Some Sym changes to make her good and not OP

The problema Is the teleport, not the damage. It is top much less impacted in the game and often the people ignote It very well. Or they use it only as a respawn taxi.

Isn’t a problem of beam.

never thought of that. Very enlightening. Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

having a good mix of sustain, mobility, effective range and burst for their role != abandoning team work.
teamwork comes from the player, not whether you have crippling weaknesses in your kit.

just look at the supports:

  • mercy has shorter ranged heal but has really high mobility to zip to teammates to heal them without needing them to wait for her unreasonably. she also has regen to self heal because she has to zip around to heal the ever high demanding team. she has a pistol if she can’t fly to someone too for self defense
  • lucio aura is fixed around him, but he has speed boost and wall ride speed boost to get himself near allies rather than demanding allies to slow down for him. lucio even has amp which gives him burst for heal/speed once he arrives so he can be more reactive.
  • ana and zen have no mobility, but they have long enough effective range for both heal and dps that wasd is enough and so the team doesn’t have to deathball pocket them like current live sym.
    • similar can be said about bap tbh
  • brig’s packs are given range because otherwise team will have to anchor themselves closely to brig for any healing or peeling from her. she also has her boop being ranged for the same reason.

and do they have no teamwork in their gameplay just because their kits actually have reasonable capacity to individually get things done for their role? obvs no.

they all have a good mix to not constantly suck up too many team resources, i.e. not be a constant liability.

sym, does not have such a mix, and that is a problem.

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1 and 2 are good, don’t like 3

bad hitboxes are really dumb weaknesses (see zen) and making her better uncharged shouldn’t dramatically break her damage

Why. This isn’t any different from the normal teleporter

Yes it is. Currently the cooldown only begins when the tp is destroyed.

This change turns a guaranteed 12s downtime between uses into 6-12s.

Arcadium’s tp:

  • time to next cast = 12s + [(uptime that’s > 6s) - 6s] (just 12s if uptime <= 6s)
  • experienced down time if uptime > 6s = 6s + (uptime - usage time)
  • experienced down time if uptime <= 6s = 12s - usage time

better than current in all aspects. worse than old 3.0 tp but realistically only the use cases needing (6s, 10s] uptime of old 3.0 tp will be nerfed comparatively to old 3.0 tp. for me 6s uptime was about my median with old 3.0 tp so I’ll feel the difference. But the difference will be <=4s assuming I optimally destroy tp.

personally, a 7-5 split might be better than a 6-6 split of the cd, but the idea itself is a significant improvement.

I like infinite TP. Opens up new team strats.

Old TP was selfishness, nothing to help the team, just Symetra.

Team, “Sym may we use your TP?”
OLD Symetra, “No :triumph:, TP is mine. I want to use it to tp turrets and myself.”

TPing turrets is such a boring, old strat.

Not even remotely true.

Unless all you want is a spawn TP that’s just a scuffed version of Sym 2.0 TP.

With old TP there was a guaranteed uptime to it if not destroyed. Now, with the cooldown, I’m MORE selfish if anything because I will destroy the TP right after I use it to get the colossal cooldown going.

With old tp you still TPed the team across a choke or out of grav so this is just a fake complaint.

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Lol I miss not having to aim as Symmetra. It was always fun melting sweaty Genji mains trying to flank me.

Idk about the other 2 changes but i’d be so down to try these. Especially the turrets!

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Oh same, I try to look and make sure no one is about to use it before I destroy it, but I’m much more ruthless with the infinite TP to make sure I can escape when I need it. I’m less concerned about the other people on my team being able to use my mobility than I am about me, personally, being able to use it when I need it.

I used to drop the old TP behind everyone in a teamfight. I was like the mom from mean girls making sure everyone had what they needed to dip out at a moment’s notice if it got too hot for them. Now? You can’t really do that. Bait teleporters to draw enemy fire are just not feasible with how punishing the cooldown is. Even turret bombing as a strat is much more risky since you have to use a grand total of 42 seconds worth of cooldowns just for the chance that it’ll do something.

Infinite TP was a nice idea but 5 meters of range isn’t worth all you lose when you can’t easily relocate it.


You actually kill me and I love it

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it legit didn’t. it’s the same old ones, except now sym has to sacrifice a lot more of her hero uptime for those same uses.

even in pro play, they legit have not been using tp differently compared to before.

old tp let sym be able to do her stuff while also having it back decently enough for the situational team uses. like past a choke and when no-one’s dead, what do you, as not the sym, want tp for? like do you want the sym to not use tp, her ability to get in and out of effective range, until you find a use for it so she can personally chauffeur you? why can’t sym have self-agency or a say over an ability in her kit?

It’s really ironic how you’re trying to portray yourself as some sort of “for the team :angel:” yet at the same time, what you’re actually saying is “don’t let sym be able to use tp for herself, she’s not part of the team, tp is only for everyone else aside from her”.

like if we wanted to be consistent with infinite tp logic, then let’s also make rein’s, sigma’s, winston’s and orisa’s barriers have infinite duration, and a 12s cd that only starts after destruction or deactivation.
“For the team” right?
It’d be more “flexible” right?
It’d have more “team strats” right?
It’d be less “selfish” right?

OW was already a fast paced game, and it got faster with the shield nerfs. It doesn’t make sense that they shift the entire team Frontline role to make teams move around more yet make tp more static i.e. more suited for teams that don’t want to move.

and to think they’re further looking into tanks to try and make barriers less necessary —> teams need to move around more rather than overcommitting to 1 static area that infinite tp demands and rip w+m1 battering ram team pocket comp (maybe then everyone can finally focus on how to use the rest of her kit rather than tunnel focussing her primary).

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I’m just here to make valid points and also be stupid