Megathread part 4.1 (oct 2018) beam buff not enough!

Agree 1000000000%! There are many other forms of support. Here are some: Cooldown decrease, damage resistance, damage increase, faster reloading, faster ROF (rate of fire) for primary weapons, damage invulnerability, silence abilities, movement speed increase/decrease, (some) forms of crowd control, elemental resist (not really applicable right now), critical damage increase or guaranteed critical hit (e.g. shadowshot from Destiny), immobilization, TELEPORTATION OF ALLIES TO A SAFE LOCATION, wall vision, time freeze (on enemies NOT allies), creating duplicates of an ally to confuse an enemy, and last but not least OVERSHIELDS.


P.S. If we have to accept at least on healing ability to keep her in the support category then that is acceptable. It would be foolish to REMOVE a support hero and move her to the defense category because this will then make our current situation with heroes worse.
We will then need to add yet another support and tank hero in the coming months instead of an entirely new DPS hero and this will not appease the masses that want a new DPS. (I hate the argument that DPS mains have: “I’m so bored there are not enough DPS heroes to choose from!” For god’s sake you have 14 DPS heroes to choose from.)

Anyway, please Blizzard keep her a support!


i think making her turrets a secondary weapon would be perfecy

If we have to have healing, I rather get back what Bridgette stole. At least Lucio altered the equipment to be different, she just switch the colors and thought we wouldn’t notice. :stuck_out_tongue:


The problem is how much utility would have to go into her just to make her viable. She would have to have enough healing to compete with Zenyatta’s healing and discord and Lucio’s healing and speed.

While it is possible to make her viable as a non-healing support, how could you make her so she flows properly and doesn’t feel like she has a bloated kit?

This was just posted.

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I’m sad to see web defense going away, but I will hold further opinions until I actually see this in game. We need much more numbers before we can judge if this change is a buff, a nerf, or a balanced rework.

30 HP turrets don’t die to a Lúcio boop or McCree flashbang, and Tracer/ standing in the horizon can’t spam shots to break them because damage reduction will not allow that to happen. It will be even better if they are shield HP.

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Today was a good day to purchase my Symm gold gun.


Oh yeah, they are boosting the power of her primary fire as well. She will do 65/130/195 damage, but it ramps up every 2 seconds instead of 1. Also, her ammo will replenish itself when locked on a barrier.

Additionally, her alternate fire will shoot orbs that explode and have a charge up time of 1 second.

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I think I’ll just make good use of my trust level 3 powers and link that thread directly:

We can also call for a thread merge. They do that all the time with Mercy threads, Sym deserve that too.

I’d prefer this way it to prevent the thread from getting too large.


  • No more permanent power-up ultimate
  • No more bonus shields mechanic
  • No more lock on “punishment” weapon

Yeah, I’m definitely a Brigitte main now. I know none of these changes are currently final, but they’re taking Sym in pretty much all the directions I didn’t want them too.

I will admit, they are doing some awesome things like the Teleporter being basically a portal gun, sentries being far more flexible, and the beam increasing in range. But she’s just not the same character anymore.
I’m fine with that though, Brigitte is really fun and I’ll still be happy to play Symmetra for her new utility


Yeah personally I’d rather keep her shortish range on primary, trade the hard lock for a soft one, and ditch the barrier refunds. Keep her alt fire, but speed it up. No one here thought she should step on Mei’s toes for being anti death ball.

Her barrier ult is fine, it just being a barrier is not. I don’t care that it goes through walls, it doesn’t sound worth it; nor fun. Rather it make a barrier that discourages dive, making it a big barrier steps on reins toes and I don’t like that. Mei does this, more frequently, better, and without stepping on Rein’s toes.

Three turrets don’t feel like enough, I’d rather 4 turrets that way I can cover 2 flanks, 3 just encourages car wash which is not how high elo mains use them, nor any main worth their salt. Take some of the damage and give us one more, and reveal on enemy hit.

Her tp steps on Mei’s toes for altered paths and setting up special places for immobile champs. I liked her bringing backup, not jumping around. Make her return peeps to her, not get to places I don’t care about.

If you wanted a better Mei why the hell didn’t you just rework her? This is not what anybody wanted. This is Mei’s rework and territory, not ours.

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Petition to rename this thread into the DPS Zarya thread

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The only thing I don’t like about the proposed Symmetra changes is the Ultimate. It seems really bland for an Ultimate and isn’t exactly unique, with it being a mega version of Mei’s wall/Reinhardt’s barrier. Considering the amount of shapes Symmetra can theoretically build with her Hard Light this seems kinda … meh. It would certainly be useful for defending a point though so at least it’s useful.

I hope the “I WILL SHIELD YOU!” voiceline gets used for the Ult.

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What I like about the First iteration of the Sym rework:

  • Launchable Turrets
  • More powerful Turrets
  • New Teleporter
  • New Alternate Fire
  • The ability to replenish ammo on barriers
  • New Ultimate (when applicable) could help out greatly for advancing and stalling.

What I don’t like:

  • Primary Fire Changes, but not because it will be more aim intensive, but the fact that there are too many questions unanswered about it.
  • Only 3 turrets. Yeah I know they are more powerful, but they only have 30 health, couldn’t it at least be 4?
  • New Ultimate. It doesn’t seem too useful as it can be easily bypassed.

I’m fine with the huge wall because back with Symmetra 1.0, I actually advocated for her to have a huge hardlight wall with absurd HP values as an ultimate. Basically, I envision it like Probius’ Null Gate. And if anyone played with that thing in HotS, you know how powerful that thing is at denying space.

BTW, if anyone here never played HotS, playing Sondius is pretty much like playing Symmetra there. Including the part of your team hating you for picking a useless hero. :wink:


I’m excited for the change.

About a month or so ago i said that Symm would see major major changes and a bunch of people replied to me along the lines of “Bruh, they are only going to tweak her slightly.” Lol.

Symm will now be majorly changed, for the better. She will have a defined role, no longer being ambigious. No longer be a troll pick. No longer be ‘no aim no brain’ category. Lots of benefits. Good on you Blizzard.



True, she looks like they are focusing her into being a barrier buster. Not the role I wanted for her, but definitely its “well defined”.

If Mei and Sombra rework are any indicator, this will be probably not true.

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I’m excited to cut a point in half

Sym is the new 2 co queen