Sym rework for the players who dont play sym and not the actual sym mains

You know this a lie. The community is so toxic and cancerous. The moment Symmetra 3.0 becomes viable, people will be calling for nerfs and how “boosted” you are just for playing her even if you are like Silver, and it just won’t decrease toxicity towards those players, it will only fuel it. Its what happened to Mercy mains with 2.0. It was happening to Hanzo mains with 2.0, and it will absolutely happen with Symmetra 3.0.

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Im a Sym main and I can’t wait for the changes


A good example that failed. No amount of tuning or mechanical adjustments will make a Hero like Symmetra viable in casual and competitive play. She’s too situational, too inflexible, yet her power is too reliable to simply buff her without making the game a nightmare for low tiers. Symmetra mains either have to accept major changes, or accept that will be a generally sub-optimal pick.

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Honestly I’m not a Sym main but I do pick her up a bit, I really like her kit it’s not to hard to pick right up. At first it was difficult to be effective with her but after a few I got better. I love to play her and when I saw she was getting a rework I got a bit excited I thought it was gonna be something small like taking away her barrier and giving her something new or maybe a passive ya know? But when I saw the changes man I’m worried. It’s no where near the same Symmetra, I could see the teleporter changes possibly being good I could get over the three turrets but they are changing so much at once and I’m definitely worried

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FTFY (20 something, somthing)

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I totally dislike the new orbs. I mean, now that the barrier tanks are everywhere, she could be a perfect counter to shield bunkers… But blizz nerf it. To bad.

Since Sym really doesn’t do anything useful right now, she needed a total rework.

Also to a previous poster: her shield gen is gone because stacking 75 shields with 75 torb armor and 100 brig armor is insane. It’s the last thing that needs to happen.

Also her ult deployables are very binary. Either the enemy team doesn’t have anyone capable of or willing to hunt them down and they last forever, or they have someone who can and they never do anything useful because they don’t last long enough.

The idea of ultimate-level deploy-ables needs to be completely re-thought.

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When the #RevertMercy movement dies, you count the days it was active down, and that’s probably the same time we will keep #SaveSymmetra alive.

#savesymmetra 20 chars

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I disagree, the idea of the character is still there, the concept of her turrets are still there but the turrets are three with more damage, 30 health, an increased slow rate and can be sent to places they normal can’t go meaning they’re just better, the concept of her secondary fire is there except they’re faster and blow up on impact yet they can’t go through shields, the concept of her primary fire is still there, except you have to aim and the charge up rate is longer but the length is longer and it has more damage potential, the concept of her teleporter is still there but instead of a bargain bin version of resurrect it has a better overall function since it’s a regular ability and with the shield generator, it was already an ability added from her first rework and her massive shield ultimate sounds better anyways, the only thing i want back in the current rework is her mini shield because i don’t know how she’ll be able to close in on the target well without it, over all i don’t think this rework removes symmetra’s identity and i think its good for her.

And for my credibility i almost always instalock symmetra in capture the flag and i’ve been playing her a lot more frequently lately, mostly on defense though and i have about 15 hours on her, i may not be a grand symmetra main but i atleast know what i’m talking about.

Well if you want her to remain garbage tier and useless most of the time then fine, but i think a lot of people want to feel useful with her, i think they want to make that people happy instead of listening to a small group of people that somehow enjoy her. Also we still have only text, no numbers no gameplay, save the complains for now

Seeing as current Sym is an extremely-niche and often-throw pick, I’m all for them changing her to make her more viable. The only reason I can -think- people -don’t- want this change, is that they’re going to actually have to work for kills with her laser now.

Once she hits ptr it’s game over if we don’t like her the most it’s too bad because what’s on ptr will likely go on live


I feel like my favorite hero is being totally removed from the game.

I recommend everyone to watch this video. Every single word there is true, including the final ones.

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Cool, but Symmetra is still in a horrible place and the people against this rework need to stop and realize this. She needs help, and she’s getting it.

That’s exactly how I feel

You don’t need to pick Symmetra to throw. It’s perfectly possible to stay on Soldier or Tracer and throw the game.

I’d say its even easier to pick a meta hero to throw, since if you have an off-meta on the team, the blame will go towards them instead of you, no matter how many times you jump into the middle of the enemy team alone on purpose.

But yeah, she is seem as a throw pick, and that hurts her reputation a lot. But the way to solve that perception is not with reworks, but with demonstrations of how she is played, and education on what her strengths are.

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That kind of help is like you complaining that you are being chased by a shark, and someone throw you a floater. Yeah, a floater helps in the water, but not about this specific problem I’m having right now.

Symmetra problem is a reputation problem, not something with her kit.

At the game launch we had a fair amount of trolls using her to TP people into pits and on the other side of the map (like, back at the third point when your team is defending first point). That created an environment where, when you get a Symmetra in your team, you would be worried that she would troll your team instead of play as she should.

Mei suffered a similar problem as well, and every time a friendly Mei places a bad wall, she is still accused of doing so on purpose instead of being given the benefit of the doubt of being just a misplaced wall.


That is a pretty childish interpretation of what I said, but okay…

“You’re basically saying that the worst behaving person on your team gets to determine whether your favourite hero lives or dies.” is exactly what you are doing in this example… It is entering a team environment, then expecting everyone else to work around you that has led things to the live or die situation…

Who is behaving worse? The 5 people working together because they understand what has the highest chance of working at certain points/maps/situations? Or the 1 person whining about a rework because they won’t work with the rest of the team and no one wants to play with them?

My statement is from a mechanical/viable standpoint she just doesn’t perform as well as other hero’s and buffing her current kit will leave her dominant in certain ranks of the game.

When you have any hero that makes the rest of the team have to pick up slack when something clearly isn’t working, you will end up getting grief/reports/avoided.

The rework is aimed to make her viable in more situations, because it’s either make the team give baby their bottle each time you play with them or make it so baby has their bottle without their team mates having to warm it for them.