Sym 3.0 rework [characters required]

Different, yet the same?

Yeah? And?

The mechanics have been modified but for the most part still exist. Just in a new form.

  • Teleporter still moves you from one place to another. Just more frequently and at a lower distance. Not to mention it is now two way and can move objects as well as people. It is STILL a teleporter.

  • Barrier still protects you and your team. It is available less often but is far more effective and in fact changes the entire geometry of the map to your teams favor.

  • Turrets still hold area’s and can act as warning bell’s for you and your team. In fact they can be used as a means of RETAKING an area that was recently lost and can even be deployed during combat. Making them far more effective.

  • Her beam still charges off of enemies. I just requires some mechanical aim but with the reward of higher damage the more you damage an enemy. It now charges off barrier’s and provides ammo. All while staying out of CQC.

  • Her orb’s are now faster and can be used to duel. They have lost their barrier piercing but have gained far more use out of the niche of doing only 60 DPS on single targets before fights.

The only thing that has disappeared was her shield generator.

All of these abilities have changed but they are not new abilities. They are still easily recognized as being tied to Sym. New form but not a new character.


The skills are completely different, what are you talking about?
The abilities LOOK similar but work completely different.

I know? I said as much here…

The point is that a character is not defined by the mechanics of an ability but by their association with a character canonically.

Symmetra is canonically recognized for her ability to manipulate hard light tech and to provide high utility for her team by providing solutions that would not be available to anyone else.

Sure, HOW she does it has changed. However, she is still recognized easily by those abilities. None of her abilities could be confused for anyone elses. They have always been uniquely tied to her. Which means she was not deleted. She was changed. That is all.

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Several flaws that you are forgetting with Sym 2.0

She couldn’t compete with any of the supports especially with the ultimates.

The buffs to range and DPS kits make 2.0 more vunerable because when she sets up a turret she slows down. Horrible during a mid fight.

Her alt fire sucked with the only bonus is it went through barriers.

Primary fun until you deal with people that can aim then you are dead before lvl 2. At best her primary was great for double team sneak attack or clean up win your team has won the fight.

Her photon barrier was the best thing missing about 2.0. She needs that back. But the rest were all weaker to her current kit. Save her SG ult more helpful and less situational than 3.0 ult.

I miss photon barrier but nothing else about 2.0 she was F tier for a reason. Granted she’s D+ to C tier now depending on the map.


Amusing, you still didn’t answer my question, your wrong on both accounts and that attitude has to be edgier then a Reaper main.
You seem to be rather emotionally driven so I’ll slowly go through your comment with you.

Considering it was a rework, I wouldn’t be suprised if it was.
I mean, it wasn’t, but it if was then there’s no harm done as it’s a rework.
So, what’s been changed:
Her beam?
Aside from auto aim being taken off and given a buff, no not really, she still has it.
Her orbs?
Still got those, they don’t pierce, they got both buffed and nerfed but she still has them.
Got nerfed in numbers but buffed in defensive and offensive powers. But still there
Made into a more active playstyle which is debatable in its usefulness but once again, the model and how it functions still exists in game, therefore it’s not really new.
Photon shield.
Welp, you have earned your first correct point in the fact that 1 ability was indeed changed.

Let’s move on.

This feels a lot like:
“You don’t understand me!”
Runs up to room slams door and cries
Not the best attitude to have when trying to make a case for yourself.

The thing is I DO like Sym, never mained her due to internet problems. But I now feel like the dad awkwardly trying to explain to his upset daughter that he DOES understand her and you are making it really awkward and difficult.

However the point is I LOVE Sym, I love her sass, I love her design and I loved her abilities.
I work with SFM and have made at least 50 pieces of artwork featuring her.
Yes, stuff has changed, it had to, has it improved the situation?
Not really, maybe even made it worse but that’s life, you take a gambit and sometimes you lose.

But do I care?
Not really, not because I don’t care about her.
But because change happens
As the old saying goes ’no matter hard you try to resist it, change happens’
And it’s true, so instead of dragging my feet over this, I’m going to fold my arms and watch from the sidelines.
Are they going to restore Symmetra?
No. They are not.
And looking at your original comment and you seem to be worryingly attached to Symmetra, like you almost seem to think of her as a real person.
Never blur reality with fantasy, it doesn’t go well.


So… this is important NOW, literally months later, because?


If it was only that, it would still be a major shift in her gameplay. Since beta, Symmetra was defined by her ability to provide shields to her teammates. That ability was the first thing mentioned in her description, before turrets, beam, orbs or TP.

But it’s more than that. And just because something share the same name, it don’t means they are the same ability. Or, in some cases, even that they’ll be used in the same situations.

There is a huge difference in usability between a 25m two-way temporary teleport and a map-wide instant travel permanent (until expired/broken) teleport.

