Sym rework for the players who dont play sym and not the actual sym mains

The problem with Torb is that his kit is too much around the turret, his gun isn’t that bad.

You mean like how they are doing with sym

With all due respect, why is this a good thing for a fast-paced game like Overwatch? This game is all about action, and if a character acts slowly, they’re going to be weak. Just look at Torbjorn. He may be the most passive hero in the game, and he’s getting reworked, too.

Pretty much. I don’t get why but that’s what people thought.

Kid needs of unfairness to make passive heroes that people get attacthced to and then 2 years later gut them

Also people seem to forget that they said Sym’s beam is going to be a straight thick beam.

You all keep saying it’s going to be like Zarya but maybe it will be like Moira instead (Moira’s beam is like Zarya but has a way bigger hitbox).

Except she’s not getting deleted, and if you actually liked Symmetra you would be okay with these changes. She’s going to be able to do so much more, while still keeping her character and some core parts of her kit (turrets, teleporting teammates, beam + giant ball of death)


They said “significant rework” overandoverandoverandover before we got any details. Stop acting surprised. And some of us want to play her too but are just aware she is busted in her current state. I’m excited to have more than 1 hour on her 6 months after I started playing the game.

The problem with torb is his huge crit box and set up time, your right his gun is great (projectile Mccree) but he basicly traded flash bang for turret and roll for a two second reload and armour which he has to risk being killed getting scrap for or waiting 50seconds for scrap generation, all of which takes time which is why he’s fallen behind.

always saw sym giving shield health… guess that’s not a core part in your eyes ;-;

The changes for Symmetra fix her damage consistency, and imply less distance covered for her abilities overall. You can toss your turrets in the battle if you want to; without the slow and delicacy of the turrets, it’s implied that these things aren’t meant to protect a small area, but rather, support the damage output of your team where the damage already is. The teleporter is implied as an in-action ability, giving low-mobility heroes access to areas they couldn’t go before (like Ana :wink:). The weapon gains more consistency and becomes less about planning your attacks. There’s a difference between being passive and being strategic.

I think it’s possible to balance both active and passive heroes. I think it would suit the playstyle of many people, and create a unique harmony not found in any other game. Heck, I’ve seen it done in Warcraft 3 custom maps (Sulphire City anyone?).

I think it is, yes. Most people are used to fast-action combat due to first person shooters mimicking that style. However, I think slow-paced heroes can fit this game; if they allowed the heroes to be more based on planning, and complexity, that gives higher rewards than trying to go in and kill everyone. This is not their design choice so it seems.

It’s entirely possible that those who like more thought-provoking heroes can find a place in a fast-action first person shooter. It’s just unfamiliar territory, and it seems risky. At least, that’s how it seems from an economical point of view. :wink:

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And your point is???

nice edit :wink: guess rewriting your position makes you right, good job

is it really not the same as they changed the character without any of the mercy mains asking for it as the dps screamed for it

Her Core playstyle will be gone

No longer will you need the positioning you do rn, how you position will Be completely different

One thing I want to know about the new Sym is how long will it take to deploy the teleporter and what is the cooldown for it? It needs to be destructible before it can teleport people otherwise it’s going to be too easy to flank defending teams. It will also need a long cooldown to ensure that Sym players have to think carefully about using their teleporter at the right time.

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I wonder how many more of these threads we’re going to see.

She’s changing, for the better IMO, because although I played her more than any other character, she was too full of silly gimmicks that didn’t flow well.

Blizzard has made their decision. Wait to try it; if you still hate it, find a new main or a new game. Nothing lasts forever.

I literally didn’t edit a thing from my post??? What are you on about?

This kit -should- go to Sanjay Korpal. It’d perfectly illustrate their thematic link while also highlighting their differences. Symmetra being more secure, subtle and constructive, while Sanjay is aggressive, crude and destructive.

It would be grade A game design if Sanjay Korpal got the rework’s kit.

It’s some of the worst game design if this kit gets pasted over Symmetra.

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And what do you do for current Sym ?

It’s obvious for everyone that she is in a bad spot.