Symmetra Rework: Defense or Support?

Literally nothing changes other than making it easier for Sym to set up her turrets.

You know they were reworking sym to make her more useful, they are not going to fundamentally change the character design so she’s unrecognizable to her player base, and the game has had elements of FPS and other various games in it since day one.

I really do not understand the complaint here, unless you just don’t want Sym to be sym any more or you just never want to see her?

Okay, but why does it seem bad to you?


predicted? Or convinced?

zzz this “owl ruins the game and changes balance and heroes they don’t like” tirade again zzz

Woah woah woah I didn’t say anything bad about OWL.

Kinda hoping Torb gets the same treatment, with the added bonus of ditching the Level 1 turret and building right at Level 2.


I actually think Torb is closer to being in a good place than Sym is. I think being able to at least move his turret like the engi from TF2 would be a pretty big help.


While firing her turrets sound really cool! I wonder if the only way to make her a healer was through her turrets… there was an idea floating around the forums where she was able to deploy healthpack-like structures, I’m guessing you don’t feel like that fits her but it would be a cool thing to try?

That is not what I said. I am ALL for a Sym rework. I adore Sym. But this sounds like a bad idea.

Again, like I said, I dont know all the details so its hard to make a true opinion here. There are a lot of variables.

But a turret that floats through the air, just to land and deploy on a wall with 1HP? That doesn’t seem like a buff. It seems like a nerf. Turrets would be even easier to locate as you watch them fly through the air and then destroy before they are even fully deployed.

But again… we need more details on how this would even work.

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Awesome! It’s great to get an update on this. Thanks, Geoff!

Do the turrets arc through the air like a Junkrat grenade, or do they travel in a straight line? How far away is “too far” to be able to set up a turret? Will they travel faster than her Photon Barrier?

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Healthpacks as a healability is terrible.

Hopefully the turrets deploy quicker and can’t be blown up instantly by a winston while deploying. Also her cooldown for turrets needs to be lower if she’s to be usefull on attack.


I hope you have totally abandoned the idea of her healing.


I don’t want to tho, but I will if uncle Geoff says so. I have 21h in Competitive with her, that says hipster a little bit.

It wouldn’t be exactly a healthpack but the mechanic would be similar, I guess you don’t want to discuss why you feel that way but I still think it’s an interesting ability

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That sounds kind of nuts but fun? Symm is a guilty pleasure for me, I’m getting very excited now!

Currently they will travel effectively infinitely in a straight line. (think of them like Pharah rockets). The projectile speed isn’t super fast though so enemy players can see them coming. They can’t currently shoot them out of the air though, but we’re still iterating and may allow this.


It sounds like a cool idea. I hope it is not the only change she will receive. Because almost all parts of her kit have some problems. Ultimates are kinda okay, but barrier feels like out of place and her gun is not ideal too.

Also, can you please look at this Torbjorn rework thread? Just a bunch of ideas about rework direction:

to be honest that sounds good
i hope you guys rework her more so she will be more fun to play

Honestly? Then what is the point? lol

Do they still have 1 HP?