Symmetra lock on beam is an iconic ability, pls dont remove it, we can balance this!

I mean, if Dafran plays her he may reach that number consistently.

I also doubt that.

Because with the increased damage of stage 1-2, 4 seconds is a long time. By the time you have 4 seconds of full tracking, its very probable the fight is already won, so you are on cleanup duty.

With the numbers we got, stage 1 is 65 DPS. Stage 2 is 130 DPS. In that 4 seconds, you will have dealt 390 damage to the enemy team. That is basically two squishies down solo. And most often than not, you’ll not be killing solo, your team will be helping. If you are on average contributing with 70% of the damage, that is three squishies down. The fight is over.

And that is considering ONLY the gun damage. If you have “better turrets” around helping with damage, its even worse.

The only way you can power up to stage 3 on a 4 seconds ramp up is milking barriers. And with 200 HP, no barrier, no mobility, and close/melee range, its not a good position to be melting barriers in the first place.


When the next, new Sym comes out, she’s basically a not-very-tanky-and-useful-as-Zarya hero. Left click is straight beam, right-click splash, but it doesn come with a graviton but instead a Rein’s shield. Basically a remix of heroes.

blizzard said it will charge at double speed and traver 3 times faster

Yes, we are saying that if they gave that charge/speed increase to her current orb, it would be better than making it a boring rocket.

Myself, I like the orbs being slow because I exploit it as a floating zoning mine. But I can see where people come from when they want its speed increased: they want to use her orb as a proper ranged weapon.

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lets face it the right click how it currently is is the worst ability in game but has high potential because its the only real ability that flys threw people and barriers so increasing speed and load-up would be quit op.

Theres no need to increase the speed, only the load-up would be fine, we asked for this change since the beggining of the universe and now we have it they turned out the orb into a stupid rocket…

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I gave the suggestion in the megathread to make the orb speed dependent on its charge. Smaller orbs fly faster, full charge retains current speed.

I 100% agree if they just give the current orb rocket speed, it will be stupidly OP.


they said the travel time will be 30 m/s instead of 10 m/s and load time is 1 seconds compared to 2 seconds

Call me crazy, but I (a disabled player who loves Symmetra and wants her to remain disabled friendly,) don’t see the problem with abled people not putting aim as a priority. Like for me, I love the IDEA of Widow and being this lethal assassin from across the map but holy heck the reality is tedious and painful and only slightly more fun than actual occupational therapy. Can’t really blame them for wanting something else out of Overwatch.

And people keep saying “well disabled people can just find another hero” and it’s such a cop out because even if there are other heroes we can play and IF they’re on the same level of accessibility (which they’re not, close but not the cigar that can light up a basket of fireworks) this is about Symmetra. And how would you feel if your favorite was being altered in such a way that is both unrecognizable and in a way you know you won’t be able to enjoy and play effectively - and people who have literally hated your hero start saying “y is similar to x play them instead.”?

It’s like Harry Potter where its possible for students to use other wands to varying degrees of effectiveness, but it doesn’t compare to the wand that chooses them.


very true. i was shocked when i first heared about the sym changes because not a single ability remained unchainged, this is a first for OW. And even when they announced they will change her a lot i still didnt think that her weapon would change. i was thinking about getting TP for an ability and getting anither ultimate but changing everything is just massiv and on top of that removing a very unique weapon mechanic is also very sad, not only for the disabeld but generally for people who like sym


I know, and I will trade that speed to maintain the piercing aspect of the orbs ALWAYS, only thing she needed is faster load. That way she could be a fantastic area denial by being capable to shoot more orbs but being fair since those orbs are slow.

I just really hate the “lets make orbs phara rockets” whole thing. They messed up her gun entirely.

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this coin has 2 sides. on the one hand having slow orbs is very unique and interesting and going around shields and threw multiple people is great but the trueth is almost always when you hit someone its either luck on your side or its a rein thats holding up shield. blizzard wants to balance the orbs and they see that junkrat/Pharah like projectiles work in overwatch so they go with that. personally i would also like slow piercing orbs that would fire faster but i dont know balance-wise if this would be good for the game. it would also mean that you could deny a choke very heavily because your orbs would constantly hit someone and your turrets would also be there.

Definitely the charging time is a balance issue. In hard chokes, if you just spam the orbs, its already hard enough for the enemy team to find a gap between your orbs to go through the choke. If they make the orbs faster, they need to tune its damage down.

Which is why I advocate for orb speed to be dependent on charge level. Smaller orbs move faster, while full charge orbs retain its current speed.


Can’t wait for the Symmetra changes she sounds more fun then she is now.

