🛑 STOP - No more Sombra hard-countering heroes

Rage easy, he’s on console.

It’s hugely different in skill level.

I’m aware

I didn’t say anything mean

I also notice he’s not playing 2-2-2 competitive, so his video does not change my mind and my points still stand (they were critiques of the enemy team, not this player)

Just didn’t want to overly criticize him.

I respect the fact he plays Sombra, but he needs to understand the difference between Console and PC.

Even if he’s a GM on console, he’s no GM on PC.

His rank or platform are irrelevant to me, the enemies he faced were clueless in every possible way

I would LOVE to play PC, but unfortunately everything I have is Mac/Apple. Stuck in that eco system, and no room for a PC setup. :disappointed:

Well, I have fun playing Sombra on console, but I’m a casual with lousy aim.

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Yes, I saw the same thing.

Fair enough. #PCMasterRace :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah. Sigma needs a nerf head on, regardless if Sombra can hack the barrier away or not

None of the Sombra mains want her hack changed to remove Sigma shield.

It’s a lazy fix, that doesn’t make Sombra anymore useful than she already is as an EMP Bot.

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Sombra is dirt tier on console too, trust me.

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I honestly can’t imagine playing her on console. If people can make it work, I respect that, but you won’t catch me dead playing an FPS on console without a keyboard and mouse.

I just hate how keyboard and mouse feels, even when playing MMO’s, and I have long since lost dexterity from old age to learn it now. But if I could learn it, I would…because Console players suck and I really want to enjoy the game without having to be the carry factor with game sense alone…and I know better than to take my controller to PC.

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It’s not a bad change on its own, but doesnt fix either of those heroes.

Sombra just needs to be reverted back to her old version with the timer on translocator, emp farming off hacked packs, and passive abilites not being affected by hack. Buff her gun’s dps output, and only emp disables all abilities + passives. Her old playstyle was more fun.

It is a bad change, because what happens if the enemy team doesn’t use Sigma?

Sombra is still in the same useless state she is now currently.

Sombra got an unnecessary buff that only affects 1 character in the entire game. While contradicting other shield meta heros like Monkey and Orisa and their shields cannot be hacked or EMP’d if neither is done prior to or after the skill being used.

I get why people say Sigma shield is like Rein, but I disagree. While it’s being projected forward I call that an animated skill. Why shouldn’t it follow the same rules as Orisa and Monkey shields?

For a Sombra main to say that says a lot. Because I don’t want this worthless PTR buff, I want the buff sombra needs, that does not require the PTR buff.

Just to give you an idea of the hectic difference between console and PC.

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I don’t think I’m playing the same game! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wow! You sure can track/turn amazingly on PC. Wholly hellfire!

I really need to try PC.

Thanks for the example video



What would you change though? Her gimmick is disabling abilities, she’s that “silence” mechanic used in MOBAs, and it’s the only thing she’s good for. This small change isn’t even a buff, more like QoL change that makes the interaction consistent.

She needs damage, sure. Not a big buff, but a minor one - 10-15% will be enough. Other than that? Maybe making her hack having second state (like Mercy and Torb switching weapons) in which she resets her ally’s cooldowns but with longer cooldown and cast time. Otherwise her kit is poorly designed. Not because it’s “oppressive” or “bad”, but because it leaves very little room for changes. Like Blizzard saying “we don’t want to buff her damage, she should rely on her Hack” while nerfing Hack.

That’s the illogical part of Everything about these forums, Blizzard, and anyone who doesn’t main Sombra. It’s the equivalent of Moira mains saying it’s not lock on.

She was nerfed because she won about 40% of the fights with EMP in OWL. 2-2-2 removed that meta, so why not remove the nerf too?


Leave the nerf as it is, and buff her where she needs buffing. Turn her into a massive barrier & shield breaker without buffing her damage against HP and armor.

Hard counters is a failed concept. Especially with 222. It’s just Blizzard doesn’t seem to know this yet.