Sombra Wars Trilogy

Not an image, but…

I don’t quite have to be a sombra main (even though I sorta tried to be one once) to know that her state is worse than the Star Wars prequels.


didnt obi wan kill general grevious there

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When you have 1 damage interrupts and get shot from across the map.

It came out choppy again. I’m new at this.



Apparently, it’s some Barbie doll character that looks like Sombra.


After reading these patch notes.


But most of that is just things the broke with the latest PTR. So basically we’re back at where we were a week ago.

Although “Not interrupted by thin environment objects” may be a big deal. Have to test it out.


When you see a dev post and ask about Sombra.


I suddenly have an interest in Barbie

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The OLD problem with sombra was the hack too long to finish so they buffed the activation time AND in the process they created a while while buffing her where she was hacking people behind her and ones that successfully escaped
(which they did eventually with LoS changes and created MORE BUGS) but the genius idea to please the “pro players” was make a “hot-fix” without any testing and they added the 2 seconds cooldown getting shot, making the new faster activation time completely worthless since you could only hack one person if you got the jump on them per fight and they werent spinning a circle.

She’s in a worst state then she was before the “buffs” (at least they kept her spread lower before she DID have storm trooper aim) people ran around hacking people “cause they finally could!” Just try her in FFA while theres time, you can take almost 0 head on fights because she has no “damage abilites” and even if she hacks someone over half the cast has higher primary damage then her and she pretty much dies.

ht tps://
took over a week to get “1” win with sombra in comp FFA and thats an area she should be thriving in not feeding in. I had to exploit the hell outta opportunist to get it basically “kill-stealing” my butt off which is a dirty way to win but the only way to make it happen. As you can see even though i won I got VERY LUCKY on numerous occasions between where respawn put me by low hp targets and Hanzo’s missing the easy shots i set myself up for. theres about 1:30 footage of me running around basically being scum in FFA. I got “1” hack off during that time on a hanzo and that really dont accomplish much considering I was still a 1 shotkill to head or two to the body to his primary. This problem is even worst in QP or Comp cause the enemy is “covering” eachother and they can focus you down while your alone trying to get one hack off to do your job since behind is the only way you can with that 2 second cooldown preventing you from doing it with your team trying to help them while being shot at.

Try using any character, and imagine what i would be like if they lost their most important skill just cause they took 1 bullet randomly or aimed at them in an FPS game where almost everyone can “spray and pray” characters would be so dead
and useless. It’s an unfair “hot-fix nerf” that breaks her gameplay ability thats EXCLUSIVE to her.


two of those bugs were caused by new symmetra. I mean yay FINIALLY something at least ONE of her bugs were were address. Playing on console i wont see it till probably July to know how well it improves hack, but if that lamp post decides to shoot back she still not gonna get the hack off if they managed to hit her pinky toe.

PS love the tracer (obi) vs Greivas (sombra) i thin it turned out very well!

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Someone made a joke that hack should be changed to giving hacked enemies a 0.7 second cast time and 1 damage interrupts for abilities. Having to play like Sombra would be a debuff.



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This thread is the best. So many juicy memes.



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Her gun is just weak in general. Takes a fullclip to kill one target and the reload time is HORRIBLE. Even missing a few shots while trying to track a target can means your gonna die if you dont translocate out because they either have higher damage then you, a damaging ability you cant hack cause your being shot, or a way faster reload then you.


Alight, you gave me a good laugh with an old meme :laughing:

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When you find a former Sombra main playing Symmetra next patch.


Haha 20 characters needed

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