Sym rework for the players who dont play sym and not the actual sym mains

starting to realize that this sym rework was made for the non sym mains instead of the sym mains that asked for a rework

symmetra mains wanted a rework but I never saw any of them ask for her entire kit to be gutted and built from the ground up

I mean it makes sense if people like the hero they wont want them to be gutted completely and changed into a new hero

On the flip side, all the non sym mains always agreed she needed to be completely gutted

basically this rework is a middle finger to anyone who likes how symmetra plays and just a way to leave them in the dust


I like some of the things in the rework.

The turrets sound nice and the teleporter sounds extremely fun and useful for her.

My main issue is the lack of shield gen and the changes to her auto aim.

Why those? If Torb can have armor, why can’t symm have shield gen.

Auto aim is sort of iconic.

Overall I am exited, but I will mourn the loss of our favorite Vishkar employee


This change makes her a new hero

You could have made hero 28 have all these new abilities and people wouldn’t think it’s similar to sym

That’s how much of a change it is

That’s not good


That’s very true.

Honestly they should make the rework Sanjay. It would make sense for them to have similar kits because they are both light architects. Sort of like Rein and Brigitte.

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We asked for rework and its what we got. We should happy that they are trying to improv her


People would. I remember many people saying the Moira was a combination of Zenyatta and Mercy.


Can’t really say it’s improving her since it isn’t her anymore


I know right? I was thinking Sym could be able to provide +50 shields passively whilst she’s close to her teammates.


Who knows, we haven’t gotten to really try out this new Symmetra yet. We all need to just give her a chance because you might actually end up liking the Sym 2.0


What do Sym mains want.
Since apparently you’re all a hive of bees who have some consensus on what you actually want for the character.

What is it?


I liked her as she was but how does her aim work now

Zarya, but dealing damage increases charge instead of blocking damage.

A rework that keeps her current playstyle but expand she on it like the first rework

That was a good example of building upon a playstyle the people who played the hero enjoyed


Sure, but how would you suggest going about that? Changing raw numbers clearly wouldn’t do much, so what’s left to change?


That’s exactly the point. Catering to the 11 or so Symmetra mains out there is pointless when the goal is to bring her usage up to reasonable levels.


That’s… Pretty vague.

Sym is being reworked so she is ‘more viable’ on more maps.

It has nothing to do with the mains/non-mains.


Can’t really say it’s making her worse since it isn’t her anymore.

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.


If your a player with a main, your playing the game so WRONG I don’t care what you think about kits balance or anything. KTHX BYE!

Move her turrets to the change weapon button

Make her new shift the teleported idea

Make her E shield gen that has the same range but gives 50 shields

Keep when been barrier ult

Keep her orbs the way they are now maybe 10 percent speed increase or less

Make her gun like Moira’s maybe with a small hotbox decreas from Moira’s

Keep the 2 seconds to change stages

The dmg values should be 40 60 145 with a range of 10m and a disengage of 11m


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