Sure, they both still teleport people around, but it’s like saying Doomfist’s uppercut and Genji’s double jump are forms of the same ability, after all, both allow you to reach higher ledges.

I love the new barrier. I really do. I think it’s a severely underrated feature of Sym3, and more people need to use it to its full capacity.

Said that, it’s a completely different ability from the old Photon Barrier, and its used in a completely different situation as well.

Old PB was a push tool. It’s intended and most obvious use was to give Symmetra a reliable attack tool, allowing your team to hide behind the moving shield while approaching the enemy team, saving your own tanks crucial shield uptime. You would also use it occasionally to block/bait certain abilities, like hook and flashbang.

New PB is a combat initiator that should be placed as soon as both teams clash, to give your own team an edge in the team fight. It’s size also allow you to place it from spawn in case the fight is still going on after you get killed and respawn.

Aside from the concept of “hard light barrier” (that also exist in 4 other characters), everything about those two abilities are different.

Turret throwing was a much-requested feature by the Sym community. That alone would be a major buff for Sym.

Cutting the turret stash in half, however, makes your turret web inherently less complex, and much easier to shutdown.

Vis a vis, I think the turret is a lateral move. It’s a buff and a nerf at the same time.

However, by changing both the turret stash size and the deployment mechanic, it means all your old turret spots are lost. No matter how long you’ve been studying and learning new turret spots, you have to start back from scratch. Not only you have to cover a smaller area, but the throwing allow you to position them in previously-unaccessible positions.

Turret is the closest we have from a legacy ability. But left a bitter taste.

One mechanic that honestly, should have been dropped once they got rid of autolock. The ramp-up time was a balancing mechanic for the autolock. If the autolock is gone, remove that part of the weapon as well.

Not doing that, just made her gun bad by design, because you need 3 seconds to start doing damage comparable to any other close range DPS.

Cute, but irrelevant most of the time. Unless you are above 50 ammo, reloading will give your ammo back faster than beaming the enemy barrier.

It’s a good thematic mechanic, but not really relevant. Especially when you remember that they cut her clip size by 30% to balance out this “buff”.

She barely stay out of melee range. Other barrier busters like Hog, Junkrat, Bastion and Pharah can do the same thing from a much safer range.

I think we can also agree that the beam is an inherently different ability, both in concept and usability.

Orb is another lateral move, powerwise. But it’s still a completely different ability.

Piercing orbs were better at zoning because they were unstoppable, so you would like to shoot as horizontal as possible to the ground, so the orb would travel as further as it can, while being dangerous to as many enemies as possible.

Current orbs are poor man’s Pharah rockets, with a slower RoF, slower projectile speed, smaller blast, and lower blast damage. You aim for direct hits, disregarding whatever is behind your primary target. They can be blocked, and thus, are less dangerous to deathball-type comps.

Different abilities, different scopes. Same concept “hard light orb that fly in a straight line”.

Two of them can be considered revamped mechanics on the old abilities (orb and turrets). Everything else is a brand new ability with the same legacy name.


Dude, you need to chill. They are upset, but you don’t need to mock them for it.

Also, I find it kinda intellectually deceiving to say that Sym isn’t a different playable hero now. Her entire kit was changed, the fact that she still has them but in different ways doesn’t mean she’s not changed.

Personally, I like the new sym but I never mained her :man_shrugging:

But anyway, y’all can go back to that. I just don’t think it’s ok to mock people.

Once again, not disputing that a shift in gameplay has occurred. My argument is Gameplay is not the only determining factor for if a character exists or has been deleted.

She clearly still exists.


because it’s still the current state of Sym 3.0, it’s the same thing as tracer players talking about the pules bomb nurff or mercy mains talking about well mercy or people talking about hanzo the current state of the game will never not be important.

But the complaint isn’t that she’s BAD… it’s that she’s not sym. Which… is a little late since she’s been “not sym” for nearly 6 months now.

Symmetra? Deleted? Since when? I was playing her earlier this afternoon. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking::confused:


Stop with the smart (censored) comments please, you know what I’m talking about, her whole kit was completely changed.

There is nothing wrong with the new Sym. Nothing at all.

(There, I said it just like you told me to. Will you please take those sentries out of my bathroom now? I really have to go…)


The point of this post is to remember that there were lots of sym 2.0 mains who basically lost their character because the changes were so big and that some of the changes should be reverted.

I just wish they didn’t remove her photon barrier (the mini shield). That was an awesome ability.

Her new ultimate is still, after all this time, basically F-tier.

Except for the person who just got here (that happens to be me).

Mechanically? Yes. Completely? No.


I used to play a good bit of Symm. I haven’t really touched her since the rework. Literally the only similarity is her turrets.

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