Symmetra ruins lijiang

previously one of the best maps in the game, now it’s run sym or lose.


How? 4550 SR in DPS?! Clearly I’m talking to someone who actually understands this game so I’m very interested in the learning opportunity!!

even if what you’re saying is true- good for her. she deserves it.


Nice to hear she is good somewhere!


What about hanamura point a then.

Its what she deserves.


Is this supposed to be good on attack or defense? Last time I played against the attack sym tele to the point/left side high ground strat, we full held against it. Then for some reason we tried the same thing on attack and got full held ourselves so it ended in a draw.

yeah these comments, lol.
no wonder anyone who’s relevant in the game doesn’t post here.


What is the sym strat in LiJiang?

What changed to make it happen?

people think that torb sym and sombra are “pathetic”

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sym tp point, spam right clicks and turrets, not very skillful play counters anything that isn’t running sym yourself.

Isn’t there some way that your tanks can counter that?

There is this guy in the game called Winston. He deletes Symmetra. Maybe watch a video about him.


not how the game works bud.


Ok, that seems pretty straight forward.

I’ll see how it runs.

So, why wasn’t it dominate well before now? Just people don’t play Sym?

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And you see fellow forumers, here is a prime example of the fact being high ranked doesn’t always mean you actually know what you’re talking about.

What you see here is what appears to be a Masters player who mostly likely 1 tricked Hanzo during is OP state to a rank he never deserved and now maintains that rank by continuing to abuse Hanzos busted kit. It would also explain why he complains about one of th worst easiest to kill heros in the game: His main isn’t very good at dealing with turrets or teles.

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So I assume you feel right at home then?

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the funniest part is i was top500 for 3 years. and hanzo was not op during double shield he just comboes well with orisa.
and the fact you have the audacity to say something this stupid

yeah, you’re in plat for a reason.

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Welcome to OW where Golds and Plats will try to teach a t500 how the game works. It’s amazing how someone suggested Winston because he apparently “deletes Symmetra”. As if the fact that Winston (just like every other tank) happens to be favorable against Symmetra in a 1v1 would counter the Symm Double Shield comp.

This is essentially how low ranked players reason about the game. It’s all 1v1 matchup counters with no regard to team composition. If you listen to how they comm you’ll hear wild stuff like “We have to counter the Genji”, “Kill the healers first” or a personal favorite “We need more damage”.

I’m only mid master trash so I’m happy I don’t deal with Symm at all. But I’ve seen t500 streams where you can stack shields and create an impenetrable fortress on Lijiang Night Market by just bunkering up. Awful playstyle, extremely restrictive.


I’m in plat because this is an alt where I olayed my literal worst heros on this account.
My main is Masters. Still doesn’t change the fact your post here is a prime example that being high ranked doesn’t mean you know what your talking about.