Still Bronze 5 After Latest Patch

I’ve had 4-5 rank updates since latest patch yet I’m still being placed in bronze 5. In the patch notes, it was mentioned this bug was supposedly fixed, however I am not progressing despite my successes and efforts.

I love the game so far but it is becoming very unenjoyable to play. The mixture of random disconnects which leads me to being ‘banned’ for an extended amount of time plus this ranked bug makes it extremely hard for anyone to improve when were being gatekept by forces outside of our control.

I hope someone from the team see’s this and starts working on a fix soon.


Same here my friend! Now i cant play this game with my friend anymore!


Same. I did WAY better than my first placement and was so excited to see my rank. And it gave me B5 again. Starting to not want to play bc i want my real rank. Without having to grind again for it.


Just placed today after some grueling matches. Do not feel at all that I was rightfully placed in B5.


Welcome to the hell

We need the old good blizzard backs, this team sucks…


Me too. After the second rerank still B5.


Same issue here, teammates are ranking up. Stuck at bronze 5, despite getting the same amount of wins and similar impact in games


I mean the bugs been fixed, this might be a YOU problem now lol, I knew some ppl blaming it on this “bug” didn’t want to face the reality, maybe they really are bronze LOL

4th rerank for me about 10mn ago and still B5. I won 7 out of 8 games for my latest rerank and it was all done in the last 24h, after the patch. It feels like I’m wasting my time.


lol it might be a ME problem. idk i just post the bug and move on, too addicted to stop playing but hope it gets fixed soon

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Same bro

I’ve almost given up on it

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I have the same issue.

I still have this bug too.
I just came to Overwatch 2 to play competitive and at this point im disappointed.
I hope there will be another fix pretty fast. At the moment i cant play with my friends, they outranked me and at them, ranking works fine.

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Having the same issue as well as my competitive career profile not updating/saying I never played certain matches. Really frustrating. :confused:

Same here.

7w- 3l > bronze 5
7w-5l > bronze 5

Are you serious?

where is the boost?

When someone has more lost matches than won ones, what do you do? Uninstall his game?


28 wins in support this season, haven’t budged from B5,


I ranked finally to bronze 2 from bronze 5 then went another 10 games to get 7 wins and it re-ranked me bronze 2 again. Such a joke. I’m averaging 10k heals and 7k damage per ten minutes and going well above the numbers from people I play with or against. Blizzard is intentionally making me smurf new players


Lol the people wondering why the people who really shouldn’t be in bronze/silver whatever are so mean and everything, because they can’t casually enjoy being in those low ranks because some who should really not be in those low ranks in there just beaming and still not ranking up, like my stats are so good right now looking like a pro with these stats because I’m not playing against anyone that difficult while also getting teammates who don’t perform that well so I get to do mostly everything.

nah i def think there is still a bug… both my friend and i play the same time same games… both were placed in b5 before the “fix” our next 7 games i go up 2 ranks he stays b5… yet he out performs me and is the better player… it would be an easy climb if they just let him lol… we were plat players in ow1 … i know not great …but it aint no b5


Sure men, that´s the reason I won 7 games with 0 loses 2 times in a row and stills in bronze V. And with 15k of healing of media in all the matches…

And surprise, my friends in my team 0 problems in all the promotions. If everything goes well for you, I’m glad. But it’s not fixed, stop enter in these posts defend what you don’t know, you’re just hurting yourselves xD