Sym rework for the players who dont play sym and not the actual sym mains

The first thing they -should- do for current Sym is finish the first damn rework she got. The Shield Generator, while under most circumstances a MUCH better ultimate than Teleporter, is a half-finished product. Its stats are not tracked, its location isn’t indicated to allies (But it is to enemies, by way of an audio cue) and its range isn’t indicated to -anyone-!

The sentries -need- to properly function for information warfare: They should reveal enemies being targeted to the entire team AND call attention to them, so they can be used as flanker blocking. Which, as the name suggests, is what they were supposed to do in the first place.

Small changes to help accentuate her possibilities, not a rampant, sledgehammer approach to hammer her down to become some weird cousin of Zarya’s.

The Symmetra we have now is 50/50 assassin, support. The Symmetra we’re getting is 75/25 DPS, support. That’s way too much of a swing.

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Her problem will stay the same, she’s too situational.

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Wouldn’t it be the other way around. Symmetra is the agent doing the hard work (architect and corporate spy) while Sanjay is the one controlling things from a higher position in Vishkar/Talon.

True, but while Symmetra engaged in espionage and protected a little girl caught in debris, Sanjay opted to simply demolish the competition with explosive charges, without any care for collateral damage.

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That was plan B remember. He want to find dirt on that other company first.

People said the same thing about the Mercy rework, myself included. Blizzard doesn’t have a history of listening to the people who play their hero on this sort of thing. I’m with you, I like some of sym’s current kit and I love her auto aim. We should keep speaking up but I’m not going to get my hopes up unfortunately.

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And ? Yes you can use all her new ability in fast situation but you can still ( and should ) play strategically and plan your attack .

You can for exemple during a poke phase on attack , try to shoot your turret so they set up on point while the ennemy team don’t is busy in choke , and when they’ll have to back up to defend the point some turret wait them there
Strategic move .

Sure you can’t cover more area with turret , but the area you decide to cover will be protected more efficiently ( and before you already had to use more than 2 turret to " protect " somewhere efficiently … )

The fact that you can now adapt to a faster situation , while being able to play strategically is really great imo .

It’s still something he opted for, while Symmetra refused to kill. Sanjay is considerably more destructive than she is.

Not all Sym mains/players feel this way.

It’s also what keeps her in the state that she’s in. If they buff her to the point of being a viable pick, the auto aim will quickly start to feel oppressive. It already feels oppressive for players in lower ratings who may not be so good at countering her.

I think, while it was iconic, that it had to go in order to see any real beneficial change towards Sym.

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But his actions are mostly sublte. He’s manipulating an entire company. Sanjay needed to make them look bad, so he did what he had to.

Making them look bad through planting something would’ve been subtle. Blowing the entire corporate HQ sky-high isn’t subtle in the slightest!

He made them look bad by making the company’s building, which they most likely built, look faulty. Even if they weren’t discredited, the company would have taken a huge hit and be unable to do much.

I’m pretty sure nothing about a building-leveling explosion on the day a big contract goes to that company looks, in the slightest way, like a construction problem. I’m pretty sure everyone knows that Vishkar is responsible for that destruction, but without hard evidence and a desperate need for that city center, the city had no choice but to hand over the assignment. It was coarse and brutal, but it got the job done. That’s what Sanjay’s approach ended up as.

A little over dramatic aren’t we ?

She still has a beam weapon. She still has turrets. She still has a teleporter and She still has a barrier. It looks like the only thing they completely took out of her kit was the shield gen.

This is not a completely different character. She still has the majority of her current abilities. They are just going to work differently.

Except it’s Zarya beam

Works completley different

A completely different one


Im yet to see how any of this effects her negatively. Id be happily rid of lock-on tethers if it means an overall more useful kit. She was always more situational- but hopefully this will change her role for the better. Arent you guys sick of being told to switch or accused of throwing?

And any clue about when we will be able to play with her on ptr?

I have to play Zarya to play the new sym, that never happen to any other hero that happen to have a rework
i dont like aiming for many reasons and now i have to aim, that changed me:
-I hate Genji and Tracer even more
-I dont feel her damage is enough against shields, i think she should deal 2x or 3x damage against barrier and also regen shield on hp bar. Because the Defense hero has the capacity to fight Winston 1v1 while sym still cant
-the new sym will consist people that play Zarya, Tracer, Sombra, Moira… basically heroes that require good tracking, or even non since he is not that much improved
-she is still a squishy hero with lack of damage and need time to build up, the current speed flow of the game doesnt favor heroes that need set up time
-Fyi you need at least 62% weapon accuracy to deal as much damage as the old lock on beam, also you need to survive + charging your beam 2s longer while having no surviability

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Yeah, but this excuse could allow her to just be deleted entirely and replaced with a McCree clone anyway.

The dev team basically said “Whatever” and started over, rather than thinking “What can we do to make -this- concept work?”.

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