Symmetra lock on beam is an iconic ability, pls dont remove it, we can balance this!

Look. If you’re not willing to give it a chance np just uninstall and go. You don’t have to play this game if it makes you unhappy.

Keep your passive aggressive attitude to yourself.

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we are discussion this here to bring awareness to blizzard and to have an open talk about sym. “just uninstall” is not very helpfull here


Chill dude. The only reason I mentioned it is because they said it themselves.

I was thinking maybe give the lock on ability less range, like Moira’s beam, but increase the damage some. That way it is not as frustrating for the enemy team but instead with the more damage works in a more “dps-y” way. I feel like this would be a good compromise. I feel like the whole “Zarya beam” would not work with Symmetra’s character design and just make her feel unoriginal.

i also think that having a zarya-like beam will require you to play at the frontline just like a tank but you only have 200 health, no heal no immunity and no mobility


long list?
the disabled people are the only reason why maybe the devs should consider keeping it in the games.
the iconic thing is a bullsh*t and amazingly enough some of the most annoyed abilities were already deleted from the game yet people keep claiming they are so iconic.
yall being forced to learn to aim is no excuse it’s a fps game after all. and fps means first person shooter not first person autoaim after all. get over it.

so by that logic we delete winston and moira and everyone that is not mccree/soldier/widow? and blizzard themselves call it a team based shooter. you can play mercy and not shoot anyone ever and still do good in this game the “fps” arguments doesnt hold

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a heros that sees less playtime than every other hero and only is played on first point defense on hybrid maps isn a good data gathering tool to do winrate statistics

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What was deleted from the game, other than Photon Shield (that you can argue that it became Shield Generator) and Scatter Arrow?

none of their primary purpose is dealing damage. symmetra 3.0 will be dps after all.

so torb turret is not primarily for damage? and winstons tesla gun is not for damage? and reins hammer is not for damage?

symmetra was always a pure dps hero. she does not provide more support then soldier AOE heal or Torb armor or anything like that. just because blizzard said in a very early stage that not every supports needs to heal. im glad they changed their view. and by that logic your not allowed to play widow or junkrat or hanzo on attack because they are afterall defense heros right? no

Winston has to always be putting himself in danger to have any value.

Moira has a soft lock and loses all value if she runs out of dust.

Torb is being looked at in the future. (so I won’t comment till then).

Sym, in my experience at least, can set up and just chill out from a far, rarely being in danger.

Plus her TP encourages running off and hiding to bring her entire team back.

People like to throw around the “fps” part of the game but the reality is aim is only a small part of Overwatch. You can easily master a dozen heroes from the roster without it.

This is not a COD clone.


I think the skill barrier for symmetra means most ppl looking for a more powerful feeling experience, tend to gravitate to easier lower skilled champs; thus the skewed win rates for sym is cause only ppl willing to commit to learning her get good with her.

Also she has the lowest health of any champ and is one of the slowest aswell.

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Her autoaim is Very effective against hero with High mobility like genji And lucio, but It is not broken, almost every hero can counter her, And because that the “cancer players” sym needs to be smarter to go close of the enemies. Also, ALL the weapon Will be change, And the secundary shot don’t piercing anymore is a Nerf, a huge Nerf.
If they want to change ALL the pack of a hero, so keep in this way and create the hero 28 with this ALL new pack. Thats not a rework, they are changing her for another hero keeping her skin for laziness to make others, it is a mini zarya. (Sorry for the bad english)


Well, looks like a new nerf to heroes that “counter” Tracers and Genjis xDDD. No more track beam is a really really good new for Tracer and Genji.

But also looks like she could be good to break barriers and shields like Rein and Brigitte one (for Brigitte the new primary shot is a pain, but the new explosive balls is a hell, since ignore her shield)

rightclick does not go threw barriers and people anymore so it is just gonna damage the shield. and for symmetra to be good against shield means you need to be in melee range of rein and with low health no mobility/heal/immunity this seems like a difficult task

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the right click isn’t trash, just slow. 130 splash or 125 piercing, both with the same fire rate and projectile speed? a thounsand times the current shot with a real rework. The new primary will be strong with max power, but not anough to break a orisa/rein/bastion before they kill you and half of your team.

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It basically is Pharah’s rockets. Almost the same speed, the same rate of fire. A little bit more damage, only get full damage in a direct hit. There is also the fact that about half dozen heroes already have some kind of “rocket” in their arsenal, while a piercing ability only have two equivalents (Firestrike and Coalescence), and her orb is the only spammable one.

The orbs itself being slow helped as a zoning tool because it lingers as a “floating mine” for a longer time. The orbs having piercing (instead of explosion) means that the only way for the enemy team to prevent it from hitting at all is wasting Dva defense matrix, or Genji deflect, and wasting both before the main fight is huge. It have a lot more strategic uses than a simple “rocket”.

There is also the issue that explosions in general feel out of character for Symmetra, because she is the embodiment of order, and explosions are not something she really can control. They just happens. It’s chaos. It’s messy.

Don’t bank on that number. I honestly doubt people will reach 195 DPS status often enough for it to be relevant. Yes, she can charge on shields, but we also can do that currently only needing 2 seconds, and see how hard it is to get close enough to stand by the shield milking damage on it. There is a reason why Reaper isn’t used often as a barrier buster, despite he having a lot of damage potential on the shield absorbing all the pellets.

It will be just like when Winston jumps badly, and you quickly charge your gun on his bubble before engaging. It’s fun when it happens, but it don’t happens often enough to be relevant as a key primary function.

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It isn’t just as easy just to “Learn to aim” you just assume everybody already has good aim or wants to/has the time to put (Time) into good aim.