Still no OWL rewards after todays patch

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Yep same EXACT issues here as well. Really hoping for a fix asap.

I did not get the additional skins or drops, and I was after the Brigitte and Doomfist skin.

Guys, imagine if this issue is still going in early 2023, then they say : " Incentives must be redeemed in-game by 12/31/2022. See [Official Rules] for details."

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Thank god I’m not the only one. Hopefully they’ll do something soon, though it’s been a while and I haven’t seen anything.


blizzard made all of that passive income, they better give me my pulse pistol card, im pulsating …with anger! grrr

Same here,i watch all the stuff connecte with everything and nothing :smiling_face_with_tear:

Also haven’t got any rewards and watch 35+ hours

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this clearly shows that blizz doesn’t care about their playerbase. they won’t even acknowledge the missing items and skins. but so glad the shop is working for overpriced items. eyeroll

after this patch i still haven’t received any reward beyond the 15 hour mark. i should’ve had everything. oddly enough though i received the pulse pistol card as well.

missing all tokens, skins, and most of the rewards past day 3. still watched all of the rest of the tournament including the grand finals.

you told us to be patient, that all rewards would come with the patch. LIES!


wow! THAT really sucks :sweat_smile:

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Same boat more or lass as everyone else.

Watched every event religiously from start to finish (encore included) and have only gotten the Grand Finals 1 spray.

Edit: Apparently I also received the Name Card.


A buddy of mine also watched as much as me he hasn’t gotten anything as well 🥹


Still haven’t gotten anything as well


I only wanted the Kiriko and JQ skin so I tuned in for the finale and I watched up until the final match then went to bed. Yet, no skins for them characters were rewarded.

I had my YouTube+Twitch linked from back when the Kiriko skin event was up (well in advance of the finale.)

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im sorry you got nothing

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I got every other skin except for Sigma, Bap, JQ, Kiriko and Sojourn.

Clockwork icon, OWL Turns 5 icon, Pulse Pistol name card remains locked.

Lucio Dance Party, Grand Finals 2 Spray missing.

I’m not sure if I got the 100 tokens.

They need to make their drop platform like twitch, where you can see the rewards and how much time more is needed to unlock them then nobody would be in the dark about this. Honestly ridiculous they screwed season 1 up so bad :expressionless:


Ya, in Twitch it’s so easy to track your reward progress. YouTube is totally like flying blind and hoping its logging correctly.


I agree this would be a huge quality of life change for the positive