Stop overreacting and taking out of context dev's words

Personally im happy to hear words from the devs themselves, even if i dont 100% agree but i see theres a massive overraction over his commentsand i want to clarify

“He said genji is fine”

He didnt, though, this is a lie, this is what he had to say about genji

He isnt saying “wedont think genji has issues”

He is saying “he isnt doing as terrible as some think”

Which is true, theres a group of people that actually seem to belive that genji is one of the most terrible heroes in the game, and he is not

He has ok pickrate still and is half of what i dare to say one of the strongest ult combos in the game

However this is not to say genji has no issues, his measly 86 DPS (mind you this is assuming 100% accuracy) have not aged well due to the healing, he was a poke character, poke them, finish off with dash, and leave, but so much healing and he cant do his job as good as brust characters it much better since brust cant be out-healed

My suggestion? Give genjis dash a DoT or/and 25% antiheal,

Increase his ult points needed tomake up for the new dash damage, maybe weaken his ult abit and give him some buffs like 32 damage shuriken

“he said power creep didnt exist”

He did not, he said

And clarified after

Note that word in italics? Excesive

He didnt say there wasnt any, but that it wasnt as much

In fact he did list two heavily talked powercreeps arround community

Heal creep, and mobility creep

Although this is not to say i agree, i just want people to stop taking things out of context

My suggestion again is, add more anti-power creep effects like antiheal (at different %s), extra.damage against barriers (which would have been a lotbetter than the barrier nerfs if you threw these in popular barrier breakers, like junk orbastion who need help) some damage reduction abilities for the team, CC resistance or immunity, Cripple effects, etc

This allows us the players control the power creep via in game picks

Thats all i had to say


Thanks for being a voice for reason and reality. We need more like you.


He also said he failed to express himself:


I blame our school systems frankly…it’s like people don’t know how to read sometimes

That or people are just skimming through looking for key words or something


Ah, so add more the the growing power creep, great idea.


Which he then expressed himself the 2nd time? he didn’t totally destroy his first reply because he was 100% in the wrong, he wanted to clarify.

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New abilities will be added none the less
So why not make them be anti-creep

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I think I reacted in a measured and appropriate manner, thank you, providing polite but constructive criticism and clear and concise hopes for what I wish to see from the devs around the matter of power creep.

But yeah, seems some of the community took the opportunity to just take a dump on the devs.

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I think people (including the devs) should stop expecting any form of reasonable response from people who are clearly upset over issues that have been raised over and over again for months and in some cases years. Don’t expect people to behave reasonably if you are one of the representatives for a company that has not behaved reasonably for the past 2 or 3 years.

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The examples you gave aren’t anti-power creep.
Anti-power creep would be nerfs, not buffing heroes even more so that they become must picks because they provide so much.

Well but the issue is global nerfs (the so loved powercreep fixers that people seem to want)
Cause…a lot of issues

So just globally nerfing aspects of the game like damage and healing doesnt work very.well

Where did you get global nerfs from?

Thats what most people suggest to “adress powercreep”

“Nerf healing across the board!” and alike

So i assumed you meant that

Well, that’s not what I meant. I meant individual hero nerfs.

I actually breached this topic in my response to the devs. Balance in this game is not like an MMO or a MOBA. It’s not just about numbers (although for some characters it can be). “Quality of life” buffs can represent massive shifts in power. Reaper is the example I always use. Buffing shadow step from a clunky, out-of-combat only ability to what it is today turned him from a brawler/anti-dive character to one of the best dive DPS in the game.

When I ask for global nerfs, that doesn’t mean I want the numbers on every character to go down. That is an oversimplification of the issue, and wouldn’t solve the problems.

It’s this. No one actually reads. They take confirmation bias and roll with it even if the context is directly to say otherwise.

It’s freaking live action Scooby Doo

“You want me to say overwatch sucks, but I don’t think that… I love it”- dev

This just in. Dev says ‘overwatch sucks’ -forums and streamers and YouTubers.

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Genji wasnt a poke character, he was a get in your face burst damage character.
Imagine a doomfist but much more fair, since he has no stuns. Then the great nerfening happened he lost his animation cancels, triple wall climb, and time on his ult.

In which I was ok with triple jump removed and his ult time decreased.

Additionally along with triple jump removed wall climb issues began to appear in which the passive would not work as intended.

On top of the nerfening about a year or two later he gets his deflect nerfed because people couldnt open their eyes and stop shooting into it, now deflect has issues in which does not work correctly either such as flash bangs to the face when its active or getting dmgd by firestrike even though it got deflected.

The great nerfening was probably the biggest patch to change every single character in order to slow games down and get ow ready for esports which I think was a mistake, not the esports side but the slowing the game down side.

The problem is if you don’t take him out of context, then he’s simply straight up proving us right on almost every account while trying to say our perspective is not in line with facts.
Example: ‘The community just thinks genji is bad’. … Well, why do we? Because he is. It really is that simple. We’re complete morons and can still spot reality from miles away.

But he didnt say this…he said “its not as bad as people think”

Theres a difference

Thanks for saying this!
So often this community will basically take something out of context, block their ears and scream how bad the devs are. An example is when “fitzy wanted sombra nerfed” when he actually said he thinks she’ll be nerfed. Yet the entire forums was flooded with “fItzY wANts soMbRa nErFed”
Great post, although I don’t completely agree with your suggestions.

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