Sombra players ARE being ignored

when will Sombra players be acknowledged? How many posts do we gotta make? How long will we have to wait? By this rate we will have to wait another year.

I been patient long enough, They buffed her, made her viable for a week, and nerf her to the ground. MAKE SOMBRA A PRIORITY!!!


I am backed… I missed so much for the last couple days.


they do all these bugfixes to other heroes and still nothing for sombra :frowning:


I had previously told myself, “they aren’t saying anything about Sombra because they’re focusing on Symmetra”

But then so many heroes unrelated to Symmetra get bug fixes, except Sombra.

It’s completely asinine. :expressionless:


Where did you go?

Anyway, shameless link to my bug report thread A list of Sombra's Many, Many Bugs (6)


Hello, Bastion has been here and waiting for acknowledgement for even longer than Sombra. I am of the belief that Sombra does not NEED a buff and she is just fine how she is. A small buff or tweek, or many bugfixes would be nice really welcome.

On the other hand, Bastion has been at the back of the line in terms of receiving needed changes for over a year. All that really came from his most recent rework (Feb-Mar 2017) was that he became a fat Soldier with a nerfed ultimate. His turret form at the end of the day got nothing but nerfs with one insignificant buff. He the one who needs to be prioritized.


Welcome back to salt fest 2018


Bastion needs some work, but he can still be used. Sombra has more bugs than a sleazy motel

Where you can have fun with toxic, leaver, troll, and one-trick people

enjoy staying here!

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I was pretty upset when I look at the patch notes and quite literally the only hero in the game that didnt receive any bug fixes was one of the most buggy heroes in the game that’s received nonstop complaints for a couple months now. That just seems pretty disrespectful on their part.


Bastion may not have as many bugs as Sombra, or… Ya know… Rein or doomfist…

But still being usable??

Yea… No…

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Pirateship Comp. Bunker Comp. Both of which are supposed to be countered by Sombra.

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bastion also wasnt buffed and then nerfed a week later became usless

To be fair he was, like a year ago.

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I literally got BOTH Of Sombra’s Achievements from ONE Game, against an attack Bastion comp, On Junkertown.

So… Yea, a GOOD Sombra deletes that.

I made a post about it as well.

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When? Most of her bugs didn’t become apparent until her “buffs.”

Glad to be back :sweat_smile:


Are you serious? Bastion is only really viable on payload maps, and even then the only one that he is really good on is Junkertown offense. Any other case, he needs the practically the entire team to work around him for the pick to work… He has his share of bugs, not nearly as many as Sombra, but I feel Bastions issues outway Sombra’s.

Literally 2/3 of the roster got bugfixes, but not Sombra. It’s insane. And when you look at some of those bug fixes:

It’s just spitting in Sombra’s face