Sombra is gonna get nerfed I feel it in my bones


But she already has plenty of use for those that are skilled with her?

There’s plenty of “unfun” abilities in the game. Tbh dying and having to walk back from spawn isn’t exactly “fun”


Doom had a high pickrate AND a high winrate, big difference


Excuse me? It literally bans them from the game? :laughing:


Protip: this scene only exists because Blizz keeps pumping money into it


She has to much use for skilled teams, hack on the right target wins fights, emp is the best ult in the game. Communication goes a long way.

None of them even compare to hack. Hack is already really fast (it takes you roughly half the time of hack for your brain to comprehend that hack is being cast, then you have to turn to face the Sombra, then you have to hit the Sombra, some characters can’t do this reliability (Roadhog, Reinheart, Brig, Winston, Orisa, Reaper, McCree, doomfist, Lucio, Mercy, Ana, etc)

Dieing is necessary in fps games, silences are from MOBA games and are frustrating enough in MOBA’s. Sombra is frustrating and is only manageable with stuns, with is bad and not fun for everyone.

Look, I play a lot of heroes that have to rely on my team to counter Sombra, that feels horrible and I really dislike Sombra because of it. I want hack to be worse because frankly this will make her less frustrating to play against which will help 99% of tank players (who are already doing it tough with the McCree buff and the soon to be Reaper and armour buffs.)

Sombra has the highest skill floor in the game by a huge margin, that’s why she has a bad pickrate not because she is underpowered.


I like Sombra where she’s at now. Even though she’s at the bottom of picks and everything I can play her at the same rank as other higher picked DPS. She’s a lot more fun though and rewarding to learn. I hope she doesn’t get any buffs because if she does the forums will just complain and she’ll get nerfed again and end up worse, like Doomfist.


Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m certain that Overbuff only looks at the Live version, not the PTR so using it right now is worthless until the PTR goes live. Though I’m gonna do some guessing and assume that Sombra will probably slightly increase in pickrate and winrate. She’ll still be at or around the bottom though.


Getting hacked only means that now you and Sombra are on an equal footing.

Please tell me how Sombra has an advantage over you after you get hacked. Is her gun better than yours? Be grateful that you only lose your abilities for 6 seconds. Sombra has to use only her gun for the entire match!

You know what we should do? Extend hack duration till death! This is Sombra’s power - to make the enemy as bad as she is :stuck_out_tongue:


Against most other characters it’s puts them on even footing, but her gun isn’t hindered at all by Tanks, you have to try to miss them with her


Even then in a “1v1” she loses. Only reason why she wins against something like Hammond is because the rest of her team is there.

Tanks are judged based on ability to tank and mitigate damage (usually through abilities), even with their abilities turned off they’re still better than Sombra.


No really, she can still ult, tp and stealth away.

Sombra has a clear advantage over all characters that have a limited range or weak primary weapons, or they rely on their abilites. ie Reinheart, Brig, Roadhog, Winston, Orisa, Hammond, Lucio, doomfist, Mercy, Ana.

Sombra does actually have abilities you do know that right, some of them are incredibly powerful, translocator is the best mobility ability in the game plus it is on a 4 second cooldown.

Hack is the only silence in the whole game, the ability is lighting fast and has I counter which can be completed played around to be almost non-existent.

Stealth is a great scouting tool and powerful way to set up attacks. Sombra has plenty of options just non of them deal damage, sombra isn’t supposed to be Tracer.

Emp is the best ult in the game, you can win a fight by only using 1 ult instead of 3. You can win fights where the enemy has 6 ults and you have 1.

Sombra is more like a Tank, she disrupts and makes space with her healthpacks.

You really don’t know how powerful sombra can be do you. I suppose gold doesn’t give you much communication to work with so let me say it again.

Sombra is hands down, one of the best characters in the game. She is also the most difficult to properly use as she requires a lot of teamwork. She isn’t trash, you just can’t use her correctly. A good sombra player should never die, locate weak enemies and kill them and turn losses into wins. She can’t do it alone which is why she only is ever really played during pro-league matches.


And how many of these can she kill by herself when she hacks them? Maybe Lucio, poor guy. For the rest, she needs help, and is in real danger of losing the duel.

If you’re saying she’s strong in a team comp at pro levels, well then…you answered your own question. It’s a team game. EVERYONE is stronger with co-ordination.

By herself, Sombra can’t do squat.


All of them, these characters can all be killed quite easily (especially with the armor nerfs) when hacked. They rely on their abilites to deal with Sombra or to protect themselves. She either out ranges them, out damaged them or puts them in a horrible position for the next 6 seconds, characters like Rein is completely useless when hacked, this can lose you team fights.

But Sombra benefits from the communication more than every other hero in the game, her playstyle requires team play more than every other hero. Her kit is incredibly powerful, but only with team play.

But she can, decent gun (if you can aim), the best mobility in the game so if you lose the fight you don’t have to die, the only silence in the game.

I am beginning to question if you even read my entire post because it looks like you pulled out the things that you wanted rather than look at everything I said.


I want skilled fps not rock paper scissors. Why are you playing overwatch than? The games based around the idea of hero switching. Which I might add is essential rock paper scissors.


Best mobility? Every other mobility (except shadowstep) is better than one that you can either use as a soft respawn or a time delayed teleport that telegraphs exactly where you’re going and when.

Only reason why is because she’s with her team, Rein is probably the one of the most damaged by hack… Then again at higher ranks where your team is constantly firing (burning a shield when no other targets are available) a hacked Rein is kind of moot (his shield gets destroyed quick). Also as far as outranging heroes like Rein, I don’t know too many heroes that can literally hit for only 1 damage due to damage fall-off.


please tell me what exactly a reaper is going to do playing against a pharah. it denies his right to play the game.

Hear how stupid this sounds? Counters. Sombra does bad against spray comps (dva, hog, winston,…) but does good against ability reliant heroes.


I disagree. Sombra can not kill them easily. She needs real skill to kill them before she has to reload or translocate. If she can manage to have the skill to get the kill, then she deserves it.

The rest of us need teammates to kill a hacked opponent.

Yes, Sombra benefits from communication. I don’t mind. Teamwork is rare enough for it to not bother me so much. And if something requires teamwork to benefit, it’s not a problem.


She’s fricking terrible. How exactly is a patch that makes better heroes than her better, going to make her a problem?


Don’t rank-shame when you’re barely above them and when you’re on par with a lot of people here that disagree with your biases.

Your latest SR is high-plat. Where I am at. And she has a 47.50% winrate and a 0.66% pickrate in our tier.

So for a very powerful hero, she’s…so good that she’s barely picked, and when she is she loses? How does that make any sense.

You have so many opinions for how Sombra should be played, as someone who never plays her. And you sound like you’ve made up your mind already.

Give her a go in competitive. Tell me how that works out for you. :slight_smile:

I genuinely think you’re biased. Which isn’t wrong because 4 of your Top 5 heroes are countered by Sombra - your biggest being Roadhog/Reinhardt. So of course you’re going to only list out the positives and how she is “oppressive” to everyone with limited range, while you conveniently leave out that chip damage literally negates all of her abilities.


C’mon, you know changes are made based on owl viewership, not actual gameplay.