji can deflect, dash, wallclimb, and hell he even runs faster than everyone except Tracer. Who has the crutches?


I can. The duration of time that passes does not have bearing on bias as the answers to any given problem are often different from each other. Not to mention a difference in man power and resources. Correct me if I am wrong but I don’t think Sym’s nerf’s occurred during a time where we were fighting a pandemic as well.

There was a whole 8 months between Sym being butchered and the start of crisis.

It took them a 2% of that time to decide that Sym needed to be nerfed for having a pickrate above 1%.

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So I have a valid point then?

2% of what time? The 8 months? Why is that even being brought up?

His entire kit is 1 massive bag of tricks.


Genji has all the cheapest tricks in the game jumbled up in one character.


Man, I miss when this game was balanced for the player, and not the viewer.


So why didn’t they take the same thought process with gengi :thinking:

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Yeah no, sorry. Shields getting nerfed is completely irrelevant, considering the DPS buffs that were added to counter goats stayed with some of them for upwards of a year after role lock was added. Devs don’t have any kind of foresight. They’re blinded by the money.

Yup. This basically sums up Overwatch’s design philosophy lol.