Still have not received OWL drops

I am very annoyed that I spent 30 hours of my life to get all the rewards but I haven’t gotten anything all I wanted was the tracer skin :frowning: I hope blizzard comes to those that have also not gotten there rewards and gives us something for wasting our time.

Got none of the drops for finals. not gonna lie OWL looks cheap and forced on viewers and those drops were the only thing that pushed me towards watching. I guess never again I will.

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Honestly probably will not watch the format again after this unless they switch to twitch when the yt contract ends. this is so rediculously amateur

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I’ve watched every single match including the encores but some dropped and many didn’t drop … this is honestly annoying every time something doesn’t work as intended I have to search … and 100000% is Blizz’s fault they stopped caring a long time ago

“significant progress” yet no mention if they were rolling it out in batches, or if they got “everyone” in their eyes. No clarity on the phrasing “and only those who linked their battle net account to YouTube ahead of the event will have qualified to receive these incentives”
Like what does that mean?? Is it just talking about having the account connected before watching? Or does it truly mean we HAD to have it connected a month before this entire event? What? did they just CTRL+F the entire stream comments and only give reward compensation to those who were able to speak?? Just go back to twitch already or give anyone with ANY watch time the full rewards at this point.

Once again, no communication.

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Yall I don’t know if this is still a problem, but I’ve yet to receive anything. I don’t have the icons, the skins nor the player cards, yet I watched every match. Did any of you receive the stuff already?

Seems like nobody has since they began to “roll out” the drops.

Still nothing past hour 3 skin rewards. But no tokens, or finals stuff or anything else.


same, logged back in to see if I had gotten them but to my surprise I still have not recieved the rewards. what a joke

I only got one of the gray skins I haven’t got crap and I’ve watched every single second of the Overwatch League. Afkd my computer to each stream.

What the heck man just gimme what I earned

Still just the 12hour rewards. Fuming.

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Nov 21,2022 still no drops. All I got was five league points which kept me optimistic. I wonder when Blizzard will come out with an official statement…

Nov. 22, 2022 Still no drops here, but its great Blizzard has no trouble adding new paid cosmetics to the game. They have been doing drops for what 2-3 years? More and still can’t get that right, but the Shop which has just been around for a couple months is working great! WOW Love it!


Same, honestly OW2 is just becoming super meh now with bad game devs not doing anything about these problems and when they do fix a problem another problem is also there. Ridiculous.

Yep Nov 22… a whole week after they said we would get our rewards and still nothing. I wonder how much was made through adds and hundreds of thousands if not millions of hours watched? Get it together!!!

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Nope I watched well over 30 hours and still have received nothing.

Most people seem to have the same issue so at least we know we’re not alone.

Yeah if they really aren’t giving rewards to anyone linked their account ANY TIME before watching they’re a bunch of scum bags.

The amount of time it’s taken shows they literally just don’t care about delivering on promises.


I haven’t received any items from the OWL drops and I’ve watched it all.

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Yo it’s nov the 25th and still nothing. Yall got them already? I haven’t received a single thing still. Not even the player cards and stuff