Sombra is officially useless now. Thanks. 🤬


They should revert the nerfs


Has anyone checked to see if the trans-locator will be targeted by turrets yet? :kissing:


While I agree with many opinions on here I will also just say that this is currently proposed changes…doesn’t mean there won’t be more…

And you really can’t hurt her pick rate right now as its on the floor as is…I say go ham with her


I’m pretty sure she will receive more buffs to reduce her clunky gameplay, isn’t the PTR updated weekly? Lets wait for buffs like beeing able to hack when invisible without a delay or something.


honestly, that would be the icing on this turd cake if it could.:pensive:


(Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – June 28, 2018):

If she’s moving slower than normal run speed, when the patch notes clearly says it’s a +50% movement increase (from +75%), then it’s a bug.

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That thread on reddit shows, however, that she still runs fast. If people are experiencing a slow speed, maybe it’s because they were so used to her +75% speed that this decrease of 33% only makes it seem like she’s running slower when she isn’t.


It’s bull. Blizzard KNOWS it’s bull. But they don’t listen, they’d rather promote a stupid hamster in a mech.


In no way does making her visible from further away, lowering her stealth speed and making the translocator destructible is considered a buff


Here you go. Apologies if someone did this already.


No, Sombra’s old Stealth used to give her 75% extra movement speed, but they decreased her new Stealth to only give her 50% extra movement speed.

She literally runs slower.

I can confirm that any turret that the enemy team has will destroy her Translocator as long as it’s on the ground, I’ve tested it. :disappointed_relieved:


Sombra never needed these changes. I guess infinite duration stealth and translocater is nice but they made them more useless


What about in the air? If it’s safe in the air, GMs can still do their mid-fight tricks.


It’s safe in the air, luckily. :unamused:


You are still faster then most of the cast.

Which just means Trans-locator will get more use.

Once again, Translocator will see more use for tight chokes. This also increases the skill ceiling for invis to match the value it will be giving Sombra players.

Sombra will now be able to gather long term recon on the enemy team and pick and choose her engagement moment. Allowing her to better coordinate with her team then before.

Part of what was hurting Sombra was the fact that if she was spotted before her team could initiate she would often be forced to retreat and then be out of timing with her team. Making fights 5vs6.

With the ability to get into place and STAY cloaked until the right moment you can bide your time, wait for your team to initiate, and then capitalize more consistently.

Considering the infinite stealth this is more then fair.

Trans-locator is about to be significantly more dexterous since it will not be needed as much for bailing out of failed flanks (due to be stealthed indefinitely). This means sombra will need to be countered in a new way which is spotting a very small device and destroying it before use.

I played cloak and dagger spy in TF2. Kind of excited to use recon sombra.


So basically what you’re saying is instead of using Stealth to slip past the choke point, you want to make it even more obvious that you’re flanking by showing all the enemies your translocator?


exactly it not hard to notice a flying ball in the air with a huge purple trail behind it. It basically putting up a “get ready to kill me” sign


“okay guys with the release of this new hero we’re sure to bring back players who left”

“sir, how about these sombra changes”?

“No way, nerf her, otherwise people will get mad that she is able to shutdown our new cash-- I mean hero, too easily.”


I was excited when I heard the new changes, but it seems the more people work with her new kit the more holes they find. It’s alarming.


Nah. I called Hanzo replacing McCree, I think I’ll call this one too. And seeing so many others saying the same thing, you might want to trust the wisdom of the crowds on this one. Sombra is deeper in the trash pile.


If they know sombra is on the enemy team they will ALREADY know she is flanking.

The cool thing to think about her is they may only see your point of entry. Afterwards they won’t know where you went. This alone is a powerful tool because you get play mind games with the enemy. Increase their paranoia.

Paranoia causes players to lose focus on the frontline. Paranoia causes constant back side checks.

Of course this is all assuming they even spot trans-locator at all. Plenty of spots on most of the maps where you can bypass the main corridor’s unseen.