Something new for leavers

Is it really that hard to come up with a system for when there’s a leaver? Just patch in a new system, see how it goes, and take it out real quick if we don’t like it. Thought that was the whole point Jeff was trying to get across in his recent videos…

Literally anything is better than what we have now. Either the team has to tough out a 5v6 for rest of the match (99% chance of getting stomped), leave and lose SR, or even worse the whole other team leaves and you get no SR and wasted 15-20 minutes. THAT’S LITERALLY ALL THE CHOICES


Here’s my idea: Keep the -50SR upon leaving so that people don’t abuse it by leaving before a loss. Make day bans for leaving

1st time: Day ban
2nd time: Day ban
3rd time: 3 day ban
4th time: Season ban

This should cut down leavers a lot. If nothing else, they won’t be able to leave for a whole day and if they do it enough, for a whole season.

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It’s not so difficult just add 2 minutes to the clock when there’s a leaver and if he’s not back within 2 minutes just cancel the match and ban the leaver for 12 hours at minimum from comp.

The solution to the leaver problem already exists in game in other modes - backfill.

Obviously it’d need a few changes to fit with the Competitive format, but it’s absolutely unconscionable that Blizzard willingly and intentionally let a team be at a massive disadvantage because of a leaver instead of actually solving the problem with backfill.


What an atrociously bad idea.

Not everyone who leaves does so intentionally.

Power blackouts. Unscheduled internet service interruptions. Hardware failures. All these things and more can cause a player to disconnect.

And you want to punish someone with a day ban because their power went out? Or because their hard drive failed?

No. Just no.

Please think before you post in future.

So? There is no way to tell if they left intentionally or not. You are still being a huge liability to your team if such things happen so regularly to you. You’re still allowed to play quickplay where there’s a backfill system so that you leaving doesn’t cause the team to instantly lose. Waaa but it’s unfair! Tough.


It doesn’t matter whether such things happen regularly or not. The fact is they do happen and they are beyond a player’s control.

It’s already unfair that players thusly affected are punished at all. Making that punishment more severe is not the answer. That would only result in losing more players than the game already does.

It’s a very good thing you’re not a game developer!

If your stance is that leavers are a serious problem currently, then a harsher punishment is apt. If it’s not such a big issue, you change nothing. How would a backfill system even work for competitive? What if they join halfway throughout the match? Do they still lose the same amount of points? It might be unfair to an unintentional leaver but the team has it worse and intentional leavers are far higher than you’d think. Rage quitting is real and you have to discourage. Neither are you a game developer so your point is moot. It’s a good thing you are not a game developer either because your suggested backfill system is idiotic.


It’s not idiotic at all. The SR adjustments could be minor for backfill players, like in QP. The biggest adjustment to backfill in Comp would be all the crying from poor sports who no longer get free wins when someone leaves.

Punishments for leaving dont do crap because accounts are cheap and because the community largely considers it a casual game mode, no matter what the name implies.

Why wouldn’t it be 1st time day ban 2nd 2 day ban 3rd 3 day ban and 4th season ban

Only thing i’d change is 2nd time: season ban… and if they blame internet connection maybe they should get that issue resolved before playing comp.

A backfill system would quite honestly make que times shorter too. Makes it better across all ranks.


Yep. It’s a win-win situation. I’m absolutely baffled that Blizzard haven’t implemented this already.

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Go in quickplay if your pc is crap or power unstable. I never had this since ow is out.

The SR adjustments could be minor for backfill players, like in QP.

I’m sorry, what? There is no such thing as SR in quickplay and the range of MMR you can match with is much wider than in competitive. I match with people 2 tiers above and below me all the time in quickplay. This almost never happens to me in competitive.

Consider this: most people leave in competitive because they are tilted or don’t care anymore. Very rarely do you see a leaver from the winning side although it does happen too. Who is going to want to backfill into a losing team? When people rage quit, they usually do so after a considerable chunk of time when they feel like there’s no chance of winning. They do this to spite their teammates who they’ve likely been quarreling with, as a last resort to get back at the team. Besides, what kind of message would blizzard be sending by implementing a backfill system? “It is OK to leave because someone will replace you.” If you’re playing competitive, I expect you to stick until the bitter end. If you’re the kind of person who gives up and tilts easily, I don’t ever want you as a teammate.

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I agree that internet or hardware issues should never be an excuse. You are being disrespectful to your teammates by playing with trash gear. You’re practically throwing before you even disconnected.


Anyone who has a spine and is familiar with backfill in QP would be happy to backfill in Comp. I know I would. Its easy to turn losing games around if you have a few minutes left on the clock.

Players are going to leave regardless of Blizzards stance or the severity of punishments. They dont care. At least with backfill, the team who got trolled by a leaver in the second round, has a decent chance with backfill, as opposed to a 5v6.

Players don’t like backfill because they don’t get free wins when someone leaves. This actually gives them incentive to troll the other team into leaving. What kind of message is Blizzard sending by letting the trolls and leavers dictate the outcome of matches like they do now?

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Good for you. Unfortunately not everyone is so lucky.

And it’s not a case of a crap PC or unstable power. Blackouts happen regardless of how stable your power normally is. Hardware failures happen regardless of how good your PC is.

This game is 4 years old & blizzard hasn’t done anything to try stop leavers. We need to accept the fact blizzard doesn’t care about leavers. They don’t give a crap if your game is ruined because of others.


You do realise that unannounced and unintended Internet service disruptions that are 100% beyond a player’s control can and do happen, right?