Still have not received OWL drops

empty promises, sounds like blizzard to me

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I only got the rewards up to 9 hours of watching. For reference, I watched almost every single minute of the stream and missed at most 1 hour total across all streams.

I refreshed my streams, had them in foreground, audio on, etc. I met all recommended requirements and didn’t get 80% of my promised rewards. Another Blizzard fail. Closer and closer to just going back to only playing CS because of Blizzard’s stupid stunts tbh. Kinda done with this BS.


I got the Pulse Pistol name card but not any of the skins

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We got scammed, plain and simple. Blizzard gets that sweet sweet ad revenue and we get almsot nothing we earned.

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Yup, Blizzard screwed us all in more ways than one.

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I tweeted the issue to WyomingMyst. Hopefully they can look into it.

Same for me. I got the name card and spray. No tokens or skins at all.

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Me neither. Seems like nobody has.

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according to other posts i’ve seen this isn’t the only “unvaulting” we’ll get hopefully. some are speculating that they’ll slowly trickle skins out since they only released two this time instead of the usual four. MOST people in the community were hoping for the all stars skins, but instead we got “fan favorite” thunder and flying ace. yeah right.

It’s funny how you expect nothing and yet still get disappointed in Blizz. This was my first time watching OWL, my sister has for years previously and she had no issues. This was a very bad 1st time experience trying to get rewards, and I doubt I will ever waste my time on it again.


Watched all of OWL and the Grand Final streams, only got counted for like 23 hours total and no Pulse Pistol Namecard. :’) Watched the whole thing in hopes of the card for my Tracer identity!

Same. Watched basically all of the playoff’s broadcasts live. I got the first tier of skins only. Nothing from the grand finals. All accounts linked, and even watched a good portion on the OWL main site while logged in there since that seemed more likely to be counted. Maybe I was wrong.

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Same i watched all matches and got a few skins + tokens, all of a sudden stopped receiving rewards I felt that something is wrong but I didn’t bother that much and waited.
Here we are , still waiting💀.

Just check this out, we need more patience.

Yeah I logged on today so hype for my owl skins and tokens and then find my acc still empty come on blizzard your not an indie company

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I haven’t received any drops at all despite having watched close to atleast 28-30 hours of stream? And 0 drops from the finals too, which I actually sat and watched completely instead of just streaming it, feelsbadman.


OMG I thought I was the only one. I got the 12 hour ones but after that…nothing. I hope it gets resolved fast. This is unneeded anxiety. :confused:

I’ve got some of the skins for the first 12 hours and nothing from after. Also missing all of the additional rewards and a lot of OWL credits.

12 hour rewards. Nothing since.

Watched 36+ and the finals etc.

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Same atleast i know im not the only one, i was so bummed out i stopped playing for a few days though. Thats the thing i dont think they realize, people lose faith with things like this. I was looking forward to having credits to spend and skins by now, and there not there…