I would like Symmetra’s orb to pierce. Maybe her explosion aoe has a piercing effect on barriers? Would be cool to have options on barrier stacking comps.

Blizzard doesn’t speak to the casuals anymore either. This is the age of OWL, where the elites of the community gets to decide the face of overwatch. The large communities of casuals who brought overwatch to where it is today have done their job, and now discarded for the new bringers of rain. Every hero that doesn’t demand a high mechanical skill is getting ruined, cuz the pros just cant have that anymore, they want the cs:go experience.

Am sure sym rework was decided over brunch with the pro players. Cuz ppl like you and me who just want to have fun playing this game, we don’t matter anymore. It’s time to move on, I already re-installed tf2.

first of all if my favorite hero was getting as much change as symmetra does i would understand that she (let’s speak about sombra here bc she is my main) doesn’t fit overwatch and the changes were needed even if that means i’d be forced to learn the hero all over again. and if it would improve my comfort of play - as in less toxicity towards me and putting the whole blame about losing on me bc omg you played sombra you were throwing then… i would be all for it.

besides i know it’s hard for you all but well let’s be real… blizzard doesn’t care about players apart from numbers and overwatch league. symm, torb or even sombra were looked at just because lower to none usage in owl. and yes i blame owl bc let’s be real - they didn’t even think about the mentioned characters until owl happened and the saw no one wanted to use them. even infamous mercy… it took them half a year to nerf her so she wasn’t must pick (what people and stats were proving) and she only got nerfed bc she was in every game in owl pre season and stage 1.

and symmetra… well unfortunately her kit didn’t fit the dynamics of the game thus she was barely played and claimed a throw pick. they tried to make her a healer (it was mentioned here on forums or in an interview with either jeff or geoff can’t remember) it didn’t work out so they switched her to defense - which she was considered anyways. they had to change her kit (if such a drastic change was necessary is debatable but please WAIT UNTIL SHE IS ON PTR OR AT LEAST SHOWN IN ACTION BEFORE JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS) to better fit defense. autoaim weapon was hated by everyone and symm players were constantly insulted bc of that. and as a defense hero she needs to deal more damage and trust me everyone would ask for nerfs if the autoaim stayed but was buffed. trust me there would be so much toxicity towards you and your fellow symmetra mains, it’s better it was removed.

oh man, come on! The people don’t hate the autoaim itself, they hate can’t kill a full power symmetra, mainly short distance players. You don’t see a pharah or widow main complaining about a sym in other team. Sym is not op today, to kill her before the weapon be full is not so dificult, just need treat her like a rapper in the rear, a real potential threat. Her real problem was be a support hero with this pack, after this, the players in ow just pick her to be trowing or to “revenge” against a sym in the other side, but pick her just for pick is like pick a genji just for pick, you will not do the same what a main can do with this hero, and from there comes the bad reputation of “cancer sym trowing”. This is not a rework, it is a hero change, and this is sad for those who play sym. (sorry the bad english)

But the thing is, once it hits ptr the only changes that would be made would literally be just to range and cooldowns - by then it will be too late and too much money sunk for the devs to do anything else but ship it out with tweaks.

Like the Mercy mains could tell you, they knew enough about Mercy to know that they didn’t need the ptr to know rez on cooldown was a bad idea whether it was op or they knew it would get her Lucilled with nerfs.

We’re just trying to voice our concerns before its too late - on the surface it looks like we’re jumping the gun, but believe it or not now is the time to express reservations about their plans before any money and time are committed to this iteration.

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The secundary don’t have the function of kill team enemy, the best function of the orb is destabilize shields position, destroy torb’s turrents and orisas ult which are protected by the shields, even annoying bastions in the shields. Good suggestions for rework that have appeared in other topics are:

  • Increase fire rate orb, keeping the piercing effect.
  • orb speed proportional to loading. Longer time with slower speed, or faster orb with low loading.
  • allies can see the SG or TP position on the map, to help on defense it.
  • allies can see the range of SG (and sym too :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • enemies attacked by the turrents appear a silhouette to allies, like a sonic arrow and give offensive assist (with just 3 turrents, this isn’t op)
  • Keep the primary, it’s ok (starting weak gives the chance to enemies kill her quickly without danger, but need to kill fast, we know what happen if they don’t, lvl 3 melts everyone)
  • Move her to defensive class (just that already will help with the hate, i think).
  • keep her mobile shield, it’s helpful on battles, no one wants another shadow steps (i like, but everyone says that is useless :frowning: ).

Thats looks like a rework, what the devs are doing is a replacement with the same skin. (sorry the bad english)