Symmetra lock on beam is an iconic ability, pls dont remove it, we can balance this!

Maybe you’re a minority who’s happy being a sym main. I am happy with the current sym, i think she is totally underrated, just move her to defensive is good to me :confused:

ah why? if you are going to be doing lots of damage then work for it. Zar is not that hard to track with its just managing her cooldowns which throws people off. You will be pleasantly surprised.

I was watching RagTag’s video on disabled players just last night. Some of them play Genji.

Moira’s aimlock is fine, i agree, but I don’t believe it will be like the new primary. The description looks like a zarya, not a moira.

As a high plat Symmetra player, I’ll tell you there is still plenty of people that underestimate the orb damage and just take it on the face, or think they have time to dodge and forget about dodging it.

Also, if you are seeing the orb coming from the main choke, be aware that Symmetra wants you to dodge and take the other path. When we use the orb to kill, we do it from sneaky positions, so the orb appear from nowhere. Despite its size, the orb can go through very thin map gaps, like a Widowmaker shot.

100% agree, I was asking for a stage 1-2 damage upgrade for months. But stage 3 really don’t need a damage upgrade. 120 DPS is more than enough to wreck havoc.

And don’t bank on that 195 DPS number. My guess is that she will most often than not stay around the level 2 charge, and the usual tracking misses will mean their 130 DPS will have less damage on average than current 120 DPS autolock.


one of the things that makes sym bad is you either do nothing or you a completly microwaving the enemy team. when you win -> you win even more. and blizzard wants to change that. but having a low range zarya-esque beam is again either super powerfull killing everyone or you just die with 200 hp. problem not really solved there

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That is really impressive for those players. But that do not mean that we no longer have to worry about accessibility options. It’s like saying women were not in a disadvantage in high tier administration in the 90s because Margareth Tatcher was powerful enough.

Also its worthy noticing that most players in Ragtag video are silver and gold. The really impressive part is that they are able to play the game in the first place.


changing EVERY ability and the weapon and you think she is pretty much unchanged wow ok. and nobody said that the beam will have a softlock like moira all we know now is its a beam sililar to zarya where your either on the target dealing damage and when your off the target your not doing any damage

She is already a DPS though.

agreed (post must be 20 characters long)

This game is supposed to be inclusive. Not everyone has the mobile ability to “aim”. So you’re going to confine people to play Mercy, Lucio or Winston? Junkrat you don’t need aim but it helps.

I play on 200 - 300 ping. I can’t hitscan, at all so would be completely useless as your standard dps, and I rather not let my team down in that way, and contribute with characters that can still be effective without aim.

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So imagine if they played Symmetra? Anyway are you disabled yourself. None of you care much about disabled people in your ordinary lives but just because Symm is having her weapon changed then its now an issue. There are still plenty of no aim heroes in the game only difference is they don’t melt entire teams holing M1.

lol what are you so worried about?

No, but they smash they with a big hammer or a healer Flail (that’s not even makes sense, i hit you, and because that my sadistic friend start to be heal, but whatever). A sym without a mercy pocket is too easily to kill, but because her low pick rate they don’t know how to counter, needs practice, just that.

yeah he has is the size of the moon, i never heard anyone complain about this.


not in Silver she is not.

The reasoning for it is that she is being moved to a full DPS position, so this kinda weapon is easier for balance purposes. These changes also aren’t final so there is a chance that they could find a way to make the old beam work or make it somewhat similar to Moira’s

whatever, that’s not a problem in my opinion.

Ana breaker her heal and becomes a lot easier to kill.

Don’t blame the syms main for that, blame the players who cannot prioritize their targets smartly.

lol there we go with the theory again. If this game was about theory i would be top 500 my friend.

no one is but it still is a factor considered when balancing heroes. Current Symm could never be usable in GM cause she would just be unbeatable in Bronze. New Symm has a chance.

I, for one, would like to have a hero be viable without this stupid auto-aim beam. They gave some great changes to her kit overall, and now, if you actually practice, you can melt overextending DPS even faster. I hate dying to a hero that just looks at me and walks while holding left click. I’m sorry, but Symmetra is basically impossible to balance in her current state, (like some other heroes, such as Tracer and Mercy), as she is god-tier in Bronze, yet, for the most part, absolute garbage in the higher tiers. Just like I will with Enemy Phase music in Fire Emblem Heroes, I will dance on the grave of Symmetra’s autolock laser of condensed “skill”.

Why do you struggle?

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i dont want zarya beam and i dont want moira beam i want symmetra

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