Sym 3.0 rework [characters required]

Degree of uselessness? Particle effects? Unlockables?

Regardless of how I feel about the overall issue, Torb can still give himself a boost of armor at least, so that’s not completely removed. If Sym could give herself shield health by using primary fire on barriers, that’d be good.

I do prefer Sym 3.0 over 2.0 overall though.

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That’s the point though :confused:

I agree, I was really hated that they refused to even try making the existing kit work. And doubly so when they did not try to make sure she had a good pickrate.

Sometimes these forums leave me wordless… Not now obviously because I’m typing words right now, but it came close.

No, you are saying she is deleted because she is different from what she was before.

Things change.

Hanzo’s mechanic’s also significantly changed due to increase in projectile speed, the loss of scatter arrow, the addition of a second mobility skill and etc.

Turned him from a pure long/mid range sniper to an all out tank buster with short range capabilities.

He mechanically changed significantly as well. However, I am sure you do not consider him “deleted”. Why? Because the mechanics do not determine if a hero is still the same hero.

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It’s a video game, nothing that happens here is capital letter serious.

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So what do you want done about this then? An apology? A post saying “hey you know how we’ve been pretty adamant about character deletion not being a thing? Well that just means the name and look, the mechanics may change.”

I get a lot of people are… touchy about “their” character, but aside from enjoying a particular playstyle… it really is a game about swapping and losing ONE character to change into (mechanically) shouldn’t be a make or break.

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I didn’t mean it like that, I know it’s not completely serious in real life, but for overwatch it is.

For krotoan, I want some parts of her kit reverted so some of the skill is kept, e.g photon barrier (e) and tp (ult) and shield gen

Would become a dead character if she lost the most powerful part of her kit. Her teleporter is a game changer right now. Far more then the ultimate version ever was.

No one is going to revert back just because you have nostalgia goggles on.


It’s debatable that the new Sym works better or worse, but backpedaling into something that didn’t work for so long… is probably not gonna happen. I put a lot of time into the old hogs hook and armor pack physics and acquisition on torb… Gone. Bummer. Game moves on, especially with the addition of new heroes and tactics available.

I really don’t understand the “revert” movements simply for reasons of “that was my character!”

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Let’s compare:
Hanzo: Got his projectile speed increase (so it’s actually easier)
Got storm arrows, which are the same thing as his primary fire
Sonic arrow is the same
A tiny leap

A completely new beam which requires extreme tracking
A brand new ult which requires a completely different strategy
Turrets have to be aimed
Teleporter needs extreme coordination which is near impossible in ranked
Orbs have a completely different charge rate and projectile speed

You can’t really use that as an example :confused:

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Except it did work, most people didn’t use her properly. She still definitely needed buffs, for example current turrets would be great, hell even the new beam is decent but she didn’t need a full rework.

Yeah, I dont get why she needed a full overhaul while the other heroes got their abilities shifted around. Kinda weird, just wish they would give her more quality of life buffs.

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It’s literally a bigger version of her first barrier, except it doesn’t move.

lol what

Not really

Which is good


We’re just lying to ourselves at this point.

Yes, I can. He mechanically is SIGNIFICANTLY a different character with different strength’s then before. Is he easier? Perhaps. Does that have any effect on my argument? No.

Let’s actually compare shall we?

Hanzo: Got his projhectile speed increased. Went from 70 to 100m a second. This means there was an adjustment period for hanzo players who were use to the slower projectile. Meaning it MECHANICALLY changed.

Got storm arrows. Which ARE NOT the same as his primary fire. They do not charge up and can be rapid fired. Requiring an entirely different firing pattern from primary (not to mention scatters mechanic of shoot feet get kills).

Sonic arrow is NOT the same. It’s radius was reduced by 4m’s and its cooldown lowered as compensation. Meaning it tells him LESS information more often. That is a huge change.

A HUGE leap. He can leap 10m’s on flat ground. For comparison that is just 2m’s less then sym’s max range on her current beam. Not a tiny leap.

If you were being honest with yourself it has nothing to do with the “deletion” of a character but more to do with you not wanting to adapt to a change.

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I feel the same way about reaper now. People complain about his shadowstep like it’s useless but I think people just aren’t using it for flanking like they should. And they probably never will. He’ll get a whole new thing because people just can’t figure him out. … BUT… since everyone hasn’t figured him out even at high levels… maybe I’m wrong or maybe people who HAVE tried the “right” way found it very ineffective.
If a character has been out for years and people haven’t figure out the “right” way… it’s possible it wasn’t.

It not moving is a pretty big deal in terms of function. It is much more like a massive Orisa barrier than a Symmetra 2.0 one

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Symmetra’s core gameplay doesn’t revolve around her abilities and if you put more effort into 3.0 you’d see how she’s hardly different.

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