Sym rework for the players who dont play sym and not the actual sym mains

Why does everyone assume I cling onto the lock on

Like y’all perpetuate this notion that isnt even true

I’m fine with the gun changes

I’m fine with all the change sym on their own but together it’s too much

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And I’m sure if we don’t like her, Blizzard will revert her to the old version, instead of keeping it forever like they always do


hmmm sounds familiar can someone say mercy res change

That sounds like the mentality that a player should play Symm up front…


Turrets will be at a range. Teleporter allows escapes or high ground access. RMB causes explosions of a variety of levels (I’m assuming it’s still going to charge). So you can harass them with lots of small area damage, or heavy area damage.

I guess on paper… I could call Symm, Squishy Zarya, or call Zarya, Less Versatile Sym.

I really think the only way that Symm in her current state could be relevant is if she stayed support and could offer decaying shields to allies through her Primary or Secondary Fire. Basically, an aggressive off-healer without being able to let allies recover health.

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Huh I didn’t know Zarya could teleport allies and setup turrets

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I played mercy before the rework and I still do after the rework

The mercy rework didn’t change her playstyle at all until she had her ult

Her forensic playstyle stayed the same and her feel and skillset was still there

This isn’t the case with new sym

Sym’s design doesn’t belong in this game. There’s a good reason she’s the most hated character in comp.

If I’m harassing with spam I’m taking junkrat phara or hanzo, sym just doesn’t have the movement ability compared with them, tele will still be destructible and take time to set up, time that will see her health drop to zero pritty fast.

I really like the support aspect too, shield gen was an evolution of her give shield ability and now they’re discarding this growth for… wall…

OK, I get it. There’s no need to repeat your argument several times.

Like it or not, the rework must, and will, happen. Symmetra is a terrible hero who can’t stay in her current state any longer.

Honestly… I just want to spam explosive orbs at a sniper with a few sentry shots thrown in there to flank them.

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I agree but you can put her in a better state without deleting her

I’m a Sym main, I love her but if we really want Sym to be viable they have to change her drastically.

Always thought that what holds her down is her gun, it’s too easy to counter.

If we want to make Sym a defense hero we have to look at her gun and change her core gameplay, it’s not good at dealing consistant damage.

lol that does sound fun but I’m going to miss them passing though barriers with brigitta around soo much these days

My issue with the rework, is that Symmetra no longer becomes a passive hero. I love heroes that don’t necessarily rely on always being in-combat. Being able to control the map through planning and thought was always appealing to me. You can be effective by not being in battle.

Her rework now allows her to be in the fast-paced action. I would have liked it if they balanced the game for passive heroes, rather than changing all heroes into active heroes. They indirectly did this for Sombra too, with the healthpack ult change.

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Zen? Mercy i get… a little. Did they just see that she had balls and say that she is zen?

Her gun is now a Zarya beam.

She is getting reworked because for most people she is not fun to play with or against. And for most situations she is less effective than another character on the roster. I can understand it being frustrating for someone who loves her current kit, but I believe this change needed to happen for the overall health of the game. We will see when her rework has been live for awhile just how much better / worse she is.

I think this is true as well. Same can be said for my boy Torb, who is next up on the rework list. :slight_smile:

I mean you can still play passively , and be more strategic , turret placement from distance help her in that way , the new tp open more strategy and you don’t need to babysit it as much ,
And her new giant barrier ( well I think ) will also be a gigantic strategic tool .

But you can’t balance the game to favor more passive gameplay where most of the roster have fast , active gameplay , it’s asking them to completely rework every hero and delete some

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I love the concept of builders, so the update just gives me so many different things I can think of doing as a builder.

At a core, a builder in the game is designed to screw with the enemies through constant guess work of area denial.

I loved Sentry to be spread out on a point in clever hiding places to melt people (Eichenwalde). Or to use them in ways as vision (King of the Hill). The rework allows me to pretty much do those from saver ranges so I’m not accidentally overextending, or I can even use them mid-fight to surprise and throw off enemies.

The way of the builder is to be a psychological terrorist to other players.

Now imagine that with a huge wall put in the way: “Crap… We have to go in there and they have Rein and Brig…”

Imagine that with a teleporter… to peel for allies, to suddenly put Turret Bastion on high ground, and other things.

Embrace being a Psychological Terrorist.