Sombra is gonna get nerfed I feel it in my bones


What’s your point? Just because she’s statistically the worst hero in the game doesn’t mean anything. Last game she hacked then killed me, it was really OP.


Isnt part of the problem people have with goats a lack of DPS. This is a meta she should be good in, with Hack countering 2/3 of the characters. The fact that she isnt run anyway and she’s not even the 7th or 8th choice even when she’s the go to DPS goes to show that she doesnt need a nerf.


So no one else every kills you?

Some people really over react about her hack, it’s no where near the most oppressive ability in the game. There’s a variety of stuns and freezes in the game that make you completely helpless, you can still fight back while hacked.


but solo EMPing zen :((


That’s 0.64 percent too high imo


Her damage actually goes up from 80 DPS to 100 DPS against armor with bodyshots and from 220 DPS to 260 DPS with crits. It’s not much but its something


That might be just enough. When up against a tank solo I can usually land almost every bullet, but still often end up having to bail with them almost dead.


OverWatch Team: We had no idea that everyone on both sides would hate these changes!

Sombra Mains: Well we voiced our opinions, made several threads saying that these changes are a bad idea, and even created a few aggressive posts about it… The only thing we didn’t do was trash talk the efforts made by the team to balance things and cry the whole time… I guess we should have just like everyone else if we wanted you to listen. Our bad, we’ll pitch a fit next time so you’ll hear us :woman_shrugging: .


Sombra is actually extremely good. You are sorting by all ranks and 95% of sombra players don’t use coms. If you don’t use coms sombra sucks. If you call out your hacks and tell your team what you’re doing she’s insanely good.


Actually not true. Look at Pharah. They made her changes for console and lower rank players. Not for high ranks or pro.


It’s more that a team that communicates and works together is good, teamwork isn’t contingent on having a Sombra.


Reinhardt never does anything anyway.


they used it as an excuse to delete sym 2.0


Nothing is going to change on Sombra. Even if she does slightly more dmg to armour tanks, let’s be honest here, her primary targets are still squishy or tanks on their last health without armour. Nothing will changed.


Even if you call your hacks it often goes no where. I just had a QP game where I had 27 hacks (11 from EMP) and only 2 assists. I wish that was an anomaly but it’s not.

She needs a proper team that will push on EMP rather than hang back doing god knows what. But when you do get that team that listens and pushes at the right time then she’s awesome.


My main target is usually tanks to farm charge for emp. If I’m doing more damage I should be getting emp faster. If I see an opening to kill a squishy out of position I’ll go for it but If not I pew pew on tanks.


Not for me, my primary target is whoever is causing us trouble. Might be Rein, Widow, Tracer etc. I don’t wait for them to get to low health, I go and make them get to low health.


Well, she does have (arguably) the best ultimate in the game

I’m not saying any changes are needed, but her ultimate is extremely good…

Perhaps too good…


Haha yes because none of these characters become extremely vulnerable while hacked and literally can’t do the job they where designed to do.

Sombra sucks to play against, it’s like fighting a cockroach that can stop you using RAID spray.

She might not be op in ladder but she is definitely annoying and unfun. I want her to get nerfed but not to hard (or have compensation with the rest of her kit.) She should have some use for those who are skilled enough to play her.


Doomfist had a very good winrate before he was nerfed.