Sym is getting BUFFED on PTR!

I’m glad they’re buffing her, but ramping up and doing damage was never a problem for me as Symmetra. My problem was surviving with my pitiful 200 health, while also having Sentry Turrets and Teleporter taking so long to set up. Surviving and setting up is my main issue with Symmetra, but it’s a buff so… :woman_shrugging:


this is such a bad argument

by this logic, tracer shouldn’t have one of the best mobility in the game with her hitbox, as she’s only 50 less than symmetra

hitboxes aren’t the only factor that comes into play in this game, especially with so much splash damage

symmetra has no reactive abilities to defend herself with, the least she needs is a little more health

even torb can react to combat with his overload, and that even gives him a speed boost, too, not even just a health boost

symmetra has an out-of-combat mobility skill, that can be destroyed in combat even if she decides to try and use it in that type of poor scenario

she could have used the +50 more than him, not that he didn’t need it, and i’m glad he got it, but that makes no sense to completely skip over her, given the situation




People were complaining about her recent armour nerf with her beam, so they give her a buff to compensate. They listened!

Let’s try and take this as a win for Sym, not turn this into something negative. It’s a step in the right direction

Not really a buff, because the change is 1.6s to 1.28s

Basically she reaches Tier 3 0.6s faster.
Yet still does almost 30 damage less than before against armor.

The buff is about as useful as giving Genji 1 extra shuriken.

Can you deny it would have been truly messed up if not?

thats not what she needs anyway, she can’t survive to even take advantage of it. Best buff right now for sym is switching to reaper


they didn’t
getting to charge 3 was never an issue
and the nerf still nerfed her total output

this doesn’t help her final output, it helps with getting there, which was never a problem to begin with

it’s being there and staying there while being useful and not dying

accepting garbage isn’t how we make things better

communities are allowed to voice their distaste for poor management
and that’s not how you give feedback

this was in the complete opposite direction, just as it was the first time

getting to charge 3 was never a problem

it’s not


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i’m confused

what is this response even supposed to imply?
it doesn’t add anything to the discussion

they did this exact “buff” before, like 5-6 months after she hit live while she had glaring problems elsewhere, and then she still had them after the “buff”

and now they “buffed” her the same way they did before, again

and now she still has the same problems as before, how many months later?

are you implying the opposite of my comment?
we should be grateful for incompetence?

how does that help anybody almost a year later with no meaningful response or changes?

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I’m fine with the buffs, but evidently a lot of people are unhappy.

I think people in general just have a subconscious bias of wanting their hero to become overpowered. And this is true for every hero and their playerbase. Some of the things people want for Symmetra would make her busted.

I think this is an alright change. I don’t think she needs it, but I’d also be content if they didn’t add more damage and focused on giving her a bit more sustainability.

within reason
they give us the same type of “buff” that already solved nothing the first time around…
if they at least “tried” something different, it would be a different story

but they did the exact same thing
and it’s not where her problem is
almost a year later and this is still going on
that’s the issue

+50 shields isn’t “overpowered”

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People want her to have more survivability and want her to have her photon barrier back or 50 more hp or shield, so how is that busted? Every character has an ability to defends themselves or escape that activates instantly while they still haven’t even touched syms tp

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I have read suggestions (and combinations of the following) that:

  • Teleporter should last infinitely
  • Teleporter should have a faster cast time
  • She should have higher damage
  • She should have a shield/barrier or something to protect herself
  • She should have +50 HP
  • Have 6 turrets

Evidently I think people as a group want to cover every weakness covered.

This is not an attack on you or your suggestions, nor is it on Symmetra mains in general. Every hero has a playerbase that does this.

Personally, I don’t like the idea of +50 shields on someone with as slender of a hitbox as Symmetra.

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Personally I just want faster tp cast time and for its bugs to be fixed (no longer destroyed by carts or affected by rails) and photon barrier back, but the devs have failed to do something about her survivability and keep focusing on her primary, but as i’ve said before I like the buff they gave to her primary yesterday.


someone else tried bringing up the hitbox earlier and honestly i don’t understand how that’s an issue

this game has so much splash damage

and symmetra has no escape or reactive defense mechanic

by this logic, tracer shouldn’t have one of the best mobility in the game because of her hitbox at only 50 health less than her

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…what? There is NOTHING to do with mobility, nor did I say that there was. Tracer has 50 hp less because she is tiny in addition to being slippery and having recall.

Sym doesn’t deserve 250 HP.

It’s odd to me that they’re hard avoiding putting it back to 1s.

Recall gives her an effective 299 hp and escape tool.
Also removes debuffs.

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