Sombra pick rate: 2.08% to 0.77% (400+ likes, 11k+ views ❤)

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So because OWL now dictates what Jeff once said was “our game”, Sombra is not only stuck with a broken Hack and decreased EMP capability, there’s now statistical proof that she’s worse off now than before the rework.

And why exactly? Because pros did not like the way Sombra 2.0 would change their gameplay.
Hacking Tracer and D.Va? Nope, can’t have that, those two make OWL more exciting to watch, and goodness knows we can’t have unexciting play that doesn’t draw viewers.

The sad thing is Blizzard thinks the new Sombra changes are a success because:

  • Nerfed EMP means it won’t be seen much in the pro meta
  • Pick and win rates have increased by next to nothing, but an increase is an increase
  • She will not be able to replace Tracer’s slot as the flanker/disruptor, because heaven forbid a pro should have to learn a new hero

Millions and millions of paying players, and the game’s balance is decided by a few dozen who are so good they’re basically playing a different game.

If we can’t get a separate Overwatch version for consumers i.e. the people who made the damn OWL possible in the first place, I fear the very obvious dissent and desertion that’s been taking place lately will only get worse.



Seriously though, Sombra might be completely fine once her hack is fixed. But it’s really heartbreaking to see hero being destroyed by what was supposed to be buff.


wait what?Sombra nerfed ALREADY?
I thought it is still in PTR?


Nope, the nerf was pushed straight to live.


Oh no…she went from hardly being used…to…hardly being used…the horror!!!

She’s still more enjoyable to play…I doubt the pros care…they won’t use anyone as long as they think they can do better with someone else…and at this point they’re hellbent on dive…goin to be hard to change that no matter what


Ah, yes, balance. We have dismissed this claim.


Shes worse off than before her rework. Junk and Mercy can be OP for several months but we get 2 weeks. She wasn’t even OP. I think they should revert the hack changes back to .8s instead of the clunky BS we have now.


No no no! What are you doing? You can’t use numbers and fact when arguing Sombra! You must talk about how “She feels fine”, “She feels OP”, “Hacking feels bad” and all sorts of vague definitions of balancing. Preferably you shouldn’t have more than 30 min of Sombra playtime either.

That’s how you argue Sombra balancing.



she’s pretty nonexistent in all my matches now, I rarely see her anymore. :disappointed:


She had 0.53% pickrate right before the buff. Now it is 0.77%. Still low, but higher than pre-buff.


I will repeat this to you once more.
Meta is based on map design.
Not that many people play sombra because they can’t use her as well as other heroes.
There is no way to help plats understand game balance.


I laughed at this, but then I felt a little sad after 'cos you’re right.


I would like to play the version of overwatch with more sombras. And, at my very average level of play the differences of balance matters little to me; people here aren’t able to take advantage and cause those wild balance swings that the 1% talk about. So, the version of overwatch I want has no downsides for me.


What were her numbers immediately AFTER 2.0? Or just her peak usage numbers in general…and no I’m not asking for like the day of or the day after when literally everyone is trying her out


There’s nothing logical about your argument.
You want to see a hero be buffed because she isn’t as used as some other heroes.
The only thing that can do that is making every hero exactly the same or overpowered.


Serious question.

Wouldn’t Sombra do great against a Tank meta?

You can’t really compare a more general DPS like tracer to a niche hero like Torb. Torb will never be on the same tier as Tracer just for the fact his kit is niche. Maps do define metas and you admit as much in your next sentence

Sombra is only played on certain maps where her health packs have optimal placement to take advantage of a fast charging hack. That’s the definition of map dependent. its the same reason you don’t see 3 tank comps on maps with lots of high ground.

I don’t play Sombra so I can’t really comment on her balance issues, but is the problem actually balance or is it just the result of a niche kit not being useful in all situations. Whihc i guess you could say is a different kind of balance problem, but Blizzard themselves have said not all heroes will be viable in all situations.


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Kind of yes but there are better choices vs tanks and blizzard doesn’t want and shouldn’t make sombra a tank buster.


Jesus people dont want to play sombra when her hack isnt busted dont they

Also as someone else said, that 2.something pickrate might have been due to all the people trying her out