Sombra pick rate: 2.08% to 0.77% (400+ likes, 11k+ views ❤)

I said from the get go removing ult charge from hacked packs was bad idea. If you wanted to make so that only Sombra or only her teammates can charge her ult through the packs that would’ve been so much better but to gain none? It takes forever to get emp now. Because the only Sombra playstyle was to drop translocator take, out a healer, hack a shield tank, just focusing someone important in general, and then get out of there. You do that with the new Sombra and you won’t get your Emp anytime soon. So now you gotta be in teamfights way longer and use translocator less. You’re punished for relying on an ability you have a very strong one. So it’s either use less tranlocator and get EMP faster or use it like it’s suppose to be used and have a hard time getting EMP at all.

Great rework Blizzard.


It’s disappointing.

But, no, everyone who hated Sombra because they hated her for being able to silence them for 6 seconds (but still allowed them to shoot) and preached about CC meta got their way.

SO SHE’S TOTALLY FINE, GUYS. The people who hate her THINK SHE’S GREAT WHERE SHE’S AT. Nothing to discuss here, she’s TOTALLY balanced :joy: /s


Wait, are you going to argue they don’t have the same pick rate based on a 0,04% difference? Or 0.1% difference if you round out all numbers? Really?

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Nope. I was wondering if you found a better website than overbuff to veiw stats. I agree that Sombra is in the dumps with Sym…

well considering she fails at her role as an assault hero and plays more like defense or support not a shocker

And Symmetra is considered so bad she is in for a total revamp. Where does that leave Sombra? :sob:

Not disagreeing but right now would be a bad time to help Sombra.

I hated how some players would immediately start shouting “I want to play the game” when they got hacked as if their computer turned off. Too much exaggeration about how good Sombra is.

I hope she doesn’t get a revamp. I like Sombra’s current abilities and want to see them made better instead of being replaced.

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Oh, does this mean I can pick her in every game and show my cool new skin ? :wink:

Be careful asking for buffs, they might just straight up remove her

Love, a Sym player.

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Yeah, it’s a bit scary what the Symmetra rework means for the future of OW.

I like Sombra for to her playstyle, if the only way of making her viable was to turn her into an entirely different hero I’d pass…

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The sombra problem can be summed up in one sentence:

Why get entangled with a character who has to deploy so much effort to kill any target while other characters kill their targets much more easily.

The whole problem is there.

When you play Sombra too many elements of its gameplay are there to prevent you from being really effective so it discourages you quickly enough.

The duration of the stealth is too short.
The weapon’s Dps is crappy.
The mechanics that forbid us to start hacking or shooting under stealth (automatic stealth release) breaks the rhythm of Sombra’s game.

I know that Blizzard does not want to make us murderers, but that’s exactly what the character is missing.

A real ability to kill … in an FPS it seems not unrealistic as demand.


Come on Blizz, you said you’re keeping a close eye on her!

You know it’s bad when Ana gets buffed before Sombra :frowning:

I called it. I knew this would happen, but people kept squawking saying “S-she has counterplay now…!!!”

Yea, and shooting at her was already counterplay before the nerf. She still has the fast hack which people complained about in the first place. She needs her cooldown reverted and her hackspeed toned down back to a previous patch, then she’ll be in a good place.


Not really a surprise, she’s sucked from day one, and they’ve never really made any significant move to buff her, it’s always been tiny increments that never did anything.

Then the one time they try something big, they end up nerfing her to a worse position than she started. I mean, she’s actually worse than launch now.


If that’s the case it would be very disappointing considering I find both Tracer and plays boring, as well as Genji.

From the Brigitte nerf thread. Sounds familiar? :thinking:
Oh yeah, that’s exactly what they said about Sombra…

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When they did the rework for Sombra I personally made posts explaining how they buffed her too much and I wished they would have not done it because she is going to get nerfed into the ground, everyone responded like I was crazy for complaining about my favorite character being buffed.

I think most Sombra players would of been happy with just reduced spread on her gun and the change to how she got her ult. Now you have to deal with the most ridiculous cooldown on her main ability all because they went overboard with her changes.


What the heck happened, i thought she’s supposed to be a Brigitte counter?

Update on monthly pick/winrates on PC:

Pickrate = 0.77% (26th of 27)
Winrate = 37.26% (27th of 27, nearly 5% behind 26th!)

Pickrate = 0.61% (26th of 27)
Winrate = 41.34% (27th of 27)

Pickrate = 0.65% (26th of 27)
Winrate = 43.79% (27th of 27)

Pickrate = 0.74% (23rd of 27)
Winrate = 47.71% (26th of 27)

Pickrate = 0.90% (22nd of 27)
Winrate = 51.59% (22nd of 27)

Pickrate = 0.91% (21st of 27)
Winrate = 52.34% (14th of 27)

Pickrate = 0.98% (20th of 27)
Winrate = 54.59% (18th of 27)

Pickrate = 0.73% (24th of 27)
Winrate = 46.54% (27th of 27)

OWL Stage 3
Playtime = 12:17:04 (11th of 26)
Single Team Winrate = 43.91% (17th of 26)

Yeah she’s kinda bad across the board