Sym rework for the players who dont play sym and not the actual sym mains

That is, quite possibly, the -worst- excuse ever. If Brigitte + Symmetra is a problem, Brigitte should not have been released in that state. Symmetra shouldn’t get deleted to make room for Brigitte.

That, in addition to Brigitte being a godawful concept, so having that push out Symmetra is just making the game flat-out worse.

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I disagree. This is way better than the current position Sym is in. Yes some changes are drastic and yes some Sym mains might have trouble learning her and staying in their ranks. But if you love her and put enough hours you can adopt. And all her abilities are very interesting than before. And it is still too early to judge just based on available data.

That’s kind of what a rework is.

I do love sym that’s why I have so many hours on her


That’s the whole point

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Well to me she is still the hero i fell in love with. Auto aim is gone but any good Sym will easily be able to adopt to tracking. Plus she can do way more damage. Right click is more strong! Putting turrets is lot more safer. Teleporter is really great. Shield gen is kind a op anyway. Only confusing thing is her new shield. It might be useless or very interesting.

Her previous style and tempo might gone. But her basics still the same.

This just isn’t true. Her kit needed work, and Blizzard failed with the second rework, so now they’re trying something different.

Her kit promotes and encourages a type of passive play that doesn’t belong in this game anymore. I mean, at least when she gave out shields she had to run around and interact with her teammates.

She has that reputation because she deserves it, not because a couple of trolls killed their team with a poorly placed teleporter. She honestly deserves something better than the “protect the teleporter/shield generator” gameplay she has now. Blizzard is trying to give Symmetra players the option to play her in a more active role, and I think that’s great.

I’m guessing torbs rework will change his armor giving into a new ability. And a future hero will focus on giving ppl shields.

They never finished that rework though. The shield gen is only halfway done.

And the majority of Symmetra’s problem IS in reputation. She’s a LOT harder to play than people think, because most people judge her on her auto-aim, when she is the hero with the flat-out highest map awareness and tactical insight required to do well with her. But those that do play tactically can pull of some great plays with her and contribute a lot.


I never thought of it but it actually seems right. A symmetra main won’t need any reworks for buffing the character since they are already using it effectively.

That is absolutely not what a rework is. Check HotS’ reworks for inspiration, they do a great job with almost all of their reworks. They preserve the initial character while also greatly improving their gameplay flow and uniqueness, rather than flattening all designs they come across.

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While I do not play Sym every game but do love to every chance I can. And have my own reasons for that.

I gotta say this counter argument annoys me the most. Since when does one character decide if the other 5 idiots are going to work together? This idea that if just one person did one thing different everything would be a mystical friendship is magic party is a fallacy. Or I would probably enjoy playing tanks instead of never touching them.

edit to add a separate point
If tomorrow they made Rienheart start punching people and instead fave doom fist his axe. Would they still be DF & Rien?.. what if you then took away rein’s shield and made it projectable like sym’s current one, and the mad DF charge up and throw the axe to pin people to walls but no longer charged in. Are they still the same then?

You should not change a characters primary weapon. That’s who they are. Or if you absolutely must do not change the rest of their kit too to let players get used to it first.

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I’m a Sym main and I’m excited for these changes.
Please stop generalizing everyone. I understand that it feels harsh having her entire move set reworked but it’s all going to be a net buff and in the right direction.

The only thing she is losing is her ability to give shields to allies which, I’m a bit disappointed in but whatever.

Her auto aim isn’t iconic although I will miss that too.

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I beg to differ

The person who made the video said they liked the rework so…

Honestly, its less that and more the binary nature of her deployables. They’re either OP or useless with very, very little room in the middle.

Binary abilities like that are usually garbage overall.

I just don’t get why we can’t keep shield generator? Sym really does need that extra health for how her kit works and it works awesome with comps like brig and torb that provide armor because it provides shield over the armor

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I honestly would prefer her current Shield Generator over Photon Barrier as an ult, even if it’s harder to defend with less turret.

I even thought of a way to make it mores useful while it’s deployed without messing with shields added or range.

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I’d love for them to keep the shield ability, the lock-on beam I’m assuming they got rid of it cuz it could be difficult to balance damage and range

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For everyone saying “they’re making her able to be more viable on more maps…” Not once has anyone said that. In fact, Blizzard stated explicitly that they wanted to retain her status as “niche.”

She’s still gonna be bad, because she’s still gonna be niche. She’s losing her synergy with Torb and the newfound synergy with Brig. She will no longer counter shield/turret/Bastion comps. She will no longer be able to realistically bait people into a place where her team has the advantage.

3 turrets at 30 hp will be the same damage/slow she already has at 6. They will still be destroyed as easily. She’s getting a mobility option that is a considerable nerf if you factor in that she’s already capable of moving the team an infinite distance across the map from spawn. She’s losing shield gen and her gap closer (both of which increase her midfight kit dramatically) for an ult that’s a barrier. A barrier that can be destroyed by EMP, walked directly through, and considering its map wide scale, can be chipped at somewhere else on the map away from where anyone can defend it.

She isn’t going to be great.


Heroes in a game like Overwatch can never and will never be balanced and reworked for the people playing that hero. The game must and will always be balanced around the state of the game as a whole, and the future landscape of the game. You only think this rework is a middle finger to current Symmetra players because you feel entitled to your hero never changing. There is not a single hero in Overwatch that is above being tweaked and reworked. You are just wrong and misguided.