Symmetra players, come forth

My fellow Symmetra players Queens . Be honest. What do you want for our favorite microwave? Would love to hear each of your inputs.


Well. I think her current spot is kind of underpowered as everything in her kit requires tons of time for charging up, and she doesn’t even do her job as a gate keeper too well considering she only has 3 small turrets with very slow cool down, all while the teleport doesn’t really work well with her front line personality. So here’s what I think:


  • Headbox size decreased to fit the model more.
  • Hp decreased from 225 down to 200
  • ammo increased from 70 up to 90
  • Primary fire works like aim bot again (This change is there just to make her a bit more unique rather than a mini Zarya who she already function similar to)
  • Secondary fire nerfed from 120 to 90, can go through shields again
  • Amount of turrets increased from 3 up to 5
  • each turret has 20 hp and does 25 damage per second down fron 40 hp and 30 damage.
  • Casting time for turrets reduced from 0.5 down to 0.25 sec
  • deployment reduced from 1 second to 0.6 seconds
  • slowness has been increased from -20% up to -25%
  • cool down decreased from 10 seconds per turret down to 5.
  • Leve 1 primary fire damage increased from 60 up to 70, level 3 primary fire decreased from 180 down to 170.
  • Teleport has been replaced with a new ability called Light Mode: Symmetra will glow blue and will receive extra 50 shields for a duration of 4 seconds, shields will keep on regenerating for the whole duration. 10 seconds cool down.

Shield generator

And this is a wacky change but since slow no longer stacks, it would be to make the slow more effective by a 50%, Increase turrets to 6 and decrease DPS to 20

6 turrets would do 120 (same as now) but you can also place multiple turrets In different locations to control areas by a speed debuff

Also reduce cooldown and ummm

Shield generatarrrrr

  • A more flexible teleporter. Let mobility be her defense as a frontline dps.
  • Reduced time to deploy her entire kit.
  • A golden arm to go with her golden weapon. I might actually play Ranked again to get that.

Others will have more detailed/better ideas.


a bunch of hot pockets, preferably ham and cheese


Admittedly, I’m not a full-time Sym player, but she’s my most-played DPS in the last couple of seasons, so… I art here.

Faster deploy time for her kit, maybe shorter TP CD, and 80 instead of 60 DPS for her lvl 1 beam.

Give Symmetra back the shield generator and the old teleporter while keeping the barrier. Let us toggle like we used to. She is a reality bending constructor. A builder. She should have more in her kit, not less.


A revert to being the shield-granting support of the game. If she have to get some source of healing to make that happen, I’m willing to accept it.

Also, I want shield HP to be adjusted into being anti-burst the same way armor is anti-poke. That would make her extremely valuable as a support choice against burst/sniper teams.


Not a sym player, but I want them to test scrapping the charge mechanic and just make her beam a set/fixed DPS.

Literally 3 people main symmetra.

On the side note: symmetra isn’t a complete throwpick btw kids. She’s playable but just takes 10 times the brain of playing Cree just like well all the other projectile dps heroes.

Faster teleporter, trading off capacity for deployment time. As in, I’d take a 0.6 sec cast time, with a 6 seconds uptime or 3 players/items teleported (whichever comes first), and 6 seconds cooldown to begin upon destruction.

For primary weapon, I’m malleable here. For a weapon with such limited range, no crit ability, and no falloff, I’m not sure there needs to be a levels 1 or 2 for it at all. Seriously. If you think about it, at level 3 it just does the same damage as other DPS do normally anyway. But she lacks the range and crit ability they tend to have. So, just have it at level 3 and nothing less? Or maybe keep levels, but do 150/180/210 for the damage levels. Damage class has to damage, stop pretending they can’t (this is also why Mei’s current design is fairly bad).

Turrets don’t really matter to me. I wish they’d do some reworks onto them though. Like, don’t stack the slow effect, but each one does max CC instead of 1/3 of it. You can even take the damage down since nobody really needs them for damage. Or extend the range on them (not by much of course) so that you have better placement options. But they’re a 30-second cooldown that does basically nothing in most situations, and that needs to be resolved.

I’d like the right-click to be better, but honestly if I got all of the above, then right-click can continue to be bad, I’m not that greedy. I just want the current form of Sym to be properly set for the reality of this game’s needs. Nobody needs ultra-slow damage winding up to only be basically on par with a basic DPS level. Seriously, most games that wind-up damage slowly start below but you can max out at massively higher levels to make up for it. I don’t know what they were thinking with having to wind-up to only mediocre damage.

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This is my problem with her rework. So much was stripped away. She was simplified and lacks the depth she used to.


If she’s going to stay a DPS, then she needs to have a decent niche and damage that’s much more consistent and can actually compete with other DPS options. Make turrets deploy and travel faster, and fix their weird hitbox pathing. Get rid of ramp up, or make the time between tiers much shorter. Let the orbs have a faster travel time, or give them a minor, non cc effect, like a small DoT, or restoring a small amount of shield health per hit. Pick a niche and give her effects to fill it. If she’s suppose to be a shield breaker, then give her attacks a small damage multiplier to shields or something.

If they don’t want her to be a DPS and want her to be more of a defense/support character, then change her kit to reflect that. Maybe turrets deal minor damage then, but provide team wallhacks of the target for a few seconds. Maybe turrets target allies and give them extra ammo, or maybe Sym gets a few turret types and can choose what to put down. Maybe she can use her primary on allies to give them decaying shields. There’s a ton of non-healing support/defense stuff that we don’t have in the game, which Sym could have.

I want salty Genjis to cry out “no aim, no brain, Symmetra main”

Someone who understands.

To OP:
These are things I want in order. I wouldn’t implement them all but it’s just sorted by preference. Small things to put her in a nice place without going overboard.

Primary Fire
60/120/180 -> 80/120/180

Deploy time from 2s to 1.75s

Secondary fire
Now no longer automatically fires after 2 seconds

Head hitbox
Scaled appropriately

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Fun fact: symmetra walks like a velociraptor. Check it youself :wink:

Also would be great if there was some way to delete slowness on her turrets. I dont know if thats major power on her kit or not but it feels so awful to go against.

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2.0 but with tp instead of turrets

If her turrets didn’t slow they’d be 100% useless

Maybe they should remove turrets completely and replace it with something?