Stacks ruin matchmaking

Please give us a solo-queue only queue, so I don’t constantly end up on the team with the lower ranked tanks grouping with higher ranked lucio/mercy, which is a guaranteed loss every time.


We shouldn’t split up the community even more.

Plus the MM is already trying it’s best to queue based on groups.


Yeah! a team game should discourage team play in any amount.
(Heavy sarcasm)

Just because you don’t want to make friends and enjoy the climb doesn’t mean everyone else should be punished for it.


It actually becomes much less of a team game when you allow vastly different ranks to group up with each other.




I agree, grouping for competitive should have limitations.


Just had a game with 2 high plats tanks in placements who grouped with a bronze Moira to get into a gold game. We could play that game 100 times, and we would have won every time. You can’t balance teams with people that far apart in SR.

If it had been a 2900 Moira in placements with a bronze tank, we would lose 100/100.

There should only ever be a solo only queue if team chat is mandatory with no option to leave.

This is a team game after all and communication is a key component of teamwork.

Of course stacks ruin matchmaking. The matchmaking would also run better if everyone was forced to flex every time. Should we force that, too?

I get the frustration, but creating another queue is way off the table. I’m glad open is doing well, I honestly thought that was a pretty big risk. There’s no way you could get another split just for this.

You gotta incentivize the behavior you’re looking for. Want people to group up less? Find a way to incentivize that. It’s way better to come up with a reasonable solution that gets you what you want without, you know, destroying the game for everyone else. Although you’re asking for a lot here. The entire game is based around being able to play with your friends.

So how do you get what you want—better matchmaking—without me having to give up what I already have—the ability to play with my friends?

Figure out an answer to that, and it will be much better than your original suggestion.

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There was a discussion regarding competitive matchmaking and groups here:

Groups yes, but not the composition of groups which is far more important. Like matching diamond dps + gold support vs. gold tank + diamond support => I take the diamond dps 24/7 please. The MM should match groups within roles or even try to do that.


the smurfs with soundboards would looooove this

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You physically cannot make that group. 1499 (max Bronze) can never team with 2500(min Plat) let alone high Plat. At least make up believable lies next time.

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Yes you can. During placements, there are no grouping restrictions for people below Diamond the previous season. Someone who ended 2999 can group with 5 people < 500 SR.

Yeah, there are. I know this because I’ve had folks too low from playing with me or vice versa try and rejected us. It still has a rough approximation of your SR and won’t let you stretch beyond the 1000 gap (which should be 750 imo).

Maybe you had one stack of Plat/Gold and another Bronze/Gold which is kinda bs but that does happen rarely.


Why? In my region its mostly groups who do not join voice chat, not individuals.

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That is not true and I tested this myself.

System wont allow you to group if you are more than 1000 from each other. Its kind of grey area but I have two theories why:

If you are in placement MMR is used for the point difference to not let you group up.

You still have SR in placement, its just invisible to you on profile.

I definitely tested this multiple times and if your skill level is too different you cant queue together.

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This could be done though then there’s a risk of increased queue times, though we would only know if this is the case if we were to actually try it so i don’t see harm in a testing period for role based MM.

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I can agree on reducing the gap a bit (I’d like 750 max range) but in general stacks increase team play not reduce it. The two grouped are more likely to communicate and work as a team.


Not in eu, stacks often tend to stay in discord and wont join team voice chat.