Symmetra players, come forth

They don’t need to be completely removed. If they’re that frustrating they could heal instead of damage. 0 frustration. Also allows more room to make them sturdier, more of them and have a lower cooldown.


I’d rather them do less damage and more slowdown. I’d like them to be a sort of alternate to junkrat’s trap. While junk’s trap is pretty hard CC, removing most escapes and such; a Sym trap with slowdown but not hard stun or removal of escapes makes for a pretty decent side-grade that fully justifies the current cooldowns (since the current cooldowns are in no way justified by the current powerlevel of the turrets).

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Symmetra needs to be reworked back in to the support category for me tbh.

She was MUCH easier to balance as a support but Blizzard just … never even tried lol with both Sym 1.0 and 2.0 and favored an additional rework when she didnt really need it.

Sym 2.0 just needed better stats and her E to be a bit more consistent.

The only thing Sym 3.0 has over 2.0 imo is the throwable turrets.

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Same thing as last year.

Teleporter cooldown reduced significantly, closer to 3.0 levels

Projectile speed buff on either her secondary fire or her sentries

If they feel like actually working on heroes, then rework her gun a bit and make the uncharged shots themselves move faster like a dva pistol and leave the big orb slow. Also, post some damage values - the game has been out for years and things like Symmetra’s damage values on her orbs is still something to guess/eyeball in training. The devs should probably give them some attention if they deem every other part of her kit too ‘oppressive’ to be good.

She was originally designed as a Support. They intended for her to be a utility focused support. That can still happen, just with the addition of minor healing (like Zenyatta). A non-healing support just doesn’t work in OW, especially with 2-2-2 role lock.


I 100% agree with you. I honestly think they should Overload her utility to compensate for the lower healing levels.

They could even try the OG teleporter as a basic ability similar to how they have implemented Rez as a basic ability!


I actually thought about this too! It would have to be toned down though. Perhaps one charge, on a 20 second cooldown. TP can be placed up to 30m away (like current TP) with the entrance in spawn again.

This does remove her mobility options, so she’d need to be designed around this immobility.

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Thats what i been saying

The turrets dont even need to heal, just make her heal like brig or something lmao.

Bring back Sym 2.0. :nail_care:


You make a lot of sense here, dont do that or the aim elitist will gang up on you! You see for the majority of this forums they think symm is still low skill brain dead hero just coz of her “TuRrEtS”

Ive been saying this for a long time but because its a core part of her identity as a builder i get a lot of disagreements from both sym and none sym mains.

You see the symm naysayers will parrot no skill/brain dead etc but as soon as you provide an idea making her kit skillful they went full silent and run away from the conversation.

Trust me these symm haters dont want her to be skillful,fun to play or against they just want her to stay trash so they wont see her in their games for some unknown bias hate towards the hero.

I mean how often do you hear your team say “we need symm” in a game? The only time i hear it is when i play no limits in arcade.

I want her to return back to the support role and get proper rework for once in her lifetime.

My rework examples. multiple links in the main link page as well.

i want sym 2.0 back. Its up to whoever if lock on beam or 3.0 beam should stay or not

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  • tp cd starts on placement, pauses halfway of cd timer until destruction
  • orbs renumbered around being faster moving projectiles e.g.
    • straight up giving it like ~35m/s or
    • something more daring of ~50m/s while reducing orb projectile size
  • primary fire lvl 1 beam increased to 80dps rather than the current 60.

then we’ll see from there.

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I want 2.0

In lieu of that, I want SG.

In lieu of that, I want piercing orbs.

In lieu of that, I want her photon shield back from 2.0.

In lieu of that, I want a farther TP with a faster deployment.

In lieu of that, I want one more turret with faster cooldowns, movement, and deployment.

In lieu of all that, please fix her bugs with TP.



And honestly, to me, that was a horizontal change because in exchange to that we got our turret stash cut in half.

I would prefer my six 1 HP turrets back for more area control than the sturdy three throwable turrets that aren’t even worthy spreading out.

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tp being put on e is the biggest change of the rework because it literally tried filling in 1 of the massive fundamental holes of old sym’s kit: a way in and out of her effective range i.e. a way for her to get herself opportunities to contribute.


At the very least I hope the slow doesn’t stack.

If you want her to have lock - on back, then it should deal 100DPS. 120DPS was too much when Sum was a Support. 170DPS on such an easy - to - use weapon is absolutely ludicrous.

Isnt it a weaker dmg output than she had in 2.0 state ? then it looks like a nerf :no_mouth:

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Don’t worry it doesn’t. They changed it couple of month ago or even before (my time sense is horrible).

Back at the day you couldn’t move while being next to a turret, but now you almost don’t feel it… So I tried giving the turrets a bit more impact.

Beam isn’t much harder to use… If you fight tanks or brawlers your accuracy with both will be the same. Not to mention at level 1 you actualy deal less than 100 with only 70.
Anyways, the only enemies you’d really feel the difference against are fast enemies with small hit boxes so:
Genji,Tracer,Echo & Lucio.

She already supposed to counter Lucio & Genji so it’s actually a good thing she becomes better against them.

Tracer can break los pretty easily with blink not to mention she needs more counters in her current spot so even if Symm will not counter her, there’s noting bad about Symmetra being sightly more effective.

And against Echo, well Echo is about in and out. You either succeed with your combo, run away or dies in the process. Symm’s 70 damage per second wouldn’t do anything to her…

I just really think Symmetra’s current impact isn’t too great currently even against the heroes she supposed to counter. So similar to Torb or pretty much any defense hero I wanted to give her a more punishing personality being better on stuff with slow fire rate increasing her effectiveness overall but still being countered by so many heroes… (Winston,Zarya,Pharah,Soldier:76,Torbjorn,Tracer,Bastion,Ashe,Sombra,Zenyatta,Mercy [you’d be surprised but yeah, mercy’s fire rate allow her to be really efficient on the turrets])
while of course having a lot of fair match ups as well

Depends on the enemy… The faster they shoot the less effective it will be, but it also goes the other way around. So against heroes like Sigma,Reaper,Genji etc… This is a straight up buff. But against heroes like Soldier:76,Tracer or Bastion this is a nerf for sure.