Stacks ruin matchmaking

Yup, I agree. Fair fight > Q time

who cares about the community ? blizzard? no, thats why comp sucks right now.

Yeah of course since it now has to match players per role rather than an average, which can take indeed longer.

Exactly so not making this change will result in the community not being split even more and causing longer queue times.

You know whats fun?
i really love it when i’m in a 2 stack and we get put with another 2 stack, 2, 2 stacks on one team then the enemy gets a 4 stack like its even nearly the same thing.

2, 2 stacks is NOT the same as a 4 stack.

This literally only negatively effects groups that want to stomp solos. Most people play solo

Or just folks grouping up in general. Just because you’re friends doesn’t mean you have exact rankings in common. Groups are better than solo queueing by miles and in my long time duoing (I solo more than duo) no one seems to think I’m ruining the game. Most of my duos are/were a couple hundred SR apart but even with like 800 SR gaps either way, folks played and games worked one way or another. Groups aren’t some infection to discourage.

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I will say this isn’t necessarily the case. Anecdotal but I remember one time duoing with a tank buddy we had a DPS duo, a Support duo, and us and we won handily against a 6 stack. A large stack does not equate winning otherwise everyone would 6 stack.

No, it needs to be within a rank.

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Actually it would negatively effect anyone who groups and would discourage a lot of people from grouping if they were restricted to only getting games with exact matching groups, especially in a game where ya know chemistry and coordination matters a lot.

Why would it discourage them? Easy. Imagine getting a group of 3-6 players at your own rank together, either you play as a team already, are friends irl, or just used an lfg to get together. Suddenly you have to wait upwards of an hour for another group that matches yours perfectly to queue up.

Yeah it sucks when you’re solo and a group is on the other team but the alternative discourages people playing together with people they want to to an extreme degree.

It’s not about “I need my free wins for stomping solo teams” it’s about not having to wait an eternity to get a game just because you either have friends to play with (shocking i know) or put the effort to organize a team to play with consistently to build chemistry with people.

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The narrower the gap, the more likely folks are to group up via unfair methods like smurfing. Call it what you want but folks will play ranked with their friends one way or another. By having it wider, they have to be at extremes for this to occur.

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Then introduce a solo-only queue. Problem fixed. It’s stupid to have silvers and diamonds in the same games.

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It must have treated them like they were 2400 SR then. They had never placed before but were obviously Plat players. Or, they weren’t actually grouped up with the bronze and the matchmaker was balancing out our bronze with plat tanks that weren’t actually grouped. I just assumed they were grouped because someone posted there used to not be restrictions.

To me, the second option is worse though. To put a gold/bronze stack in a gold game and pull in a couple of plats to balance it, instead of just putting them in a silver game.

They aren’t about to split the player base further.

Oh glad you declared the problem solved by making anyone who groups up wait for 30 minutes to 3 hours just to wait for another group matching theirs to queue.

That’s what they need to do because the matchmaking is atrocious. I frequently see silvers and diamonds in the same games. How can this be a good match quality?

They cannot group up as is. That type of game requires two extremely different stacks to be grouped up to reach a mean. I’ve seen it a handful of times at best ever. Even the 1000-ish pushes are uncommon as is. More ladders mean worse matches for everyone as the player pool is divided further. Imo Open Queue should be dissolved for that reason or be an arcade mode considering it is treated like one as is.

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No, but they can group with someone that’s high plat. Then the diamond queues with someone who’s low plat or gold. Look, we have a game with silver and diamonds in the same game. The team with the silvers loses. I have seen diamonds and silvers in like 4/10 games I’ve played this season.

Again, I’ve barely ever seen that type of game setup. In my experience extreme stretches are stomps one way or another but it’s not a guaranteed loss. In fact the Ashe/McCree/etc + way worse Mercy or Genji + worse Ana are far more common in my experience. Those tend to carry their worse member to a win. I had a post on this recently but it was for a reduction to like 750 (1.5 ranks) rather than 2 full ones for a gap.

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Good for you. I see it frequently.

According to you.

What they actually need to do is not discourage grouping any further than it is already and not actively punish people who either have friends to play with (gasp) or put in effort to make a team by making them wait an hour for a match in a “group queue”.

Do I think the range is a little too wide as it is? Yes. Do I think it should be as narrow as only people in your matching rank? No. Make it 750 and don’t let people group with someone more than a rank apart from them.

Why that specifically? Easy. If someone is 2001 but you limit them to only grouping in their rank then they can’t group with someone who was 1999 but they had both just won or lost together as a group. Yet they’d be able to group with someone who was 2499. How is that fair?

By making it a wide range of around 750 but not letting people group with someone more than a rank apart (so gold could only group with silver or plat) then you don’t make the borders such an awkward separation while preventing the ridiculous ones of silvers with plats and golds with diamonds.

Then avoid the Silver for easy elo according to your assumption they are guaranteed to lose.

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