Symm Beam vs. Zarya's Cannon

You point out ONE PROFESSIONAL PLAYER who can make Symmetra work occasionally, and suddenly she’s all balanced? I’d love to see you do it, but then again, you’d just play on a smurf account and so you’d do it easily.


Ok I swear Im not attacking you haha. You just happened to make 2 replies that I disagree with :stuck_out_tongue: Oh and I DO agree with your damage over time diff above, Sym is clearly more sustained.

Seagull can do a lot of things, hes one of the best players in the world. But you cant use that as proof. It’s like saying we had one president who wasnt a white male means we’ve cleared that social hurdle lol. You need more evidence.

I get that but then wouldnt it stand to reason that heroes who are effective without their team and even MORE effective with them are better?


Yeah and Zarya is a good hero in the pro scene and sym is not the comparison should end here


Sym’s beam needs to be doing damage to charge up. Just shooting at nothing only wastes ammo and doesn’t charge. So yes. she doesn’t necessarily need an enemy player, but she does need an enemy barrier, mine, turret etc. in order to charge up.

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Which most sym players should be.
It’s the normal state for a dps…

Seeing as it’s easy to find his videos, but. Ok.
Fitzy also has videos on her.

Never said she was.

But symmetra is among the best heroes in the game when it comes to certain things.
Like burning down a reinhardt.


Uh, no… Most DPS have a get out of jail free card that they can utilize to tide them over until a healer can peel their attention from their tank to provide healing to them.

Symmetra has no such fallback. She’s fodder.

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I dunno, I can play Hanzo pretty well without a pocket. Or Genji. Or Tracer. Or Doomfist (well, for now).

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Which she can do behind a team barrier. That’s why I see why they don’t directly buff it right off the bat. But they need to do something.

Except for her teleporter.

Yes, she easily has range to shoot from behind her own reinhardt.
And i agree. She needs changes.

That’s what I try to do, and if I get to full charge without dying then it becomes deadly, and if I get boosted it becomes a WMD.

Takes three seconds total for the teleporter to deploy. For reference, every character in the game could kill Symmetra while the TP deploys.

Also, it can be destroyed during deployment, Symmetra can be booped away, etc.

Every other escape is reliable.


If you deployed it after the engagement.

Not every hero has an escape.

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Which takes too long to set up to be utilized for the purpose you claim it’s capable of being used for.

I swear Sral, I wanna like you, I want to be able to have a debate with you, I want to be able to have a back and forth conversation with you where logic can be applied.

You fail to see logic, you parrot the same thing over and over, you deny and shove your head securely in the sand. I can’t fix that. I can’t lead you to reason, because you can’t be bothered to even contemplate that there might be a different view from your own.

Facts? Nope…
Numbers? Nope…
Evidence? Nope…

This is you:


You also forgot that if you intend to use it for an escape you need to be on it or REALLY close to it, which means the enemy knows exactly where you are and that you cant move.


No, do not take into account the turrets because they do not matter in relation to the sheer unacceptable state of her primary. Her turrets, that can be destroyed instantly by most things in the game still, cannot cover for her current state.

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Every other DPS does, except Bastion, and Bastion is F-tier.

Even McCree and Soldier have escapes. You press the button, and either McCree rolls away from danger, with his ability to fight back renewed, or Soldier just runs away.

Imagine if McCree’s roll could go farther, but its destination was announced to the enemy and it took three seconds to execute the roll, and the roll’s incredibly finnicky to pull off. Sounds trash, right?

A better analogy would be Tracer’s blink, since it’s an actual teleport. Imagine if Blink went a bit farther, but it left an echo of where you’re about to blink to, and then it took three seconds for Tracer to actually teleport to the echo. Tracer would be absolute, undeniable trash.


Conveniently ignoring her teleporter LMAO

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Not at all.
If you actually cares to read what people wrote you would see that…
But, like most sym mains on here, it seems you don’t like to read.

Are your really saying Hanzo’s leap, mccree rolling, mei… Uh… And Torbjorn?

Teleporter takes far too long to set up to utilize as an escape mechanic on demand. She can set it up preemptively, but it will be evident as to where she’s going to end up to attempt to succor.

Add in the fact that the ability is down for 2 seconds in between deployments, and it can’t be reliably counted on as an escape mechanic.

I’ve read plenty of your stuff, so much in fact, that it is all starting to bleed together.

If you’re so adamant about how good she is, why not post up some of your stats with her? Lets see if you’re truly doing as well with her as you claim to be. If you’re doing that well, surely there would be no issue showing us, right?


Mei can wall herself off instantly or Shift into iceblock in order to try and duel with whoever’s attacking her OR wait for her wall to come off cooldown.

Torbjorn can instantly press E, gain massive amounts of armour, and run away OR fight the aggressor with his buffed up gun.

McCree’s INSTANT roll enables him to dodge attacks (can happen!), get back into his team or duel the attacker.

Hanzo’s INSTANT leap allows him to dodge attacks OR climb up onto high ground, where some heroes simply cannot go.

Are you seeing a pattern?



Imagine if all of those abilities had a three second delay. Imagine if Torbjorn steamed for three seconds before he actually overcharged. Imagine if Mei had to freeze up for three seconds before actually turning into a block of ice or creating an ice wall. Imagine if McCree and Hanzo had to wait three seconds before using their mobility, but the direction they’re about to leap/roll to is shown to the enemies.

They’d be garbage.