Using the Priority Pass and Intended Use

You said it yourself. A six stack is going to beat solo queuers. Your SR would inflate artificially from basically being “boosted” by guaranteeing a competent cohesive group every time.

I’m an advocate for a solo SR and group SR, personally. This instantly eliminates boosted players and makes thing as fair as possible.


Splitting up between Solo Queue and Role Queue is a way, but I think the developers have shut down that possibility as they don’t want matchmaking to take even longer to make happen.

As it stands now, is the person who groups up in a 6-stack consistently have the same level of overall skill as that of a person who solo queues consistently? I don’t believe they do and that is what I (personally) think is unfair.


It will balance out when there is finally a sr reset :thinking:

So you guys created a system that can be easily exploited and then tell people not to exploit it?
This is like leaving a plate with cookies to a 5-years-old and ask him not eat them.


Nice! Why do i still queue 5 minutes with pass, when normal queue time is 5 minutes and with pass it says less than 1 minute.

Still takes 5 minutes AND then deducts one pass.

What a shame!


The times displayed are still estimates and will vary. Is this just a one-time instance or are you seeing this consistently throughout your games?


Competitive should always have been solo-queue. Quickplay can allow groups.

It’s too easy for one player to be boosted by another in competitive with grouping enabled, as well as causing dramatic match imbalances when the extreme end of SRs are grouped (the infamous situation of Silver & Diamond icons in the same match)… no a silver and diamond can’t group, but the groups can be formed and paired in such a way that this is the end result.

That match will never be fair or competitive. 6 Golds don’t equal 3 silver and 3 platinum players.

edit: See the post below for an example from the forums!


So I should be subjected that every single match be filled with solo-queue randoms not knowing if any one of them is going to be toxic, uncooperative, plays in a way that I just don’t do well with (and vise versa)?


That’s what the report and avoid systems are for.

…Unless you’re suggesting that they don’t work?

No groups also takes care of boosters, throw stacks, mass false reporting, and unranked to GM (with a grouped pocket support). It actually solves A LOT of behavioral problems that are frequently complained about as well as making the matchmaker’s life easier.

Scrims and pugs are where ACTUAL teamplay happens. Those aren’t restricted.

The ladder must either be solo-only or group-only if there is EVER to be competitive integrity. This mix-and-match combo solo & group ladder DOES NOT work.


last 3 games always the same. I get more or less exactly the queue time that is displayed without ticket.


Report only goes so far because we can’t report players who simply plays badly. I myself rarely report for gameplay sabotage (only for abhorrently blatant feeders, AFKers, or use (or not use) abilities to hinder their allies gameplay).

The Avoid as Teammate function is a short-term function designed to simply get away from a specific player during your current session, however it is limited in order to make sure it does not impact matchmaking. In your proposal of a solo-only experience, this function would nothing to improve consistency in matches because each person will still get 11 total random players in their matches.

The biggest generalized complaint I see on these forums is the consistency of matches. Now, Overwatch tends to be very “snowbally” in general which lends to the perception of imbalanced matches, but that happens at any rank of the ladder or even the Overwatch League. In my opinion, playing with teammates I know I can trust and having a planned strategy is the most definite form of consistency. Where as in a solo-queue only environment the only consistency I can offer is my own mechanical skill and awareness. I don’t think that is right. Feel free to disagree, but given on the dev’s past statements, it sounds like they won’t break up the matchmaker yet again for groups and solo players, and going one way or the other would just be too detrimental to the game’s health.

I am just looking for the game to reward positive teamwork, something that I personally feel that the Solo Queue only environment rarely provides.

Another thing to clarify, I am not necessarily looking for a deliberate change to the system, just get more insight to the matchmaking philosophy to how the game currently stands.


I knew priority pass was gonna change absolutely nothing when I first heard the idea. Priority queue means nothing when everyone has it


Sounds like you may be interested in PUGs and Scrims. Jayne runs these for all levels of play. There IS no such consistency in the ladder, even in the upper levels. Just players that make fewer mistakes.

My suggestion isn’t separate queues… its ONLY solo or group queue. No in-betweens. Wide SR groups throw off the matchmaker and nearly guarantee poor match quality because there appears to be no per-role SR matching… only TEAM SR matching… that works for open queue (kinda) but not for role queue. Nobody can swap in when one player is outmatched by their counterpart.

With a group only queue I would expect them to restrict SR spreads more closely. With a solo only (role) queue, the matchmaker actually has A LOT more latitude to create groups… as long as the opposing group has very close per role SR. Put diamond supports with silver DPS and Plat tanks in one match… it’s all gravy because the enemy will have EXACTLY that as well.

Oh, I play in a series of custom games every now and then, but in the end, it’s not the Competitive Ladder where you are playing for the leaderboards and that I believe needs to offer the opportunity for a more consistent experience.

I don’t believe that is possible unless the devs take a LONG, hard look at match quality. Players are frustrated, and they have been saying so for a long time.

I’ve posted a LOT on the subject of match quality and changes that could be made that would increase it… with my logic posted right alongside in long form. What I posted above is a summary of another, much longer post regarding this topic.

With the priority pass in place, I’ve been getting DPS games in a few minutes. But the match quality is the same or worse. The free keys give away certainly didn’t help, now we also have rusty flex players in the mix.

That’s A LOT of churn that can affect match quality this month.

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And to follow up on this further, this goes hand in hand with my post we had a back and forth on regarding a purgatory and protected queue.

By separating those out, you would have a much higher ratio of experienced players, on their main account, in a match with you.

That means that new players don’t get NUKED off the face of the planet by veterans either… which seems to be happening in a lot of my matches. That or the level 30 account is absolutely rolling a team of high level plats solo somehow. (I.e. match quality is very poor!)

Played for the first time since the update and wow the games were terrible. I mean QP has always been a hot mess but right now it is a full on burning garbage dump.


Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! This problem has been brought so many times in the past by players and even content creators alike, yet it has never been addressed.

This is literally the most important fundamental issue with LFG since its release due to the fact that it is a grouping - up system… It literally puts you in more difficult matches!

And despite that, does anyone know why now with 2/2/2 role - lock 6 stack queues especially are pretty darn quick, while back then during the LFG days huge queues for large groups was the second most important issue with the system itself?


It would be nice if there was such a thing as “Competive” PUGs and Scrims, but that’s just me.

So, what happens if I’m in a situation where everyone is at some level that is similar to someone else and I’m the only one that’s where I am (doesn’t have to be different ranks but be within the same rank)? If I’m alone, am I effectively banned by your proposed version of the MMR system through no fault of my own but instead being out alone in a desert with nothing for hundreds of miles but myself and the buzzards?

lots of throwing until the matchmaking/mmr for each role settles.