Sombra players ARE being ignored

Can people playing on the PTR confirm none of Sombra’s issues were addressed? Blizzard has often changed things that weren’t mentioned in the PTR patch notes, so it’s possible they fixed stuff and just didn’t list it.

…Though you’d think they’d list bug fixes with Sombra especially, considering all. But I’m just considering things.

Basically… What we are all agreeing on is, Sombra can barely hack Bastion’s Robo Grave.

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Exactly, now let’s enjoy the bottom of the barrel together!

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the re-work of hack with how it interacts with los “checks” is what broke the whole thing in the first place…it stopped all the complaining from the pros but left the community with a very buggy hero

This is a good question, I can’t check personally but if someone could that’d be good

This is the full list of changes in the public teaser region.
McCree got shafted as well, his first bug fixes in ages and its only UI and graphical stuff.

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i dont want to be offense but

torb mains have been waiting this for longer, i think torb has priority rn

I get that other characters are in need of attention too, but in this case Blizzard broke a character 2 weeks after buffing her. They specifically mentioned they were keeping an eye on her and have done and said nothing.

It’s more that this whole thing is entirely because of their direct actions (nothing indirect like Rein becoming viable in the meta because of Brig) and they refuse to accept any responsibility.

Edit: Not saying this needs to be at the highest priority, but we have every right to be angry over this.


Hey as I said before, we’re all at the bottom of the barrel. No need to be worrying about the pecking order


Im not saying make Sombra top priority but make her a priority nonetheless


Torb at least does have a rework coming though. The list of things promised that are not on the PTR currently is:

  • Seismic Slam fix (Scheduled for April, already 2 months behind)
  • Earthshatter fix (see above)
  • Torb rework (scheduled for after Hero 28, no info yet)

(((ACTION))) must BE taken now BLIZZARD!!1!

Get used to it honey. Us Mercy players have been ignored since valk change. Hell we have a mega thread devoted to posts that you know who doesn’t read at all.
I feel your pain sis


Hey I’m not against mercy getting reworked, but mercy is still a highly played hero. Sombra dealt with people being cruel and throwing when you pick her, and then got nerfed

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To be fair, we don’t know how hard these bugs are to fix. Let’s just patiently wait and provide Blizzard with enough bug reports to fill a swimming pool.

People have been doing this for months without any of the bugs appearing on the known bug list.

I know, but ranting and raving won’t do any favours. Let’s just keep on keeping on, as it were.

Besides, that known bug list is hardly the most comprehensive of things. I’m sure the devs know about stuff that isn’t on there.

They should say something then.

Oh yes, most definitely.

to me the biggest nerf was the ult charge on HP, maybe it needed a minor adjustments but not erase it for ever

Right now Sombra doesn’t bring enough value and her EMP is too long to farm